101+ Top Weight Loss Blogs and Pages Names

Since these days, people are too concerned about losing weight, have attracted more to find information on weight loss tips. If you know the good diet for weight loss and you want to share it with people, blogging is the best option.

People can even comment if they do not know how to follow that diet. A neatly explained blog with good pictures can attract people to that blog.

A blog is your personal webpage where you can post articles about weight loss, opine about different facts about weight loss, communicate with each other, and promote your business (if any) through various links.

A blog is not a website; it is an online platform for an individual or a group of individuals to express their thoughts and ideas through posts.

Top 15 Weight Loss Blogs Of the World

Run Eat Repeat – 

This blog is by Monica who has achieved fitness by running and eating healthy and suggests the readers do the same to achieve a healthy lifestyle. She has lost a huge amount of weight with organic food.

She writes articles on how to reduce weight in a given time period. With regular posts, this blog has been motivating readers to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Black Weight Loss Success –

This blog is by a fitness guide who regularly posts articles and benefits of every exercise that you know exists in workout sessions. This blog opens a new path to your fitness journey helping you to lead an emotionally and mentally balanced lifestyle.

The blog offers a variety of recipes and tips to help you live the healthiest life you could only dream of.

The Fit Housewife – 

This blog is full of informational articles with average reading time and useful videos to guide the followers to live a life full of wellness. With frequent posts, this blog never fails to keep its readers updated about the latest news on fitness. Filled with cooking video recipes it also shares weight loss stories that are inspirational.

Life Time Weight Loss –

This blog regularly posts useful articles and posts to guide its readers through their journey. Expert interviews are the main attraction of the blog. Besides that, the blog continuously motivates its readers to enhance their physical strength and it also works as a mediator between trainers and customers.

The Healthy Mummy – 

The blog offers online classes as well as recorded tutorials to help the readers learn more about exercise poses. Here, articles and pictures of beautiful places and oceans which the author of the blog has visited are also shared.

Visit the blog for more interesting and unknown facts and stories fitness. She also helps women to get rid of post-pregnancy weight gain.

Reboot With Joe – 

This blog is best when it comes to highly nutritious recipes, the blogger gives a detailed explanation of all the ingredients she adds in her cooking videos to inspire and motivate the readers to eat healthy without compromising on the taste. She includes alternatives to sugar and other fatty ingredients.

Dr. To Help –

This blog is collectively owned by medical professionals who have done research on losing weight through medication. The blog explains the process in very simple language.

The blog content is quite impressive and is super friendly. It clears all the doubts and reasons behind the myth that medication to lose weight can be harmful.

Slim By Nature –

This Australia-based blog is by a registered fitness guide who writes this blog to share creative cooking recipes and workouts, dividing the work-outs section-wise is helpful for readers adding an impressive look to the blog.

This is a must-visit for youngsters who avoid going to the gym and using instruments for keeping themselves fit and healthy. 

Food For Fitness – 

This blog is on a mission to better people’s lives with simple yet effective tips to rebuild your body and make improvements in your life. Making people happy to live a sound life is what motivates the blogger to write articles and post expert opinions on the blog. This fitness hub is a must-visit for people who want to experience the best in their lives.

Dr. William Davis Blog –

This blog has been known for its expert quality articles and weight loss tips. It has been awarded by globally known platforms for its fat-free healthy lifestyle. This blog encourages the readers to stay away from wheat, sugar, and other ingredients that add to their calories.

Hitch Fit Online Training –

This blog is always up with new ideas for its readers to attain their desired level of fitness is the unique feature of the blog. The programs are designed in such a way that it serves your purpose, expert-quality trainers and regular exercise can make your body a place to worship which you thought was not possible for you to do.

Just Average Jen –

This blog posts everything that anyone would expect to know about life in general. From simple delicious recipes to the latest fashion trends, this blog have you covered. The wise articles and posts are truly amazing and a must-read section of the blog.

This wellness blog also reviews natural products and home décor videos that synchronize with your wellness.

The Gabriel Method –

This blog by Jon Gabriel can give life-transforming experiences once you join the blog. It thrives to improve your lifestyle with intense meditation and weight loss.

Exploring a wide range of topics this blog is very popular and has more than lakhs of monthly readers, from expert fitness articles to tips and tricks on wellness, all in one place helps readers to reach their desired goal much easier.

No Thanks To Cake – 

This blog is on a mission to better people’s lives with simple yet effective tips to rebuild your body and make improvements in your life.

Making people happy to live a sound life is what motivates the blogger to write articles and post expert opinions on the blog. This fitness hub is a must-visit for people who want to experience the best in their lives.

Weight Loss Guider –

This blog has the spot-on ambiance to start your daily fitness exercise with its online tutorials which are available 24*7 free of cost that is without any subscription. The conferences and professional interviews it occasionally arranges where all fitness-related topics are discussed inspire the readers to enhance their potential.

An individual can create a blog for a number of reasons such as chatting, interacting with friends through pictures, collecting opinions, and the most important is writing.

Just like some major brands, people are most attracted to blogs are through their names. The blog name should be catchy, unique, and cute, depending on your subject. If you are searching for an appropriate name for your blog, we have mentioned some very creative names for you.

Catchy Weight Loss blog names for your Inspiration





































If you are having trouble changing your current habits, these top Words of Encouragement for Weight Loss will come in handy, and you will be able to attain your goal weight in no time.
























Weight gain makes you feel uncomfortable and can harm your health. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity rates have risen quickly in recent years.

Weight gain can lead to a number of hazardous health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and a few types of cancers.

If you’re in need of some new weight loss slogans then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Check out the best Amazing Weight Loss Slogans and Sayings.

Top Weight Loss Pages Names

There are many methods one can adopt to lose weight and the most relevant methods are limiting the calorie intake and burning extra calories with exercise.

There are some really good diets to follow which really can improve your health. With all these in hand, we might miss some basic yet essential things which impact our weight loss journey.

To know more about weight loss and diet, we have a digital world that can tell you more than a doctor might not advise.

weight loss blogs and pages names

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