20+ Effective Twitter Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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20+ Effective Twitter Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to grow your business. 

Even if you are familiar with the Facebook or Instagram format of social media, twitter marketing may seem a bit alien to you. 

Maybe you just see twitter as the most vocal social media platform but not so for your small business. 

But you cannot be more wrong about this! 

In fact, 75% of B2B businesses use twitter to promote their product.  

You see there are 330 million monthly active users on twitter with 145 million daily whereas 500 million tweets sent per day. 

twitter marketing tips

Well, that just tells about the massive reach and potential for brand awareness it holds. 

Lots of small businesses create successful social media campaigns to increase their sales, spread brand awareness, build an audience, and cater to the customers. 

You certainly want to be one of those fortunate businesses that leverage Twitter to eventually increase sales for their business. Well, we’ve got you covered, as here are the best twitter marketing tips for small businesses to win this game, even if you are starting out. 

Twitter Marketing Tips for small Businesses

1.Define Your Business Goals 

You have to define your business goals before getting into twitter marketing or any kind of marketing for that matter. 

You must know ‘Why’ your business is on twitter, and what you are trying to achieve with it. 

Here are a few examples of business goals

  • Generating Sales 
  • Building Brand Awareness 
  • Increasing customers 
  • Driving customers to your website 

Once you know your specific goals, you can create a Twitter marketing strategy to meet your measurable objectives. 

Then only, you can quantify whether you were able to track your results on twitter.

For example: If you want to generate traffic to your website or generate leads, you can measure the number of lead generation via twitter. 

You can set your benchmark for your twitter marketing strategy for your small business. 

2.Tweet Quick And More Often

 If you are starting out on twitter, you don’t have any certain idea on how often you should tweet or when is the best time to tweet. 

There are surely some common effective guidelines to follow with twitter. But you need to try and test yourself about when your audience responds the best. 

You need to understand that people don’t use Twitter at the same time or they don’t check simultaneously. 

Different people use twitter at a different time of the day. Some people check twitter in the morning and then directly not until late evening. 

Focus on tweeting different times of the day and see when you are getting the most responses. 

Pro Tip: Try to tweet throughout the day rather than just the working hours.


3.Selecting the Right Twitter Handle   

The very first thing to do with your twitter business account is to optimize the profile to create the maximum brand value. 

Choose a twitter handle that resonates with your brand. It must be recognizable. Also, something easy to remember. 

Go for shorter names preferably as people find it easy to tag you. Make sure your twitter handle is something unique and extraordinary that has a ring to it. 

It should not be wordy or clumsy to write or say. Also, keep all the names you use across the social media for your branding the same. 

If you use different names across multiple social media platforms, it can be confusing for your followers. 

Pro Tip:  Use the abbreviation in twitter handle if your brand name is long, and keep it consistent for all the platforms. 

tips selecting right business twitter handle

4.Choosing the Right Profile & Header Image 

A prospect is more likely to engage with your twitter profile as compared to the physical store. It is much easier. 

So, it is essential you optimize your profile image and header image to attract an audience, and give them a good first impression. 

Make sure your profile picture is recognizable and caters to your brand image. 

It also should be something minimalistic in the sense that people must remember. Don’t just go with some random images for your logo.

The spot should be placed by an image optimized for the purpose. 

Small Businesses preferably should put their logo as a profile image.  People see your logo here, and on other platforms, they will start recognizing it. 

It is an integral part of consistent branding. And if you’re a personal brand, you can use your professional headshot image as the logo for the brand. 

The logo should be as simple, minimalist, and clean as it can be. 

The header space at the top of your twitter profile page also can be utilized to spread brand awareness 

Small Businesses can use this opportunity to showcase their creativity and represent what their brand stands for. It also shows the personality of your brand. 

So use some creative, attractive, and fun image that incorporates your logo as well. 

Pro Tip:  Put Your logo in the header image and try to use the same color scheme as of your logo. 

5. Optimize Your Twitter Bio 

You get 160 characters to write in the twitter bio of your company. Well, this is a space that shows just right down your profile picture. 

You need to write short but impressive sentences here. Be specific about mentioning what your company is about. 

Here are a few things to remember while crafting your bio. 

  • Tell exactly what your brand is, and be accurate. 
  • Put some personality in your brand, some humor, or anything unique or new.
  • Brag about your accomplishment.
  • Write the bio for the targeted audience in your mind. 
  • Add relevant hashtags 
  • Remember to tag other brands with whom you are associated with.

Your twitter bio also supposes to cater to the overall personality of your profile. 

6.Hop-On Relevant Trending Hashtags   

The very simple and easy yet essential way to reach out to a larger audience is to hop on the relevant ongoing trends and hashtags. 

Keep looking at the trending topics going on twitter usually carrying a hashtag. Join the conversations wherever you see is relevant to you. 

Put out your take on trending topics. Try to have a unique voice. It should look like it actually matters to you and not just to get traction. 

For example, you can join a digital movement going on the web supporting some cause. Have your support to the cause or stand against as well.  

Don’t be afraid to try new things to participate in the conversations on twitter. Also, remember that you don’t necessarily have to participate in the conversations that are related to your product or services 

It can be anything relevant to your brand or what you stand for. Even it can be something funny, exciting, or quirky to engage. 

7.Keep Your Hashtag Use Minimum

 Tweets that include hashtags receive twice more engagement than those that don’t. But if you increase more than 2 hashtags in a tweet, the engagement seems to drop by 17%. 

So clearly, it is better to use minimum hashtags in a tweet. And more importantly, use the relevant hashtags only. 

You can find the most popular hashtags via Twitter Analytics by looking at what really worked for you. 

Use tools like Hashtagify to further look for the best hashtags for your tweets. It will allow you to find out the relevant hashtags to the keyword you enter. 

The tool will help you to find out the strength of the hashtags. So, look for what works best for the tweet. 

7.Engage More, Broadcast The Less 

It becomes quite apparent that most of the brands seem to forget that Twitter is a social media platform. 

It is a platform to engage with your audience and provide helpful content. 

But it’s not the case! Most brands get into this trap of sharing just the links in their tweets. So the audience doesn’t have much to engage with such tweets.

There are some top brands that can easily get away with broadcasting their links usually. 

But you as a small business, your aim is to build an audience, engage with them to develop a long term relationship. 

So your goal should be to engage more and broadcast less. Put out helpful content for your audience. Ask questions or do twitter polls. 

It is essential to engage people in conversation on a daily basis. 

9. Know When To Tweet 

It is evident that there are certain times of the day or certain days of the week users are more active on Twitter. 

It means at these peak hours, users are more likely to engage with your posts. You need to recognize the peak hours for your twitter profile. 

These peak hours will get your tweets more impressions, also will increase engagement, and get you a lot of clicks. 

According to Buffer, tweets published on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday get more impressions and have higher CTRs than others published during the rest of the days. 

According to some studies,  posting between 12 PM and 6 PM gives you the most impressions. 

Some other studies suggest tweeting between 12 PM and 3 PM on Monday to Friday works the best. 

So, there are different peak hours as per the studies. It primarily depends upon your target audience. 

10. Add Images To Your Tweets To Boost Retweets

Tweets with images usually get 89% more favorites. 

So, it has been seen if you add images in your tweets, you are more likely to get a larger number of shares and clicks than tweets without images. 

You have to make sure you add high-quality, relevant, and compelling images. 

You don’t have to use an image that is not relevant to your tweet, and you just add for the sake of adding an image. 

Whether you are tweeting about your blog posts or product or service, you need to put the image that represents it. 

It is also advisable to design attractive creatives or graphics using a tool like Canva and add to your tweet. 

Pro Tip: If not images, you can also add videos to your tweets as well. Videos tend to work way better than images. 

11. Using All The 280 Characters 

Twitter, in the year 2018 made the decision to increase the character limit of a tweet from 140 to 280.  

Some people appreciated the fact that now they can express more in one tweet. Others say it is not a good idea. 

But the fact is, it does allow you to put more words in a tweet. 

With that, you can be more descriptive and creative with your tweets unless you take it granted. 

Image Source: MoonPie Twitter

You can take an example of MoonPie how they utilize the full word limit of the tweet to their advantage. 

12. Engage With Your Twitter Followers 

The very simple yet most overlooked hack to increase your followers is interacting with your followers on twitter. 

You need to regularly indulge with your twitter followers on a daily basis.  

If you simply interact with your followers on your tweets or others, they will keep connected to you, and further engage with you on your future tweets as well. 

The easiest way to start is to start responding to the comments of your tweet. 

Also, say thanks to the people who retweet your tweets. 

The aim is to engage with your followers and keep connected with your audience. 

Users really appreciate when a brand is more communicative and open to respond or engage with them. 

Pro Tip:  Start with replying to everyone who retweeted you or commented on your posts.


13. Putting Out Great Content 

People are only going to connect with you on twitter if they find any value or information. 

It is essential to keep churning out good content through Twitter for people to consume. 

It doesn’t need to be something very descriptive but surely valuable. 

That’s why you need to be more creative and find out more ideas on what to tweet that actually helps your users. 

Write more focussed, easy to read, and yet valuable tweets. 

Here are some content ideas for twitter: 

  • Post tips in your tweets every once in a while relevant to your niche and users. In this way, the series of tweets you do become a page for really helpful tips for a certain niche.
  • Don’t be afraid to retweet other great tweets in your industry that can help your followers or other users.
  • You can share various multimedia to drive more engagement such as GIFs, images, videos, and infographics.
  • Help your followers by providing them solutions and information they expect from you. 

14. Automate When Required 

Social media automation can be good and bad both. 

Either your profile becomes more active and productive or your twitter account will look like a personality-less chatbot that nobody wants to engage with. 

So you have to think about when to automate. It is better to automate when it makes sense. 

You need to be selective about twitter automation. 

Here are some good examples on how you can automate your Twitter profile:

  • Schedule your tweets instead of tweeting manually. 
  • Use Twitter chatbots for efficient customer service.
  • Tag tweets with a certain hashtag using a social media management tool. 

Now, here are some bad examples too : 

  • Sending automated direct messages to your new followers but more like spamming them with links consistently.
  • Relying too much on automated tweets for customer issues. 

15. Try To  Retweet With Comment

Image Source:  SproutSocial

It is great that you want to share interesting and helpful content with your followers by retweeting others’ posts. 

And it is indeed a great way to provide value to your followers. 

But you can take this even further to gain more engagement through a retweeted post as well. 

Just retweet with the comment instead. 

Retweeting with comments enables you to add some commentary or your opinion on the post. It becomes more personalized and credible rather than just retweeted. 

Also, retweets with comments are more likely to get higher engagement as compared to the others. 

16. Focus On Twitter Video 

Image Source: Social Media Examiner

82% of users on Twitter watch video content.  

In the world where brands are competing against each other to gain more and more attention from users, you need to follow the best strategies possible. 

Especially as a small business, it is essential to focus on how you can elevate yourself from the competition. 

The best way to start with is by relying on video content more rather than images or text. 

According to Twitter itself, twitter videos get 2.5 times response and 2.8 times more retweets and 1.9 times likes as compared to other videos.  

So focus on creating original videos for your small business. 

Twitter videos gain more organic reach than any other kind of tweet.

 It is the best twitter marketing strategy you can adapt the right way without giving a thought. 

17. Conduct Twitter Polls To Engage More

Image Source: Airbnb

One of the most effective ways to bring more engagement to your twitter profile is to conduct Twitter polls. 

Creating twitter polls is easy. You will go to the same button where you go to add a new tweet. There you will see a poll icon at the bottom of the window. 

Polls help you collect the necessary information from the customers or prospects. 

You can use it to do market research, get feedback from them, and also engage with your audience. 

Try to be more unique and creative with your polls. It should be asking something engaging and requiring a bit of thought. 

Small businesses can use polls to tap into the minds of their customers.

 It further helps you in your marketing campaign, creating content, and even makes your product/services better. 

18. Using Twitter For Customer Care

Image Source: Medium

A lot of brands utilize the twitter platform to resolve customer complaints and queries related to their products or services. 

In fact, social media platforms like Twitter are the most popular choice for customer care today. 

This works even better for all the big brands as a large part of their twitter engagement comes right due to resolving customer problems. 

They don’t have to necessarily focus on quality content all the time.  

For small businesses, twitter can’t be or even shouldn’t be just for customer care but it surely is an integral part of twitter marketing. 

Image Source: SproutSocial

Enabling your customers to ask their queries or put their complaints on twitter and resolving them gives you more credibility. 

But you also have to be very attentive to resolving all the issues. 

You don’t want your twitter swarming with negative reviews and complaints putting off your potential customers away. 

So remember when you need to take the conversations private. 

Twitter is great for initial contact with the customer either it is a complaint or query. But when your conversation requires going more in-depth, it is the best you take it to an inbox. 

Try to avoid the conversations on twitter feeds that may irritate or put off from your product or service

19. Find Targetted Customers Through Twitter Search 

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to find new leads. People use twitter to project their opinions and talk about what’s going on with them. 

People generally talk about their problems, experiences, and complaints about things in their life. 

You will discover a lot of people with problems that your product or services can resolve. 

Such prospects are highly powerful and have tremendous potential for becoming your customer. 

For example, if you are a healthcare brand, and you find people talking about health issues such as obesity, hair fall, etc. 

You can do a twitter search by using various keywords or search terms. 

You can provide them some tips for making their situation better and direct them to your website for more information. 

Pro Tip:  Instead of directly providing them links, try to have some conversation. Even before that, leave some really helpful tips. Focus more on providing information rather than direct selling. 

20. Never Forget To Respond 

15% of Consumers tend to unfollow a brand if they don’t get a reply. 

For small businesses, this can be revolutionary in terms of boosting engagement and generating leads. 

If you are a small business, responding to every user mentions you in a tweet helps you develop trust and relationship with your customers. 

Big brands receive thousands of tweets on a daily basis. They are not able to reply to every single one of them, also it is not expected out of them. 

But for small businesses, people expect a response from the brands, especially when they mention them in their tweets. 

According to Sprout Social, people expects a response from brands within four hours. Still, most brands provide average response time to be 10 hours. 

So focus on giving responses to everyone who mentions you in a day. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) about tips on Twitter for small businesses

1. Why Use Twitter For Your Small Business? 

Twitter is an ideal place to connect to your audience for communication and conversation. It is an open forum where you can have real-time conversations. Twitter marketing act as a social currency, also can drive traffic to your website. It is the best tool for creating brand awareness, lead generation and resolving customer issues. 

2. How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Small Business? 

Here are the ways to use twitter to grow your small business : 

-Use Twitter cards to make your tweet stand out
-Go for Twitter ads for the tailored audience such as your email list.
-Use only 1 or 2 relevant hashtags. 
-Reply to every tweet that mentioned you. 
-Join relevant conversations.
-Use your pinned tweet to get users to your websites by using a lead magnet
-Use Twitter analytics for A/B testing
-Use More images and videos in your tweets. 

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