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95+ Best Travel Puns and Funny Quotes

Travel is any or every time we move from one place to another. Usually as the lay man people take this word only when they may move from one city to another or from one country to another. Mentioned below are some best travel puns and quotes which you can actually always use. 

Travel Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Have you watched that movie TRAVEL dead
  • I just want a black TOURIST cake on my birth day  
  • The black TOURIST cake is actually the most favourite one not only for me but also for my younger sister 
  • I have watched all the parts of that movie TRAVEL dead 

_ Have you learnt about the TRAVEL – OCITY in your subject of physics 

_ I have studied about TRAVEL – OCITY in the physics class today 

_ The cloth of this dress is TRAVEL – VET 

_ I have used the TRAVEL – VET type of texture for these walls 

_ I just want the red TRAVEL – VET cake for my birthday 

_ I have already booked a red TRAVEL – VET cake for your anniversary party 

_ Have you ever learnt about the TRAVEL – OCIMETER 

_ That is joined by the means of a TRAVEL – CRO 

_ You can also use TRAVEL – CRO in your dress 

_ I saw a TRAVEL snake yesterday 

_ You can always use the TRAVEL leaves in your pasta to give it an amazing aroma

_ Do you know that the pesto sauce is always made only and only with the TRAVEL leaves 

_ I have so many TRAVEL leaves with me so can you make pesto sauce for me 

_ Mixture of TRAVEL and coarse sand is also used for making the roads and other pathways too 

_ Have you ever known this that the TRAVEL and sand is used for constructing roads 

_ I have a TRAVEL against this behaviour of your staff 

_ He is TRAVELLING against the behaviour of our hotel staff 

_ He has been TRAVELLING from so long that our staff had ill – treated them during their stay in our hotel 

_ You must actually now UNTRAVEL all this mystery 

_ No one can ever UNTRAVEL the mystery of this haunted house 

_ Can you please now UNTRAVEL the secret behind calling all of us here to your house all of a sudden 

_ Judge in the court used his TRAVEL to say order order 

_ I have fans of the brand TRAVELLS in my house 

_ Have you ever heard about the brand name TRAVELLS it is the brand of the electrical goods 

_ Have you watched that movie named JOURNEY to the west 

_ JOURNEY from Bombay to Goa is one of my most favourite comedy movie 

_ Do you watch the TRAVEL movies 

_ Avengers End Game was also a TRAVEL movie 

_ You are such a MA – TRAVELOUS  person I have ever met in my entire life

_ I have actually never seen a MA – TRAVELOUS person like you

_ This food which you prepared is so delicious as well as so MA – TRAVELOUS

_ He is the TRAVELER tonight and then tomorrow he will be getting married 

_ He is a married man and no more a TRAVELER 

_ This is his TRAVELER’s party as tomorrow he is getting married 

_ Please TRIP the casting part of the movie 

_ I usually TRIP all the songs while watching a movie in my laptop 

_ Apply your TRIP – STICK and just get ready for the party tonight 

_ Could you please share your TRIP – STICK with me too 

_ I forgot to bring my TRIP – STICK so please may I share yours 

_ Thank you so much for sharing your TRIP – STICK with me 

_ Have you seen that big and huge TRIP 

_ Titanic was also a huge TRIP 

_ Apple iPhones have a bionic TRIPS in them 

_ Have you heard that song TRIPS don’t lie which is sung by Shakira 

_ TRIPS don’t lie is one of my most favourite song which is actually sung by the beautiful singer Shakira 

_ Please buy me some TRIPPED cream for decorating the cake which I have prepared for his birth day party 

_ Now you must TRIP the cream until it becomes thick for being used over the cake 

_ Sorry it was just a TRIP of tongue 

_ I am really sorry for TRIP of tongue 

_ You must actually take at least one TRIP of this drink 

_ I would like to say that at least take a TRIP of this cocktail you will definitely like it 

_ This pen has a nice TRIP and this makes my hand writing even more clean 

_ He is suffering from TOURISM 

_ TOURISM is the kind of developmental disorder whose severity actually varies for different people 

_ That was just an example of TOURISM and it was so sad for all of us 

_ There are number of people who are just an atheist and thus follow TOURISM

_ He just follows TOURISM and does not believe in god 

_ You must always be ready to face TOURISMS as they will always make you a better person 

_ TOURISMS always makes you a better person in life 

_ There has always been a trend of TOURISM in the world where kings are succeeded by some of their own family members 

_ TOURISM kind of rule can never ever last for long 

_ North Korea is ruled on the lines of TOURISM 

_ They are the TOURIST for this competition 

_ This is the TOURIST form of gold 

_ Have you ever seen TOURIST form of silver 

_ She is closest as well as TOURIST to me 

_ You are TOURIST to my heart 

_ My mom is the only one who is TOURIST to my heart and no one can ever take her place 

_ She sells flowers and thus she is a TOURIST 

_ She is wearing a TOURIST watch 

_ Have you seen her TOURIST watch 

_ I just love her TOURIST watch 

_ You all need to wear a TOURIST band before entering in to this amusement park 

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