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Wedding Photography Business Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

With increased demands for destination weddings and Instagram-worthy pictures, there is a large-scale demand for a wedding photography business. Therefore, wedding photography can be a great niche if you want to flex your best clicks and earn a good amount of money.

It shall be very challenging to enter into this business since there is an umpteen number of photographers worldwide. Therefore, if you want to find success in this business, you must create a name that will have a strong brand value.

This is because the name shall be the identity of your business. This is exactly where we shall help you- through this article. 

Below is a list of amazing names which are best for a wedding photography business. After going through this article, we are confident that you will be successful in finding the best and perfect name for your wedding photography business. All the best!

Cool Wedding Photography Business Names

Modern generation couples want something… Different. On the one hand, they do want to respect the tradition and culture, yet on the other hand, they want to look cool. That is why you must have a clear idea of how to take a snap of a cool wedding picture. Apart from that, you must allot a cool and trendy name to your business.

Andera Camera

Flawless Images

Click It

Timeless Tokens

Moment Maker

Smile Photos


Broadway Photo

Iconic Photos Today

Flash Fiends

Demo Reels

Precious Moments

Tiny Giraffe

Blue Barn

Ideal Photo Session

Forever Photos

Pictures Spot

Cherished Captures

DazzlePhoto, Inc.

Ambient Portraiture

Peer Pose

Portable Cameraman Collective

Classic Studios

James Knox

Bliss eleven

Portrait Simple

Snazzy Snaps

Working Proof Studios

Focus Pictures

Metrolux Studio

Crimson Suns

Pixel Perfect Photos

Forensic Films

Captured Moments

The New Images

The Mobile Cam

Picture Star


Creative Image

Mom & Pop Photo Shop

The Blank Space Studios

Compact Cameraman

Quality Pixels

Print Foundry Lab

Lind Justin Photography



Anthony Mongiello Photography


City Styles


One Eleven Photography

James Meyer

Super Lens

Moments Wedding Pictures

Invasion Images

Photo With Tripod

State Street Headshots

Tilting Tripods

Kyle Bondeson Photography

Spotted Selfie

X Apertures

Studio Emp Photography

Unique Photo

Image Now

Shutter’s Moment

Unleash The Creativity

snap at it

photography by Beth Parin

Photo Finish

Our Days Photo and Film

Soulful Memories


Brian McConkey Photography


Super Nerd Imaging

Wildlife Photos

360 View

Snap Trends

Digital Castle

Smiley Snap

Shutter snap

Sublime Smiles Headshots

Trotter Photo Booth



The Picture Patch Children’s Photos

The Smiley Picture Studio

The Art Lens Gallery Photo Services

Tropical Studio Photo

Candice C. Cusic Photography

Gerber + Scarpelli


Trendy Memories

Smile Please

Special Moments Wedding Photos

Misha Media Photography

Tilting Perspective

it’s the day!

Shutters On The Members

Victoria Gamlen Photography

Vibrant Shades

Creative Wedding Photography Business Names

After all, creativity is the main thing that customers look for in a photograph, right? That is why in order to portray that your business is a pro at capturing insanely creative pictures, you must make such a name indeed. Here’s a tip- before creating such names, you can find out how to bring out the creativity in a photograph.

Elegant Light Photography

Art of Light LLC

Tom Fritzs

The Striking

Pleasing Portraits

Blossom Exposures

Theocracy Photography

The Dark Room

Perfect Click

Three Sixty


The Polaroid

Photo Pros

it’s our day

Artsy Snaps

We Heart Shooting

Queens Web Design

Shutter Up Photography

Ditcher Picture

A Pretty Pics

Citizens Photo

Art And You In A Flash

World Movie Group

Angelic Blossom Exposures

Samy’s Camera


Blabbering Camera

The Principal

Moment Maker


Camcorder Spot


Wedding baby

Creative name

Picture People

Jamie Link Photography

Shoulder pad Photograph

Let’s get wed!

Lens Reflex

Photo Stories

Lets Make A Memory

Tilting perspective

Urban Shots

Outstanding Studios

Foxy Silver Snapshots

Photo Expert

Picturesque Memories Photography

Products On White Photography

Capturing History

Paperkat Studio

Mantione Studios Photography

Picture For You

Perfect Capture

Light the Dark

Vertical Photos Place

Your First Photo

Titmouse Animations

LeMay Photography

Dawn Studios


Sublime Krystal

Stylex Pics Fashion Shots

Photo Image


Silver Pond Photos

Julia Nash Photography

Snap Trends

Digital Castle

Smiley Snap

Sublime Smiles Headshots

Trotter Photo Booth


Take Two

Timeless Classics

Snappr Photography

Photographic Collective

Moonlight Photography

Photo Factory

Ike and Tash Photography and Motion

Pictures Plus

Photo Hub

Perfect Pictorial Matter

Prestige Portraits

Rings And Cakes Studio

Memories Stilled Photography

Creative Phosphene

Creative Crew

Green Holly Photography

Catchy Wedding Photography Business Names

Just like it is essential to have a creative and great wedding photograph, it is equally important for a photographer to click a picture that will catch the audience’s attention in no time. After all, couples want to flaunt their wedding pictures. Hence, if it’s not catchy, it is simply not worth it.

Candid Diva

Smile Box

Bracketeers Photography

Typical Camcorder Spot

Click Time

Awesome Offspring Photography

Carbon Copy Photos


Keepsake Keepers

Sensational Shutters

Warren Photographic

Candid Clicks

Adorable Tripod

Celebrity Photo

Headshots Today Photography

Don’t Blink Photography

Candids For You

Hunt’s Photo & Video


Crystal Sky

The Preoperative

Photo Genius

Visualize Pro

The Little Bluebirds

Adorama Camera

Gloomy Image

Shutter up photography

Photo Pros

We Heart Shooting

Panoramic Photos

Aesthetic Photo

Catchy Portrait Studio



Magic Pictures

Korey Howell Photography Group

Photographic Co

Photogenic You

Camcorder Co

Merge Memories

Perfectly Posed

Foto Duo

Andrew Weeks Photography

Looking Glass Photo & Camera

Lensation Picture Studio

Commercial Photography

Photo Grid

Portrait Innovations

Black and White

Theme Street

The Bleak Figure

Get Storybook

Pristine Photos

Supreme Portrait

Nature Scene Photography

Modern Moments

Photo Tatva


Great Wide Somewhere Studios, LLC

No Blurs Photography

Blue Fence Photography

Fusion Photography

The Ordinary

Party Photographer

View My Space

Party Photographer

Digital Arts and Photography, Inc.

The Iconic Photo

Sweet Baby Studio

Ultimate Impressive

Space Snapshots

Unique Photos

Studio Soo Baby

Brian Wetzstein Productions

Gallery of Memories

Echo Boom Studios

David Joel HIGH END Photography

Take A Pi

Strike A Pose Fashion Photography

We Create

Digital Design Studio


Jill Tiongco Photography

Jewelry Photography – Youship WeShoot

Be Different

The White Room Photography

Cambo Photography

Whimsy Frame

Laura Lynne Boudoir

Wildwood Photography

Duron Studio Photography

Wild Images Photo Safaris

Soulful Memory Pixels

The Camera Club

Picture Perfect

Amazing Wedding Photography Business Names

You can click an amazing wedding photograph by having a way too good location. Therefore, if clicking pictures for destination weddings are your call, you must create an amazing name for your business. Customers can understand how great you are at snapping pictures through the name.

Here’s a tip- in order to have an amazing name for a wedding photography business, you must keep in mind that the name should be memorable. 

Click For You

Dental Taking

Happy Lens

A Lensational

Chocolate Photography

Prefect Capture

Smooth Pictures

Moment Photography

Depiction Pro

Candy Click

Peace Camera

True Picture Frames

Cute Photography

Ace Photo


Sized Portrait

The Operative

Cliento Photography

Ideal Photo session

Sunny Lens

Calumet Photographic

Snap Captures


Think Studio

Nikon Dude


Flash Parties Photos

Photography Studio

Snazzy Snaps


Light On Images, Ltd.

Cylindrical Closed

New You Photography

Imagery Unlimited

Long Haul Films

Single Image

Perfect Pixel

My Tilted Tripod

Janel Lee Photography

The Photo Booth

Lauren Ashley Studios


Mixture Picture


Single Flash Photography

Click And Shoot Studio

Natural Moments

Powell Photography, Inc

Picture bay view

Picture Perfect


Pin Up Girls Boudoir Photo Studio

The Human Expansion

Unique Wedding Photography Business Names

Wedding photography is all about capturing the unique moments of the day. It’s about relieving the day through the heavenly photos and relishing the memories of that day. Therefore, you must create a unique and awesome name for your wedding photography business.

As a last tip, we would like to remind you that in order to have a perfect and unique name allotted to your business, you must remember not to choose a super lengthy name. This is because those names are very boring and not at all unique.

Camera Stop

The Picture Patch

New Eye Photo


Cylindrical Cam Place

The Realistic Film

Magenta Printing

Gimmie Pictures Photography

The Operative

Pauline Mongarny

Bliss Eleven


Camera Pros


Picture Perfect

Instantaneous Picture Taking

Pamela Camera

All in the Family Photography

Cancerous Camera

Snap Service

Preoperative Photo

A Modern View

Photo Galleria

Era Productions

The Excellent

Perfect Project

Photograph Labs

The Held

Bracketeers Photography

Instamatic Webcam

The Portrait

Pics Life

Family Portraits

Ray of Light Photography

Timeless Classics

Cheap Product Photography

Caption Perfect

Mad Crayon Studio

Lucky Lens

Ideal Photo session

The Red Light

Picture Bay View


Ray Figure Trading

Little’s Photography

Melody Yazdani Studios TN


Elegance Captions

Single Photographer

Stamina Camera

Capture Essence Photography



Pretty Pictorial

One Family



A Little Photo Studio


Urban Portraits

Mettalic Frame Captured

Photo Perfections

The Sad Visualize

Exposure Spot

Pro Photo Connection

Portrait Happiness

Own Filters

Photo Pick

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