20 Best Visual Marketing Tips & Strategies For Small Businesses

Well, Today’s market brands are fighting over who is going to get the attention of the customer, and for how long?

It’s competitive and the margin of error is extremely slim. Making an impression become more crucial than ever and brands are coming up with interesting options. 

Well, Visual marketing is solemnly about creating content with visuals that can provide more engagement and hold the interest. 

For example, Tweets with images have 5x or up to the engagement as compared to those without it. 

visual marketing strategies small business

The same goes for articles,  quality visuals in blogs or articles have 94% more views. 

In nutshell, Visual marketing is going to be a need for the brands.  It’s a fast and interesting approach to attract the audience. 

Here is what you are going to need for your small business. 

Why Visual Marketing For Small Business?

Visual Marketing is an important part, mostly because it’s related to how you can attract the attention of an audience. 

Visual marketing is the broadest sense in which anything that can appeal to your audience’s eyes for selling your product or service is used.

It can be any particular set of colors,  designs, patterns, etc. 

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Video content marketing is an important aspect as it informs and educates your audience by appealing to their sense of sight.

The purpose is to hold the attention and convert them into customers.

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What Is Visual Content Marketing ?

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Visual content marketing is the creation of content, including the sense of sight for educating or entertaining the target audience, 

With the help of content, the customers can get their issues solved but also brands get an engaged audience. 

Types Of Visual Content  

There are more than 20 types of visual content marketing. These all are for getting the attention of the audience and solving their problems. Or just for entertainment purposes. 

Well the list includes : 

  • Photos 
  • Charts & Graphics 
  • Infographics
  • Videos 
  • Animated GIFs
  • Branded Quotes
  • Calls To Action 
  • Ads
  • Memes
  • Cartoon & Comics
  • Checklist 
  • Cheat Sheets 
  • Screenshots 
  • Presentations 

Effective Strategies To Apply For Visual Marketing 

Audiences are more focused on one size fit all marketing. In 2020, this is going to be more intense. 

The audience wants to have information that can be more catered, quick on point, and exciting. 

The demand for personalization in messages and options in multiple mediums is increasing. 

To keep up with this, your content and marketing should incorporate a multifunctional approach.

1. Let Your Audience Choose The Trend 

There is no hidden concept that marketers work for influencing the market. 

However, in the end, the market is all about the audience. For every business regardless of the scale, pleasing their audience is the goal.

They require to understand what the audience wants and explain how their brand will help them in getting that. 

If your visual marketing is helping in answering the basic questions like how you are best and what your brand can offer that no one can – it’s providing a satisfying result. 

This should be your brand strategy, not just your visual marketing. 

SmarterHQ did a survey, based on the report 72% of consumers don’t engage with any kind of marketing if it’s not personalized for them.

This shows that the audience wants to take the charge and influence the trends, not the marketers. 

Takeaway – The audience is who can help you in getting on point. 

For any business, your brand, product, or services should be the evidence that you value your customers.

Show the results instead of explaining yourself. 

2. Keep It Prolific, Sweet, And Short

In the market, the demand for highly personalized messages that target the audience directly is increased.

Also, it should be higher in quality and deliver special goals. Finding the balance between quality and quantity is important for the business. 

Well, the audience’s attention span is getting shorter than goldfish.  It’s crucial for the business to break down their content into pieces that can be biteable. 

For example, you can do social micro-narratives. It’s an ideal way that can appeal to your customer’s demand. 

Also, it’s high in quality and takes one full-length motion graphic or infographic. 

Pro Tip: You can use videos and animation too. It’s a short video series. 

Well, Wristia says, videos which cover more than 2-minute length have a good competitive rate.  You get 70% and the audience gets drawn too. It includes GIF, mini, or loop animations. 

3. Explore Design With Elegant & Minimalist Touch

The audience feels more comfortable with an elegant and sleek design. That’s why it’s so much in demand. 

You can take examples of West Elm and Fernish like Home & Lifestyle brands. They have a minimalistic and elegant approach in their products but also the website is designed that way.

reasons brand choose minimalism infographic

It’s also called the Marie Kondo Effect that happened in  2019 with the selection of its aesthetic and the trend continued in 2020 too. 

Also approaching the elegant and minimalistic style is not that simple. It requires much more foresight and in-depth strategy. This should be reflected in your brand and connects with the customer. 

4. Consider Cinematic Approach 

For the engaging audience, storytelling is one of the timeless and important techniques. 

Since the options are endless and different mediums as well as aesthetic touch can be used, it gives much more diversity to use. 

It includes the camera directions that show the point of view of the person or the product. It can be applied for live-action, animation, or something including both. 

Narration, camera angles, etc decided how your audience is going to respond.

Takeaway – With this approach,  you can easily convey the answer of why customers should consider your product, brand, or services. 

It’s important to keep the story interested and meaning full without pushing hard on selling. 

It highlights the value and simplifies the meaning behind your brand. 

5. Use Visual Language & Workbenches

The strong visual includes investment in strategy and alternate options. 

Well, it adds the type of fonts, color, illustration style, etc depending on what kind of campaign you are launching. 

However, you don’t have to lean heavily on these points either. Too much focus causes a lack of conviction in communication and effectiveness, especially for a unique audience. 

Overall, your visual identity is not always the ideal approach. 

So when you launch your product or service, try not to blend it with your other products and services.

Takeaway –  The ideal point to consider here is the demand for personalization. 

Your audience needs more personalization and focuses on what they are getting from it. 

Visual marketing affects the reach and also how the audience is going to grasp the information. 

Tips For Improving Your Visual Marketing 

Visual Marketing is becoming more and more popular.  Now it’s considered as one of the important ‘ marketing’ for the brands. 

Visual marketing shows results, it attracts more attention and indulges more people towards the brands. 

According to visual marketing stats, 81% of people simply skim online content, however, a post that has images gets 650% higher engagement.

Also, a person needs 50 milliseconds to form his or her impression where the average period is only 80 seconds. 

visual marketing facts infographic

To improve your visual marketing and get more results, here are some important tips that you can use. 

Dimension Are Important Factor 

Dimensions are important factors when you are doing visual marketing. 

People have different displays and your marketing should support their news feed.  Instead of choosing to all-purpose dimensions of your images, keep your image or content adjustable.

Visual social marketing should be more bespoke. It means your content should look good regardless of which social network is in use. 

Consider CTA visuals 

A call to action is important as your audience should know where to go and what to do next. 

Most marketers focus on CTA when blogs and social media updates are concerned.  But make sure you are also using in your images and photos as well

Visual call to action is effective and much more in use. It can help you in getting better results as well. 

However, it depends on how it works for you. 

More Of  Memes

Memes took the world by storm. 

No one saw that coming especially in business and promoting brands. 

Image source: socialmediaexaminer

Memes are a strong way of getting emotional reactions from your business. Memes are funny, entertaining, and highly engaging if you do it right. 

But also when you are sharing memes, focus on relevancy and value. It should be actually funny. 

Sharing all kinds of memes will make you look like a brand that is trying to get more audience by using the latest trends. It shows how unclear your motives are. 

Keep Style Consistent 

Consistent style is important for some basic reasons. It includes that when you opt for a similar and consistent style, it becomes much easier for your audience to remember and recognize. 

Image source: Pinterest

You don’t have to keep everything the same, you can choose one thing. It can be a frame or some specific signature. 

As for Instagram, you can use the same filters.  It depends on what you want to keep consistent in your visual marketing. 

Share Graphics With Tips & Advice 

Image source:Pinterest 

Sharing quotes are one of the ways but instead of that, you can choose single-frame images. 

With that, share tips or advice in a bold and attractive font. Not only will you get more audience engagement on the content you are sharing but also people will appreciate your efforts. 

It also ensures that you are going to get more repeat visitors who are looking for similar things. 

Go With Multiple Formats 

There are more than images and videos when it comes to visuals. You can choose whatever you think brings more results for you. 

There are GIfs, Memes, and infographics that are more popular and trending. 

You can choose one of the formats or go with multiple to keep your content engaging. 

Avoid using one kind of image or repeating the same format again and again. 

You should be more open to embracing all sorts of formats that are relevant to your brand and marketing. 

Share Screenshots 

Screenshots are credible sources.  You can use it for sharing instruction, process, or advice. It gives proof and people trust too. 

You can use the CTA on your screenshots so people can understand what you are claiming for. 

It boosts credibility but also you get brand advertisement too.  It increases the clickbait since the people are not trusting the headlines anymore.

Screenshots elements the chances of distrust or anxiety towards the brand. 

Don’t Hesitate To Be Personal 

Visual contents are easy for the audience. It’s also successful for the brands and visual content are much better to get attention. 

As for social media marketing,  pictures and images are the most ranked type of content for higher audience engagement. 

If you are opting for more images then don’t be afraid to show the human side of your brand. 

Share pictures of your business behind the product. Show the staff, working process, and what else you do apart from selling the products. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to add your staff and working system so people can know more about company culture. The more they feel connected, the better trust they will have. 

Focus on UGC

User-Generated Content or UGC is one of the marketing most of the business is going for. 

It gives more human appeal and adds social proof. 

People believe when they hear some other people saying it too.  The more people are talking about your brand, the more trust you can get from new users. 

Visual UGC is the ideal option for showing more about your product to your new customers. 

Use More Of Infographics 

The information is everywhere and overflowing, no matter which industry you pick. 

Infographics are one of the trendings and 3x more shared forms of content.

Image source: Vennagage

The basic reasons are the easy to understand data with eye-catching visuals, It keeps the data readable and not too much as it is distributed in small parts. 

For readers, infographics are much easier to share and save for future use.  Also, it doesn’t need too much cost investment to create informative and eye-catching infographics 

Pro tip: You can use Canva and Piktochart. They have free templates and easy to use features for making a cost-free infographic for your content. 

Add Visual Instructions 

for instructions, lots of people are choosing the videos, and that works well. 

However, you can use the visual instructions by adding a series of images. It’s helpful for that audience who don’t want to click the videos and watch the whole process from start to end. 

Pro Tip: You can add images of tips or additional advice so people can understand better. 

With visual instructions, people save their time and get solutions without watching a  complete video. 

Consider Pop Colors 

The colors are an important part when it comes to visual marketing. 

Image source: visme

Choosing your color is important in how you are going to attract your audience. Well to get people’s eyes, go with colors that pop when users are browsing or simply scrolling their newsfeed.

Use bright colors that can pop out of the page. Also, make sure that colors are not too much either but choose not to overdo it. 

Keep Experimenting 

Experimenting is the key to getting the ideal and perfect visual for your brand. 

Since the market keeps changing and it also affects the people’s preferences. Instead of sticking with one thing, you can choose different styles and keep experimenting. 

Keep up with the latest color trends, styles, and visual differences so you can update your marketing as well. 

Examples Of Stunning Visual Content Marketing To Inspire From 

When you think about the content for marketing, most people think about writing blogs and choosing other traditional options. 

These options are effective but the competition is getting rougher, and it’s important to choose more ideas to develop attractive and visually fascinating content for marketing your brand. 

Well, here are some examples of brands who came up with inspiring and stunning visual marketing ideas. 

Someecards – Satire Cards 

Someecards is a site where they share the fun and poking the real-life situation.  The campaign asked people to generate the cards, it was free service and fun as it was different from normal greeting cards. 

The brand was launched in 2007 and focuses on sending cards digitally.  

Image source:Boredpanda

Well, the site successfully generated a fun and engaging audience. In today’s time, they have different illustrations and without any charge. They are earning through the ads.

Target –  Party With Pinners

Target is one of the great brands that help to get how brands and businesses should look. Well, they used Pinterest for standing out with their content. 

They started different Pinterest boards, using strategies for each.  

Image source: Newscredinsights

Pinterest is a generic and typical way that can give you a more engaging audience. Well, Pinterest is based on visuals, it helps you in attracting more of an audience by using the right photos and content. 

Lots of brands simply post their photos of their brand or product which does not always work effectively. 

The idea of Target to introduce visual marketing using Pinterest made the content fun for the audience. 

Crisis Relief Singapore – Liking Isn’t Helping 

Crisis Relief Singapore shared some shocking and eye-opening photos when they launched their Liking isn’t helping the campaign. 

Image source: Pinterest 

They shared photos of situations and how liking social media posts is not effective in real situations.  

Also, they generated the awareness that people taking actions on social media by liking photos is not helping or solving the real cause. 

The campaign triggered the emotions of people, however, it was not too much but they did make a difference. 

Home Depot  – Vine Profile 

The Home Depot came with an interesting idea to use Vine, a social network for creating their content. 

The brand has different ideas and examples of visual examples that they used for their content marketing. 

They came up with using the Vine for showing the workshop in their store. It demonstrated the whole process which not just attracted people but they pitched for their upcoming workshop too. 

Vines are easy and simple for creating interesting videos. You just need to download the app and you are all set to go. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you share the vines on your social media networks for getting more reach. 

TOMS – A day Without Shoes 

TOMS launched their campaign on Instagram to give an experience of how not having shoes can affect the child’s life. 

Image source:Bluehat

Image source: Theshortyawards

They successfully distributed over 27000 children in different countries.

With the idea of marketing their brand, TOMS also generated useful and effective visual content. 

Starbucks – Instagram 

Starbucks successfully introduced lots of personalities which was equally engaging and interesting. 

Well, they started their Instharm profile showing the personality of their brand and daily lifestyle. 

Image source: coschedule 

It was not a sales pitch but they showed the behind the scenes of the coffee process and other interesting photos. 

For Starbucks fans, it was something exciting but for a new audience, it boosted their trust in the brand. 

Coca Cola – Tumblr 

Coca-Cola is one of the brands that always has been a trendsetter and leader when it comes to visual marketing. 

Coca-cola came up on Tumblr with their visual marketing strategies. They shared quirky and animated Gifs on their pages. Also introduced the brand memorabilia. 

Whole Food – Facebook 

Whole Food is one of the examples of brands that take their visual marketing seriously. The barn tells their stories but uniquely and interestingly. 

Image source: Econsultancy 

The brand is using Facebook and created a page where the audience gets inspiring content along with unique tips and interesting facts. 

They mostly have graphics showing helpful ways and tips that boost people to buy more from Whole Food. Also, they have added photos of their products. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does my business need visual marketing?

Visual marketing boosts the engagement and involvement of customers. As a result, you get more attention and time span to use for pitching your product to your customers.

Is visual marketing effective for business?

Visual marketing is effective and has a 40% increase in people’s response.  With this, people can get easier to understand and share the content with others.

Also, it keeps people easy to follow the instructions too.

Why should I consider visual marketing?

Since the information is all over the internet. It’s hard for readers to grasp the important points. Visual marketing gives them easy to understand and many simple methods to boost their focus. 

As for business, you can highlight the best and engaging part of your product or brand by showing it directly to the customers.

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