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101+ Breakups WhatsApp Status and Messages

When a relationship comes to an end, it takes away with it all the comfort and love that a person was habituated with.

Breakups are part of life with the ever-changing and dynamic nature of modern relationships. Here are some of the amazing WhatsApp statuses for breakups- 

Emotional WhatsApp statuses for Breakups 

-I planned my life ahead with you and this breakup shuts me down now. 

-When you are in love, you always fear breakups. And when in a breakup, you fear to love! 

-All I ever wanted to do was hold her hand and dance but now she’s away and I can’t have her anymore. 

-When the heart is bleeding without any surgery on it, know that it is a breakup

-Breakups are tough but no one ever said anything related to love was going to be easy!  

-The most joyful face can turn as dead as ashes of ruin in a breakup 

-Love comes with no disclaimer or else every person would have tried to avoid breakups by following the guide

-Your breakup is not a result of your mistakes, it is your partner’s biggest loss in life!

-In this world, the most painful event is a breakup. Not always with a partner but it can be also with your parents too!

-When I lost her in love, I was broken. Breakups break even the calmest person alive.

-I found the lost stars in her eyes but now she ain’t with me and the stars are all gone forever. 

-The passion of love is what turns into the pain of love when breakups surface in a relationships 

-Love will make you happy but also be prepared for the worst because breakups are also a part of love. 

-In life, the most disturbing feeling is when someone breaks up without giving a closure 

-Every living being should focus on building their relationships better, there is no point regretting after a breakup. 

-Make your relationship worthy today before you or your partner breaks up tomorrow! 

-Not every love in this world is set to finish the line but that doesn’t mean the love was any less! 

-Breakup caused me to attempt suicide because the only place where maybe I can reunite with her is heaven. 

-Let the emotional toll of a breakup not blind your efforts to win your love back! It isn’t late, go get her/him! 

-Breakups? I call it ending a habit because when in a relationship, your partner soon becomes a habit of yours that is hard to live without. 

-When life tosses a breakup at you, fight it back with twice the love! 

-Tears do not see stopping since the time I started living this life without you, my love. 

-I never realized I was so addicted to you unless you broke up with me. 

-Love is addiction and breakup is DE-addiction! 

-The world falls in love but only lucky ones get married to their love while the rest break up and become strangers 

-It was a week back that I couldn’t think of a morning without you and now we are strangers. #breakupsucks 

-So it is proved that when love ends, it only leaves us with grieve and nothing else.

Positive whatsapp statuses for breakup

-The past is in the past and the future awaits you to step out and create magic again! 

-The one who left was never meant to stay. 

-If you are still crying about your breakup, head out and see that the other person is already out on dates! 

-You were dumped as your partner wanted to make you sad and disturbed. Be happy and motivated, it will defeat his/her purpose while you win! 

-Your past doesn’t define you, act for a better future and make better relationships that last till the end 

-Next time I am in a relationship, I will be dating only for marriage 

-Sorry I just had a breakup and I am now only in love with beer! 

-Your past relationship was never meant to work and that is why it is in the “past”

-Do not compromise and be an option to someone whom you treated as your priority 

-Now that you are single again, chase your crush! Maybe you had the breakup for something good to come 😉

-The worst feeling is when you see your loved one with someone else after a breakup. But, it doesn’t feel that bad if you are with someone else too 😀

-Move on, she already did! 

-Hold back your pain and focus on your next! Crying on your ex is a waste of time! #breakuplessons

-What’s gone is gone forever and was never meant to stay! Accept and move on. 

-Breakups happen, it is no big deal! Imagine the grief of losing your parents that would be real sadness! 

-Of all the hardships in the world, you choose a breakup to make you cry? Your tears need a better reason to come out! 

-Now that you have broken up, you can live your life the way you want rather than the way your partner wanted to shape it!

-Good things happen in life just after pain! Use the pain from this breakup to rise and shine even brighter

-A breakup cannot pull you down! After all, you weren’t in love with her since you were born! A new “she” will come, go search for it!  

-Please note- Break up is not the end of life, it is rather the beginning of a fresh one! 

-While a breakup might really hurt, absorb the pain rather than begging your partner to come back! Self-respect matters!

-Wear a beautiful smile on your lips and let the world not know what emotions you are going through! 

-A painful breakup is better than being in a fake or one-sided relationship! 

-Burn the sad memories and flush them out of your life! 

-The world told me I was too good for you, I never believed and now I am paying the price as you left me midway! 

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