601+ Best Wellness Blogs and Pages Names

The one who is happy at the workplace can overcome the challenges and stress he might have at work. We should take time out of our busy schedules to make a way for wellness.

The blogs teach us how to get started with wellness at family, work, school, or in society. Blogging is a profession through which an individual can earn a handsome income which is why blogging has become popular these days.

 Top 15 Wellness Blogs of the World

Bites of Wellness – The founder of this blog happens to be Samantha Rowland who is a nutrition instructor, personal trainer, and fitness chef. The blog consists of recipes for people with different diets like low carb, gluten-free, and dairy-free. The blog likewise talks about weight loss and the various ways to achieve it. 

Health Magazine – This blog’s nutrition segment provides nutritionist-researched posts on diets as well as nutrition trends. Here you will come across the drawbacks and advantages of various diets, as well as healthy eating tips. 

Mindbodygreen – This blog offers resources for virtually everything including fitness, nutrition, relationships, and tension. It helps to revitalize the ways in which people move, eat, and live. Here you will find everything on wellness such as interesting posts, recipes, and tips.

 The Balanced Life with Robin Long – Being a mother of 4 kids and also a fitness expert, Robin Long provides different types of barre workouts and free Pilates which will aid the busy females to perform exercises at their own residences. However, this blog offers much more than exercise videos. You will come across a supportive membership community too. 

Sonima – Apart from being fantastically designed, this wellness blog features lots of resources and posts on yoga, food, and mindful existence. Go through the blog for reading intelligent ways of making use of your meal leftovers or for learning about yoga sessions at your own house. Sonima will help to attain mental and physical freedom too. 

NPR Shots – NPR’s health news division will help you to know the condition of healthcare around the globe and across the country. The blog will also provide you with information on virtually everything including public health concerns, epidemics, and the most recent news regarding the insurance industry.  

Furthermore by Equinox – This blog will keep you informed on crisp and attractive design and also lots of useful conversations on wellness and fitness. According to the people of Equinox, the body happens to be the ultimate investment and for this reason, they help you to get to your healthy living objectives.  

Mentality WOD – As per the creators of this blog one’s mentality is actually made up of his beliefs, feelings, and attitudes. The site emphasizes on promoting healthy existence by getting the better of stress and pressure while comprehending and overcoming one’s anxieties and fears as well. 

Yahoo Health – Yahoo Health features lots of posts on almost every topic regarding every dimension of health. Besides publishing guidelines on fitness and eating, the blog also provides articles on intellectual health, relational health, and other interesting topics. In a nutshell, it can be considered to be the go-to-blog on healthy existence. 

Well by the New York Times – This blog comprises writers from all parts of the globe who write all types of articles regarding healthy existing. Some examples of the articles here are “Is it possible to become fit despite getting fat?” and “Transforming your mobile gadget into a breathalyzer”. The wellness blog likewise provides “Ask” posts answering queries related to health. 

Life by DailyBurn – This wellness blog provides a hearty dosage of interesting recipes, posts on gadgets, and gear for healthy existing as well as lifestyle guidance on virtually everything including mental health and slumber. This site is ideal for you if you would like to make some small changes for enhancing your general wellness. 

Everyday Health – This blog is concerned about everything related to health. The in-depth site is a fantastic resource for a wide array of illnesses and symptoms. It likewise provides posts on emotional as well as psychological wellbeing. You will also come across health tools such as meal planner, diabetes journals, and symptom checkers right here. 

Fitting It All In – This wellness blog was started by Clare who had been recuperating from an eating malady. She focuses on getting rid of the stigmas regarding mental health and eating disorders. The blogger likewise intends to promote healthy living as well as recovery for all those having unwholesome self-esteem and body image.  

Healthy Living by HuffPost – You must have heard about the Huffington Post and this blog belongs to them. The articles cover guidelines for your wellness and health in every possible area. They likewise provide useful suggestions on helping your family and friends to attain a healthy lifestyle. This site is ideal for you if you like intellectual wellness topics.  

Yoga with Adriene – This wellness blog will come of use to you if you want to take advantage of yoga as part of your wellness strategy. It provides you with lots of videos on yoga at different intensities, and individuals at all levels will be able to come across something useful for them.

Blogs are web pages created for sharing an individual’s opinion. Unlike a website, a blog allows readers to comment on the articles they read. Many businesses have also adopted the concept of blogs in their marketing strategy.

Blogs can be the best online marketing tool for businesses. A blog name is as important as its contents since both of these has the power of attracting more readers to the blog.

Ingenius wellness blog names

Life Gym

Sport Body

Doctor Run

Lifestyle Body

Life Doctor

Healthful Med

Sport Scan

Doctor Carrot

Yoga Rejuvenating

Wholistic Patient

Welfare Apple

Bio Patient

Lifestyle Tree

Fitness Vital

Sport Fitness

Green Spring

Bio Fit

Doctor Diet

Ayurveda Med

Pure Salad

Med Patient

Sports Strong

Lifestyle Gym

Sports Strong

Doctor Nurse

Pure Hospital

Nutrition Life

Yoga Recover

Holistic Bio

Yoga Nutrition

Sport Energy

Life Cabbage

Health Healthy

Sports Remedy

Doctor Grape

Spa Healthier

Healthful Strong

Holistic Patient

Healthful Skinny

Sports Beauty

Sports Heart

Spa Clinic

Holistic Bio

Comfort Beauty

Life Clinical

Ayurveda Beauty

Lifestyle Treat

Ayurveda Healthful

Lifestyle Herbal

Med Active

Doctor Exercises

Welfare Herbal

Life Sport

Ayurveda Fit

Welfare Trainer

Wholistic Strong

These days, the importance of wellness is understood by many people. Wellness can affect an individual physically, mentally, and emotionally. Family wellness is always important as the family has to get a healthy connection between them and build a creative life together.

Top Wellness Pages Names

Wellness is not only about physical or mental. The healthy relationships at school, at work, in society, and in the family. Most of people understand the concept of wellness but do not know how to get started with it.

-Wellness Wizard

-Happiness Hub 

-Nutrition Niche 

-Fitness Fluency

-Health Heritage


-Mind Is The Muse

-Recreational Recipe 

-Workout Wonders

-Pilates Platform

-Sports Sense

-Yoga Intentions

-Insurance Interaction

-Lifestyle Legacy

-The Psychology Project

-Body Image Buzz 

-Self-esteem Showcase 

-Meditation Medicine

-Doctor Drama

-Wake Up To Welfare

-Vitals Virtue

-Ayurveda Ambience

-Gym Genius

-Holistic Hippie 

-Exercise Environment 

-Nature Notion 

-Relaxation Realm 

-Preach Peace

-Organic Only

-Adrenaline Academy

-Wellness Wisdom

-Happiness Hacks 

-Nutrition Network

-Fitness Formula

-Health Headquarters

-Diets Discussion

-Mystery Of Mind

-Recreational Reflex 

-Words Of Workout

-Pilates Profile

-Sports Segment

-Yoga Information

-Insurance Intelligence

-Lifestyle Lenses

-Psychology Program

-Body image Bliss 

-Meditation Muscle

-Your Daily Doctor

-Share The Self-esteem

-Welfare Wisdom

-Virtual Vitals 

-Ayurveda Abstract

-Gym Grid 

-Holistic Approach

-Exercise Ease 

-Nature Niche

-The Relaxation Ratio

-Peace Platform

-Organic Options

-Adrenaline Ambience

-Wellness Website

-Happiness Harmony

-Nutrition Noise

-Fitness Fable

-Health Harvest

-Diets Directory

-Maze Of Mind 

-Recreation Reference

-Wise Workout

-Pilates Program

-Sports Spotlight

-Yoga Imagination

-Insurance Improvement

-Lifestyle Liberty

-Psychology Perception

-Body Image Blues 

-Meditation Melody

-The Self-esteem Sauce

-The Doctor Drill 

-Welfare Ways 

-Vitals Vision

-Absolute Ayurveda 

-Gym Genie 

-Holistic Hype 

-Exercise Elixir 

-Native Nature

-Relaxation Reservation

-Peace Playground

-Organic Organization

-Adrenaline Articles

-A Wellness Blog

-Happiness Handbook

-Nutrition Notes 

-Fitness Tips 

-Healthy Hippie

-Diets Discovery

-More About Mind 

-Recreational Radiation

-Workout Wrap-up

-Pilates Pigments

-Sports Specialist

-Yoga Obsessed

-Insurance Ideas 

-Lifestyle Leisure 

-Psychology Picture 

-Body Image Improvement

-Self-esteem Secrets

-Meditation Mojo 

-Doctor Details

-Welfare Wishlist

-Vitals Venture

-Ayurveda Alpha 

-Gym Gen 

-Holistic Halo 

-Exercise Executive

-Nature Narration

-Relaxation Remedy

-Peace Profile

-Organic Orbit

-Adrenaline Anatomy

-Wellness Weekly

-Here For Happiness

-Nutrition Notion

-Fitness Tricks

-Healthy Habits

-Diets Desire

-Mind Masters

-Recreation Remedy

-Workout Website

-Pilates Playground

-Sports Spirit

-Yoga Alliance

-Insurance Insights

-Layers Of Lifestyle

-Psychology Pals 

-Body Image Baseline

-Mostly About Meditation

-Self-esteem Session

-Doctor Delight

-Welfare Wagon

-Vitals Voyage

-Ayurveda Alliance

-Going To The Gym 

-Holistic Harmony

-Exercise Esteem

-Nature Navigation

-Relaxation Recovery

-Peace Project

-Organic Outlook

-Adrenaline Alchemy

-Wellness Wonders

-Happiness Hoarder

-Notice The Nutrition

-Fitness Finder

-Holistic Health

-Diets Den

-Minds Marvel 

-Recreational Realm 

-Workout Wizard

-Pilates Playground

-Sports Structure

-Yoga Online

-Insurance Information

-Lifestyle Lab 

-Psychology Planet

-Body Image Aesthetic

-Self-esteem Soldiers

-Meditation Muse 

-Doctor Department

-Welfare Weekend

-Viral Vitals 

-Anytime Ayurveda

-Our Gym Group

-Holistic Habitat

-Exercise Eclipse

-Nature Nexus

-Related To Relaxation

-Peace Platform

-Organic Outlet

-All Day Adrenaline

-Winds Of Wellness

-Highlights Of Happiness

-Nutrition Nomad

-Fitness Faction

-Health Habitat

-Dietary Doses 

-Mindful Motion

-Recreational Rhythm

-Workout Wisdom

-Pilates Pleasures

-Sports Survey

-Yoga Alley 

-Livin’ The Lifestyle

-Psychology Plans 

-Body Image Approach

-Self-esteem Shelter

-Meditation Magazine

-Doctor Development

-Welfare Website

-Vital Viewpoint

-Ayurveda Announcement

-Gym Guru 

-Holistic Horizon

-Exercise Era 

-Nature Is Necessary

-Rest N Relax 

-The Peace Palette

-Adrenaline Acknowledgement

-Into The Wellness Web

-Happiness Haven 

-Nutrition Nursery

-Fitness Fever

-Health Hotspot

-Diets Daily

-The Mind Machine

-Recreational Region

-Workout Wellness

-Pro Pilates

-Sports Smarts 

-Into The Insurance Industry

-Learn About Lifestyle 

-Psychology Portal

-Body Image Abstract

-Self-esteem Stories

-Meditation Momentum

-Doctor Daily

-Welfare Weekly

-Vitals Values 

-Ayurveda Aura 

-Grinding In The Gym 

-Holistic Habits 

-Exercise Evolution

-Noble Nature

-Relaxation Report

-Peace Principle

-Organic Odyssey


-Happiness Hunt

-Nutrition Nerd 

-Health Hurdles 

-Dreams Of Diets

-Matters Of Mind

-Recreation Reason

-Workout Wanderers

-Pilates Pixels

-Lifestyle Logic

-Published Psychology

-The Self-esteem Sage 

-Nature Nomad

-Body Image Beliefs

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