630+ Video Game Tournament Names Ideas And Suggestions

Video game tournaments are commonly referred to as “e-sport” competitions since they use video games as their medium of competition.

E-sports frequently take the shape of planned, competitive multiplayer video games, especially involving professional players, either individually or in teams. 

Even though organized tournaments have always been a part of the video gaming culture, these were primarily amateur contests up until the late 2000s, when professional gamers began to participate and do live streamings of these events and experienced a significant increase in popularity.

Let’s check out some video game tournament names:

What Are Some Cool Video Game Tournament Names?

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), first-person shooter (FPS), fighting, card, battle royale, and real-time strategy (RTS) games are the most common video game genres associated with esports.

League of Legends, Dota, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Overwatch, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., and StarCraft are among the most popular esports franchises.

Prestige Rollup

The Ultimate Battle

The Big One

The Super Bowl

Goodwin Trophy

The Elite Eight

The Championship

The Title Game

The World Series

The Ultimate Championship

The Masters Tournament

Intergalactic spacewar olympic

The Biggest Competition

The Second Round

The Gold medal Game

The Playoffs

The Final Four

The Stanley Cup

The Bronze medal Game

The Championship Series

The First Round

The Play-In Game

The Olympics

The Silver medal Game

The Championship Game

Road to Glory

The Sweet Sixteen

The Great Eight

The Last Stand

The Elite Four

The Quarterfinals

The Tournament

The Wild Card Game

Throwing Balls

Venom Tournament

Ball Bat Matchmakers

The Hockey Lobbies

Wood Bat Classic

Bears Netball

Excelsior Tournament

Wimpy’s Doubles

Bass Pro Shop Sydney


Cubic Comets

Knights Tournament

Guildsmen’s Gym


Deadly Gamer

GoodJOlly Gaming

Vikings Tournament

The Chess Spot

Extreme Hit Massacre

Tupelo Youth Games

SereneDive Gaming

Game For Runs

Slip Creditors

Bali Poker Tour

Playhouse Bentleigh

Big Hit Theory

Stade Pecan

The Slam Race

Malpractice This

Getting Lucky In Kentucky

Goal Diggers.

Wentz Upon a Time

West Derby Dames

Round Tournaments

Wise Games Sports

Racers Tournament

The Dirty Randys

Drug Runners

Lords Of The Dot

Sydney Surf League

Jets Rugby Club

Braggin’ Rights

Stammenport Raceway

Receiving Brady

Dominators League

Sport Forschung

Winner Returns

The Big Club Bowl

Carolina Sports Club

Hits by Nicki-Taylor

Sportsland Sports

The Open Cup Academy

Prestige AND’ Sports

Bound To Fail

Sport Club Tasmania

Forward Gaming


Terrace Courts

South Coast Leagues

Epic Stumpers

Striker’s Edge

The Football Bowl

Calm Attack

Red Dragons Tournament

General Gliders

Blind Squared

Best In 7

What Are Some Catchy Video Game Tournament Names?

The concept of direct, tournament-level competition between two players was popularised by the fighting game Street Fighter II (1991).  

Previously, video games relied on high scores to determine the best player, but with Street Fighter II, players would instead challenge each other directly, “face-to-face,” to determine the best player.

Dota 2

The Shiva Kamini

Oscar’s Magicball

Futsal Tourney

Nashville Pro-Am

Dervish Tournament

Caravan Razzle

Guts N’ Glory

Chapman Cup

Wander Rookies

Das Boons

Snack Attack

My Ball Zach

Mel Birthstone

Mooroolbark Classic

Goonies Goonies

Best Friends Strikers

Musketeers League

Pirates Of Puck

Killer Swingers

Brave Warriors League


Greenslopes Cup

Nexcal Track Club

Justice Bringers

Goolwa Cup

Grand Slam Masters

Celtics Tournament

Sky Breezers

Hills Sports Library

Working The Balls

The Challenge

Air Tournament

The Open Wing

Shoot the Moon Tournament

Welch Racers

Wexford Open Cup


Swing City L’or

Crick Kingdom League

The Ducksters League

Swingers Of Games

Allstars Sports

NASH Circuit

Metro Showdown


Rugby Sevens Sydney

The Crew


Wildcats Tournament

The Lunatics Tournament

Gold Coast Larcenies

Blasters Cricketers

Scared Shotless

Gold Coast Cup

Luxx Soccer Club

Blue Ice Tournament

Headrush Pirates

The Intellerections

Wolloner’s Bowl

Chandler Sports On


Elegant Death Squad

Ultimate Battle



Sydney Football Club

Four Kings

Leighs of the Glove

Wat Jars Up

Vic’s Tennis Club

Adders Tournament

Rugby League Awards

Fantasy Bowl Tour

Round Elite

Club Sportem

Ballroom Kicker

No Defense Tournament

Hello, Newton!

Wonder Challengers

Tee Shots Sports

Victorious Secrets

Blue Frogs Tournament

I Am Hockey’s

Tekkon Tour

Sportif de l’Asie

Royalton Cup

Flanders Cup Traders

Get Real! Tournament

Ticket to the Cup

The Empowered

Turn Down for Watt

Corvettes Tournament

Pro Tour


The Players’ Village

Fitness at Least

Zoom Tournament

Inno-Nation Uae

AvonBuddy Gaming

What Are Some Best Video Game Tournament Names?

The classification of competitive video games as sports is debatable. Esports is a rapidly expanding “non-traditional sport,” according to supporters, and they call for “careful planning, precise timing, and skillful execution.”

Others, who prefer to categorize esports as a cognitive sport, contend that sports require participants to be physically fit and trained.

League of legends world championship

Pin Drop Violence

Cricket Roared

Bri Kenny Dash

Inning Starters League

Melba’s Bowling


Ace Sportzone

Dinosaurs & More

Vegas Rollergirls

Challenger Trophy

Groundbreakers League

Sporting Life Pro

Hoops To Soccer

Gator’s Slam Club

Northside Classic

Cricket Magicians

North Star Tourney

Meteorites Tournament

Stompers Sports

Genies Tournament


Nova Spirit

Capelli’s Tourney

Hoxton Humble

Ball Burners League

Bounce Demons

Tireless Runners

Century Hitters Tournament

MagniZent Gaming

Playball Netball

Bally’s 100m Dash

All Star Smash

Grand Rapids

Wong Seng Masters


World’s Doubles

Cricket Avengers

Creditors League

Warrington VIC

Cheque Time Sports

Beaver Valley YSCA


Super Sixers League

Knights Watchmen

Huddle Buddies

Kings Tournament


Ladbrokes Pick’em

Rattlers Tournament


Wool worths Cup

Sunset Trotters

Bird smash

Stumped For Answers

Taylors Slam


Ron Mexico’s Test Results

Projex Sports

Ballistic Bombers

Kill Swing Maniacs

Thunder Thrives

The Mouth-Like Anuses

Gold Coast Hotshots

Pro Club Sydney

League of Misfits

Dirty Dodger

Dota Championships

Junkyard Dawgs Tournament

The Golf Slam


Maverick River Speed

Crossfire Tournament

Always On The Pull

Seawolves Tournament

Peterson Pipe

Grasshoppers Tournament

Walsh Street Sports

Lift In Soccer

Early Gaming

Laughing Turf

Geelong All Stars

Crate Expectations

Musketeers Boys

Black Jacks Tournament

Twenty20 Cup

Hops and Snacks

Glens Falls Indoor

World Cyber Games

Stokey’s Grand Slam

Delight Wings Gaming

Innovative Titles

Triple J Tennis

Upstring Gaming

RedChromo Gaming

Sunsational Swoons

Football Junkies

Gold Medal Pitching

Arrows Tournament


What Are Some Amazing Video Game Tournament Names?

On July 25, 2001, Russia became the first nation to recognize “cybersport” as a legitimate sport. On March 12th, 2004, it was again categorized as a sport following several reforms in Russian sports.

Considering it did not adhere to the new sports criteria, it was eliminated from a list of sports disciplines in July 2006.

Taco Time Cottages

South Western TAB

Athleta One

Rush Sabercats Tournament


MotherBricks Gaming

Ekpoo Sportsworld

Tallade Creek Games

Giant Powerzone

Breakers Tournament

The Slam National

Tennis Club Of NSW

Dominators Tournament

Burn Caliente Tournament

The Vixens

Champions League

Triumphant Race

Bashers Boom Boom

Great British Clay

Bit Giants League


Team Garbage

Club Tasca

Friends Life

Play For Century

Power Hitters

Deadly Gaming

Stairway to Evans

Wig A Man’s Hand

Master Blasters


Kingdom Of Crick

Skipton Gully

Hawks Sportsplex

Le’veon On A Prayer

Golden Waves Tournament

Chiefs Tournament

Liquipump Sports

Glow Soccer Centre

StingRays Tournament

Number Crunchers

Sip n Slam Melbourne

Choking Hazard

The Ashes

Game of Jones

Fantastic Four Park

Knight Raiders

Tower Of Tournaments

The Tyrants

Bowl of Fame

InnoVage Cup

Shallow Invincible

Clash Tournament

Hailo, I Am sporty

Penguins Tournament

Vitality T20 Blast

Fire Giants Tournament

Fever Tournament

Minx Thunder Tournament

Bat Ball Doomers League

The Blaze Tournament

Nball Canada

King of Kings League

First Round Game

Global Soccer League

Risky Royals

Mavericks Tournament

Arsenal Tournament

Cobes Ultimate Battle

Chess Tour

Groundwater Invictus

Bald Harders

Fresna Masters

Roadrunners League

StreetShine club

Artsy Football Club

11 Amateurs and 1 Pro

Firebirds Tournament

Mirage Death

Bring it On

Jets Gold Coast

Huskhun Gumi

Airdrie Cup

Round The Roll

Ram Slam

Ferocious Championship

Great Witzen

Phoenix Tournament

League of Nations

Town & Country Cross

Hurry Hurricanes

Nova Ocelots Tournament

Nascar Seasons

Hogan Sport Club

Call Of Sward

Twisted Minds

Totally Down

Odell’s Bells

GreyUrbener club

Unbeatable Blasters

What Are Some Awesome Video Game Tournament Names?

While it is common for games to be designed with the player’s experience as the only priority, many successful esports games have been designed to be played professionally.

Developers may decide to include dedicated esports features or make design compromises to support high-level competition. StarCraft II, League of Legends, and Dota 2 have all been designed to support professional competition.

Sons Of Pitches

Rugrats Tournament

World Class Tennis

TO Sports Club

Fresh Startz Championship

Give it the Boot! Tournament

Hydra Tournament

Surge Tournament

Blew By U Tournament

Dorone Cup

The Red Hot Peppers

Bring the Heat Tournament

Hippety- Hopkins

World Flame Tournament

Winner Chicken Dinner League

Frozen Tundra League

Newports In Sports

Jumpers Sports

Street Shine Club

Technical Blasters

The Tag Team Sports

Bridge Drive Gaming

Turn Your Head

Hungry Dogs

Kempsey Cup

State Showdown

Phantoms Tournament

Nellies Sports

The Battle of the Bulge

The Biggest Loser

The Joke-fest

The Laff-down

The Most Mirthful

The Wackiest

“I’m So Random” Tournament

The Mighty Ducks

Clubs vibes

The Fire-Breathers

Appleton Gaming

WinoCrew Gaming

Ice Masters Tourney

Feelin’ Philly

ThunderBirds Tournament

MightyMing Gaming

Skiitz Football

Odell’s Kitchen

Simply Slimmers

Above The Boundaries

Womens Sportful Tour

Bat Cats Of Doom

Fantasy For Family

Imperials Tournament

Terminators Tournament

Edge Tournament

Go For It Surfers

Lords of Absurd

The AFL Club

Crusaders Tournament

Show Us Your TDs

Stay Thirsty My Friends League

We Don’t Lose

Townsville Trophies

Kiss the Dalvin Cook

Swan Hill

Fallen Angels

Dynastia Boxing

Big Sky Cup

WestCoast Gaming

Super Rugby League

Tit Whiskey

The Big Beaters

Team Wurmer

GoodGames Las Vegas

Istanbul Major

Melodic Execution

Lave Raisers

Honey Bunch Tournament

Quicks Queer


Terrace Matches

Cool Onslaught

Quality Service

Best Squash & Tackle

Weird Gamer

The Breastalyzers

Multiple Runners

Athletes Clubs

Slog Warriors League

Smack Mouth Smackdown

Fireballs Tournament

Re Lions league

Freedom Tournament

WhiteCoast club

Sticker Team Sports

Striking Thunder

Boys in Black Tournament

The Slam Masters

Triple R Racing Club

Loch Cup

Jolly Cricketers League

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