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101+ Love WhatsApp Status and Messages

When we speak about LOVE, it is undoubtedly the most powerful feeling in this world.

Love makes you smile, cry, and whatnot! Here are some of the best WhatsApp statuses for you- 

Emotional WhatsApp status for/on love 

-When life soars high, the only anchor we need to stay rooted is known as “love”

-I am in love and I haven’t felt anything like this ever before in my life! 

-Is this love? The magical feeling which beats all forms of motivation in this world

-Not always we as human beings have control over our lives. Could you resist falling in love? 

-When life takes a beautiful curve, get ready to witness love at the next intersection! 

-My heart beats with the oxygen of love I get from my partner 

-If trees give you a reason to breathe, love gives you 100 reasons to live!

-Even the toughest guy on earth has some time or the other fallen in love 

-The vaguest description of love is modern relationships! Nothing can beat love from your parents and that is what we call true love!  

-In life whenever there are tough situations, the only mood booster is a dose of love from the one person you can die for!

-When your heart beats for the sight of that one person, realize the fact that you are in love!

-Love is beautiful and the only thing you would need is a beautiful mindset to live with love forever 

-Not every love story witnesses the end but I can never forget the memories she left with me 

-Love gives me happiness and so does money. The only difference being money will be useless someday but love never will

-When the world stands against me, all I have ever wanted is the hand of the person who loves me the most

-Not every person is lucky to loved back by the person they fall in love with 

-Life without love is like a road without direction and milestones 

-Each day I pray to God that someday I shall meet the love of my life and I hope God keeps giving me hints that she is the one! 

-The only definition of love is when a person doesn’t give up on his/her partner no matter what! 

-I don’t want to top her list of lovers, rather I want to be the only one on that list forever and after!

-Silence strikes like sound to the heart when love is in the air 

-The sky is pink and clouds are blue, do you know that I love you! 

-When in love, we never count the days, rather we cherish the moments that make us who we are! 

-Someone asked me what is the most satisfying thing ever? I answered- being loved back by the person I love. 

-When love happens, every other emotion seems distant and our mind tricks us into happiness 

-In the end, nothing else matters and love is all that everyone needs to be alive 

-The only happy relation that a man can have is that of love, everything else has subtle layers and masks

-Love should never be a cure for loneliness! Let love be real this time and not an excuse to ward off loneliness 

-All the hurdles in life feel smaller when you have the power of love backing you up! 

-Love has the power to drive the greatest distance and move the biggest mountain. Try it, please!

-Is forever a synonym to love? I see a forever in you!

-A man can push himself to the limits if only love fuels him in the journey!

-Of all the dreams, falling in true love still remains one of those that hardly come true for all.

-When in love, you finally understand that the different colors of life 

-For me, love is the discovery of the self with an explorer whom we call soul mate! 

-It doesn’t matter how long you have been in love, all that matters is holding on to it till your last breath. 

Funny WhatsApp status for/on love 

-Love is like an influenza disease. It will never give you warnings and boom you are in love!

-I am so sorry all my plans for the future are now in the backseat cos I am in LOVE! 

-I love you more than chocolate and pancakes! And I am not lying 

-Let there be love. I am here and hence I don’t care!

-The toughest days are when I fall in love with some and they do not love me back! 

-I am more confident about interviews than love proposals 

-Being rejected in love has its own advantage! You can try for the next without any guilt!

-All the good things in life happen with those who haven’t yet fallen in love!  

-Pairs are made in heavens people say but in my case, it doesn’t seem like anybody was even made.

-Not letting go of your love is one mistake you are doing! Let it go and try out the next! 

-”Your next is my ex” – this happens to be the modern interpretation of love!

-No matter what, I am yours. Take it or take it, no option! 

-When the best of your choices falter, it is time to understand that love is not your game! 

-I was in love and now I am not in love but I am in freedom! 

-I never planned love and still, I got you! This shows that planning sucks!

-In love, I would shave my beard if she wants it that way.

-The color pink has many shades and did you know it yet? If not, then you haven’t fallen in love yet!

-In love, nights are always better than the mornings! 

-70% of men cheat in love in America. The rest cheat in Asia 😀

-The cake of love only gets better when served with the icing of romance 

-Involving in PDA? Well, love is blind but the people around aren’t so keep your hands to yourself, Mister! 

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