125+ Veteran Day Quotes by World Famous Personalities

Right now, many parts of the world are full of war, and while the nations fight for democracy, freedom, and basic human rights, many lives are lost in the process. The US pays tribute to every soldier on Veterans Day who helped to protect the country during wartimes.

Here we have mentioned the top Veteran Day quotes which will help us to appreciate those who protect us on a regular basis. 

Veteran Day Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • Look on your soldiers as your adorable sons and they will protect you by sacrificing their lives. – Sun Tzu
  • Even though it is the soldier who prays for harmony and peace, it is he who suffers the deepest wounds of war. – Douglas MacArther
  • Counter, honor, and duty are the 3 words that dictate you what you should be, what you will be, and what you can be. – Douglas MacArther
  • There happens to be a certain passion regarding liberty, and this makes humans perform some heroic and brave things. – Alexander Hamilton
  • Genuine heroism is quite undramatic and extremely sober. It happens to be the urge for serving others at any cost whatsoever. – Arthur Ashe

_When the soldiers get killed in a battle, they all rank the same to me. – Napoleon Bonaparte

_It will be wrong on our part to mourn for the people who have been killed in the war. Rather, we must be thanking God for the existence of such men. – George S. Patton

_In war the soldiers are always outnumbered by the heroes. – H. L. Mencken

_The best soldiers are obtained by God from the highlands of infirmity. – Charles Spurgeon

_Just like the brave soldiers who emerge victorious in war, the bold men are going to rejoice in times of adversity. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

_One duty’s reward happens to be the ability to satisfy another. – George Eliot

_One needs to be a hero to go into a battle. – Norman Schwarzkopf

_All brave men happen to be vertebrates; they are soft on the outside and tough inside. – Gilbert K. Chesterton

_One will be a hero when his will is going to defy war. – Robert Green Ingersoll

_One needs to enjoy himself while combating for freedom since he is not going to win at all times. – Molly Ivins

_Do not put on your best trousers while you are going out to fight for truth and freedom. – Henrik Ibsen

_Take a look at what the folks are doing for those wounded warriors. As compared to Vietnam, they are working tirelessly to make the soldiers feel that they are welcomed home. It seems to me that we are gentler and also kinder. – Barbara Bush

_While you are in danger, it is essential to have courage. – Plautus

_Several men who are honest happen to be better as compared to numbers. – Oliver Cromwell

_Gentlemen, once the enemy makes any error we should not interrupt him sooner. – Horatio Nelson

_America is making an attempt to do the best for the veterans. – R. Lee Ermey

_I do not offer any food or pay. All I offer is thirst, hunger, wars, and death. Allow him to follow me who adores his nation with all his heart. – Giuseppe Garibaldi

_During war, the families of the troops are also needed to endure all the stresses and hardships. – Chris Kyle

_Prior to going to battle, every single soldier ought to know how his success as a fighter will be influencing the war in the long run. – Bernard Law Montogomery

_It is the brotherhood amongst the soldiers that makes a battle tolerable mentally. – Sebastian Junger

_The foundation of the Veterans Day is to honor the sacrifices made by the soldiers for their nation. – Charles B. Rangel

_As Americans we need to care for the males and females wearing the uniform, and we also care for them as veterans once they take off their uniform. – Steve Buyer

_Allow us to recall the services offered by our veterans on Veterans Day. –Dan Lipinski

_The courage shown by our young males and females in their armed services happen to be a glaring instance to the entire world. – Bill Frist

_Ever since the birth of our country, our troops have battled for safeguarding its freedom by giving their lives. – John Linder

_Even though I’m not a hero, those brave people who died for their nation actually deserved the honor. – Ira Hayes

_It’s a privilege to spend your time with the soldiers of America. – John Boehner

_We owe a debt to all the veterans of World War II which cannot be repaid by us. –  Doc Hastings

_Even though just one day has been dedicated to honoring the veterans out there, the Americans should remember the sacrifices made by their fellow countrymen for safeguarding their nation. – Randy Neugebauer

_We ought to dedicate the Veterans Day for singing the praises of our veterans who have sacrificed their lives for their nation.  – Nick Lampson

_The veterans of the military services of America have put their lives at risk so as to provide us with the freedom we enjoy. – Judd Gregg

_The veterans of America serve their nation with the notion that freedom and democracy ought to be upheld throughout the world. – John Doolittle

_Soldiers will not be able to compromise once they are committed to a particular task. – John Keegan

_Security happens to be the precondition to autonomy. – Rand Beers

_The sanctity of our monuments and battlefields is extremely vital for preserving the military history of the US. – Henry Waxman

_I go wherever there is the sound of thunder. – Alfred M. Gray

_God is going to get his best troops out of the mountains of disease. –  Charles Spurgeon

_Heroes are going to outnumber the troops during wartime. – H. L. Mencken

_It will be an injustice to make laments for those who have sacrificed their lives. Instead, it will be a sensible idea to time the Almighty for the existence of such individuals. – George S. Patton

_I treat all the soldiers equally who have been subjected to the fire on a battlefield. – Napoleon Bonaparte

_A genuine hero will be measured by his heart’s strength and not by the size of their strengths. – Hercules

_A genuine hero is somebody who has sacrificed his life for something which is bigger than him. – Joseph Campbell

_The veterans of America embody the principles based on which the country was founded more than two centuries earlier. – Steve Buyer

_Your sacrifices should never be forgotten by America. – Unknown

_The battle is not intended for only the strong; it is also for the brave, the vigilant, and the active. – Patrick Henry

_Against impossible adversities, individuals who love their nation will be able to change it. – Barack Obama

veteran day quotes

_I regard those individuals as heroes who put their lives at risk for the country so as to make it is a superior place. – Sidney Sheldon

_The desire of the veterans of America to sacrifice for the nation has made them instant heroes. – Jeff Miller

_Sometimes we fail to appreciate the very things which warrant our appreciation the most. – Cynthia Ozick

_The flag for our country moves with the ultimate breath of every single soldier who gave their lives for safeguarding it. – Cynthia Ozick

_We have now become free thanks to our brave soldiers. – Unknown

_Without her troops, America would have been like the Almighty without any of his angels. – Claudia Pemberton

_This is the country of the free only as far as the house of the brave is concerned. – Elmer Davis

_There is always a hope in valor. – Publius Cornelius Tacitus

_We provide our thanks to you for your hard work, dedication, and brevity toward your country. – Maya Angelou

_Freedom happens to be the key to happiness, and courage happens to be the key to freedom. – Thucydides

_You will never get freedom for free. – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

_So many have never been owed to so few. – Winston Churchill

_The very foundation of Veterans Day happens to be Freedom as winners Democracy. – Charles B. Rangel

_Valor is considered to be the stability of the soul and not of the arms and legs. – Michel de Montaigne

_Treat your own troops as your own kids while they are going to the battlefield. – Sun Tzu

_We happen to be plain individuals without any hero out there. – Bernard Malamud

_While expressing our gratitude, we should always remember that the biggest appreciation will be to live by the words and not to utter them. – John F. Kennedy

_There is no doubt about the fact that war is definitely an evil whatsoever. – Jimmy Carter

_I consider those to be my heroes who sacrifice their lives for the nation so as to make it a better place for everybody. – Sidney Sheldon

_We are not going to tire, and we also are not going to fail. – George W. Bush

_The responsibility of defending America was accepted by our veterans without any hesitation at all. – Bill Shuster

_It is of prime importance to identify and celebrate our heroes. – Maya Angelou

_The desire for the American veterans to give their lives for the country deserves special appreciation. – Jeff Miller

_You will not come across any soldier who is not wounded during the war. – José Narosky

_A genuine hero happens to be a man who is dedicated to the defense or creation of life-promoting concepts. – Andrew Bernstein

_We should make sure that our veterans are treated in the best possible manner on this special day since they really deserve it. – Barack Obama

_Provide honor to the soldier who has given his life for his country. – Abraham Lincoln

_We should always bear in mind the service offered by the veterans on Veterans Day. – Dan Lipinski

_I consider the firefighters, the cops, and the armed forces who are risking their lives on a daily basis for the sake of their nation. – Sidney Sheldon 

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