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101+ Top Nail Art Blogs and Pages names

If you are a Nail artist and wants to display your talents on nails, it is best to consider creating a blog. There are many blogs which actually explain the nail art deeply with more colourful pictures which attracts readers more than anything. Through blog you can not only showcase your art, but also can earn fair amount. If anyone wants to start Nail art as a profession and want to learn how to achieve this, they can always go to such blogs and ask them the details.

Top 15 Nail Art Blogs of the World

Nail Art Wizard –  

Robin Moses is a nail art expert who loves sharing her work with the world. She runs a YouTube channel as well as a blog on Blogspot where she chronicles her beautifully done nail art, shares DIY tutorials, and gives tips to rookie nail artists. She posts thrice a week.

So Nailicious –

 This blog is run by a nail artist based in Sydney, Australia. The blog shares some extremely beautiful nail art designs, latest trends, and fashion advice. It also has a section where you can learn the process of doing these fantastic designs on your own. The blog features a new post every quarter.

Paulina’s Passion- 

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Paulina is a gifted nail artist and loves to showcase her talent. She runs this blog to share her passion for nail art with the rest of the world.  The blog posts 10 times a year.

More Nail Polish – 

This nail art blog is an abundant source of all things about nail fashion,  with nail art hacks, tricks, tutorials, and much more. The blog comes up with 30 wonderful posts a year.

Maniqure Nail Salon –

 This nail art blog is based in Malaysia and has been voted to be one of the best blogs in this category, in Malaysia. This monthly blog features all the latest fashion trends in nail art, DIYs, reviews of nail products, and much more. It posts more than twice a month.

Nail That Accent – 

This Toronto, Canada based blog is not just a nail art blog, but also a skincare and makeup hacks source. The blog has solutions for everything related to beauty and fashion. It posts once a quarter.

The Little Canvas – 

This nail art blog is run by Alaina and is filled with ideas and inspirations of cute nail art, reviews of nail paints, and DIYs. The blog posts 30 times a year.

Mama Hearts Polish – 

This blog is run by a nail art enthusiast based in Florida, United States. The blog is an abundant source of easy nail art hacks, designs, reviews, tutorials, and swatches. The blog posts 7 times a quarter.

Furious Filer – 

This blog is run by a nail artist based in the United Kingdom, who is in her early 20s and is a self-proclaimed nail art addict. She believes that nail art helps her calm her nerves. The blog was started in July 2014 and posts 7 times a year.

Nails Vicariously Me Blog – 

Based in Tampa, this nail art enthusiast runs a blog that covers everything about nails from art to care. The blog features numerous nail art ideas, tutorials, hacks, and much more. It posts at least once a quarter.

Not Your Average Nails –

 This blog is run by a nail artist based in Canada called Becca. She is an amateur and wants to help other rookie nail artists like her. The blog posts 7 times a quarter and is one of the best blogs for you if playing around with nail polish is your thing. 

Chelsea Queen – 

This blog is run by Chelsea King, a nail artist based in Los Angeles, California, United States. The blog frequently posts nail art tutorials, hacks, and more. It posts at least once a month.

I Scream Nails – 

This nail art blog is based in Melbourne, Australia, and features cute, unique, and funky patterns. It features a lot of DIY design inspirations for budding nail artists or just those who are fascinated with nail polish.  The blog started in August 2012 and posts 3 times a day.

Hey, Nice Nails! – 

This blog is run by a premier nail art studio by the same name, based in Long Beach, California, United States. Run by celebrity nail artists Ginny and Donne, this blog features a ton of nail art tutorials and designs. The blog posts twice a year.

Miho Nail Blog – 

This nail art blog is very special as it showcases the normal nail art but with a Japanese twist. Run by Miho Okawara, who is based in Los Angeles, this nail blog is holistic in its approach towards nail art. It features abundant designs but also hacks to make your hands look soft and supple.

Blogging is a hobby which can be turned into a profession to earn money. A blog is a private place on the internet where you can put up your opinions and get comments on it. It is a place where you can communicate with readers about that particular article. A blog is updated frequently which is why it is different from a website.

Through blogging an individual can exhibit their hobby or talent, can be used to earn money, and to market the business. In a blog, the blog contents and the blog names are important concepts. A blog name is essential to attract more readers.

Best and Catchy Nail Art blog names ideas for you

Vogue Gloss

Lady Set Go

Beauty Glade

Graphics Nail

Chic Mission

Fab Gloss

Gloss Secrets

Artistic Nail

Trending nails

Nail polish swatches

Bridal nail arts

Fab Fab Me

Pink N Choose

Lady scene


Palette Modo

Glam Cup

Seduce U

Lady worx

MakeUp N Manicures

Beauty Salute

Glow Manicure

Elegant Aspect

Arrest Artist

Blast Carve

Boom Craft

Nail Art Blog Names

Fashion sketches


Nail technician

Beauty boxes

Uv gel nails

Beauty Trolleys

Beauty cases

Handmade beauty art

Nail Detail

Artwork Nail

Canvas Nail

Liberal arts

Nail Graphics

Pass Artist

Pure Hints


Ever smart She

Stunner Belle

Select My Stylist

Fashion Style

Style Flair

Fashion wishlist

Style column

Fashion hacks

Fantasy art

Art books

Art styles

The nail art craze has evolved suddenly in the fashion industry. It is a business of painting and gluing designs and tiny jewels onto nails. Some they extend their nails just to put an art on it! It has rapidly become a great business and became a favorite of fashion girls.

Trending Nail Art Blog Names

Top Nail Art Pages Names

For the popularity of nail art, many countries have already organized many and have given a platform to nail artists from all over the world. There are many processes involved in nail art and manicure is one of them. Manicure not does the shaping and filing of nails but also painting and drawing different images on nails.

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