10 Best Twitter Accounts Every Marketing PRO Should Follow

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most used social media in recent times. Hundreds of small and big businesses have seen their way to success with this very diverse platform. Conducting marketing for both small and big enterprises is a must to grow effectively.

Here are some Twitter accounts that can be followed by marketers to understand the current situation of this platform.

Twitter Accounts Every Marketing PRO Should Follow

Joe Chernov:

He is on the top of the list as he is energetic and cheerful and posts very informative and authentic things on his account.

He has a follower base which is quite awesome for anyone. His posts are too insightful and informative as well as authentic, these things combine into greater content and make him in the top listed Twitter accounts to follow by a marketing pro.

Scott Galloway:

He is famous on Twitter for his very much informative posts which are very much informative and genuine but they are shown through comedy.

He has come to this point after promoting his self-industry via Twitter, this man has become a bank of insights about bestsellers and marketing insights from various industries.

His posts are very much informative and lucrative that’s why he has attracted a huge base of follower through Twitter and this has made him one of the most followed accounts to follow, as he shows the too much information which other won’t be posting to give insights about any business.

Ann Handley:

She is famous for various reasons on Twitter with having 600,000 members marketing professionals for content.

She provides guidelines to make infographics and many seminars on marketing and blogs on the website to show insights to the follower about marketing.

She is so good in marketing and blog writing, she had built a leading online blog that shows weekly basis shows to give insights about marketing to the audiences. She is too good at inspiring people via Twitter. So a marketing pro should follow her account.

Danny Sullivan:

He is so influential on Twitter about digital marketing in Twitter that you can’t properly claim to be digital marketing without following his marketing post on his several pages.

He has a big base of Twitter followers which are more than 500000 who regularly attend his websites via live twitting and his blogs about digital marketing on Twitter. He put importance on providing massive value through his posts on social media.

He is a digital marketer who is very much refreshing and informative and authentic and natural. His regular post worthy of following for a marketing pro.

Gary Vaynerchuk:  

He has become so important to the marketing pro that they can’t make any Twitter list to follow without him. His motivational posts can motivate anyone to start their own business though they don’t like it.

He has become a leader in the sector of marketing and entrepreneurship as a business motivator.

He has a video series called ASKGARYVEE which is very influential and informative that it took him to a very popular place on Twitter. He has become a hero to the marketing pro to get insights of the businesses from him from time to time by his video series and twits.

Heidi Cohen:

He is famous for his “Actionable Marketing Guide” by which she provides the guideline to manage the business, she provides guidelines, not lectures but they are very much useful to the followers of her.

He provides content to provide a guideline that is differentiated from the simple content regarding marketing. He provides the guideline to measure marketing actions which are very much useful than the contents of other social media blog writers.

Unlike other social media platforms, they are very much efficient in tracking a lead from business and revenue and other possible outcomes from the business activities.

Her blogs force on quality rather than quantity for which she can be an inspiration for the marketing pro.

Larry Kim:  

He is that kind of social media personality who will not post just ordinary twits just to increase the followers, he tweets content that provides insights about future opportunities and hazards while doing the business.

He provides digital marketing trends and info graphs about marketing-related trends to provide insights and motivations to start a new business or remodify the business without much hassle.

He provides insights from his own first-hand experiences and up-to-date information-wise post to make his audience fully aware of the businesses and take entrepreneurship as a source of employment for both him as well as others.

He has earned so much importance on social media that whatever he does on social media as his every post gives insights about digital marketing.

Mike Troiano:

He is famous for marketing tips to his Twitter accounts. He is an entrepreneur who looks for people to make them motivated to take business as their profession to start with.

He is that kind of social media motivator who motivates the audience via sharing a personal experience with them and making them interested and motivated to this sector via his posting and that’s why he is worthy of following for a marketing pro to take insights and motivations.

Oli Gardner: 

Everything he posts gets viral after a few moments of posting it on social media. It is a common scene for this person for his most of the post.

He twits those post which is proven for once or more than that in any business format and the insights are too much useful to the businessman who is following it on a regular basis.

He posts his personal first-hand experiences and recent marketing trends and much more about business which is recently proven more than once and they are useful, that’s why you need to watch over his post if you are looking for some insights.

Rhea Drysdale:

She is very much useful in finding marketing feeds and info by her posts. She shares some of the most prominent content on Twitter that’s why anyone can follow her tips useful for marketing pros.

Unlike other content-focused motivators, she is a little bit different from them by suggesting avoiding some marketing faults and myopia and some major mistakes which can ruin your whole business.

These are the 10 Twitter account that is mostly followed by the marketers. I think these accounts will be very much useful for anyone.

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