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125+ Sad WhatsApp Statuses and Messages

Life is not about all laughter and sunshine. Sometimes frowns and raindrops dominate our life.

Joy and sadness are two aspects of the same coin. Here are some sad statuses to share on WhatsApp.

Heart-breaking WhatsApp Statuses For Sad

-In the final analysis, you don’t miss people, but memories. 

-If I could get something to conceal the paleness of the pain that you have made me go through. 

-Submerged in darkness, bound in pain. 

-Afraid of falling in love. 

-I believe that broken glass will bring you a lot of harm, just like a broken heart. 

-The worst thing is that time will pass forever, but the pain it brings is eternal. 

-Sometimes, you are always waiting for the perfect day and everything will be fine. 

-It is difficult let it sink we are now in the past. 

-The world of may have ended, but somewhere in my heart, there is still a feeling called love. 

-His life became too fragile and there was no happiness. I believe my heart wants love, and the desire for love is. 

-I just want your trust. 

-You just broke my trust in true love. 

-I hope we can hold on for longer. 

-I hope it always means the similar way to you as it does to me. 

-Since my heart has been shattered by shrapnel, it may hurt to get close. 

-Out of control of emotions, full of sadness. 

-I can no longer be friends with you, no longer pay attention to you, but how can I stop loving you? 

-Winter ends with hope, and in autumn, my hope also withers like fallen leaves. 

-I dream of eternity, but I believe he has a different vision 

-In order not to hurt himself, he began to live alone 

-Every smile is behind A secret 

-We all have our sorrows, but my sorrow has left me 

-If you don’t have the feeling of respect, then hugging and kissing are not enough, then I allow you go and it doesn’t mean I want. 

-Many faces, many experiences, and all these will give you lessons to move forward. 

-I wish you had never gotten the chance to see this bad side of me

-Is an apology equal to the pain of taking away my happy soul? 

-Today, it will always be me. When they find a better person, a short period of time is over. 

-Did all the sparks that made us mad go out? 

-Once upon a time, she burned her heart for the one she loved. Later, her heart turned into a pile of ashes. 

-If I can get a mask to cover the paleness of the pain you have caused me. 

-Life is your boss, who makes you work hard but pays too little.

-In order not to hurt himself, he began to live alone. 

Best WhatsApp Statuses For Sad

-There is a secret behind every smile. 

– We all have our own experiences, but my experience has left me. 

-Just because I left you doesn’t mean I want to. 

-The only thing that separates me from perfect joyous reality. 

-If you don’t mind my absence, my existence is meaningless. 

-Afraid of falling in love. 

-I’m still waiting for someone who will never come. 

-Lower expectations, because you still don’t get too much. 

– Some scars are so deep that one cannot see it, but only feel it.

-Don’t leave me, because I cannot afford to let you go.  

-One day you will miss me, just like I miss you today. 

-Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they scream in your head. 

-When you meet a better person, today will end forever. 

-I am afraid of my devil, even in the dark. 

-Once opened it for the wrong person, and one day you will turn your heart to ashes. 

-Am I sad? Not really, but I feel very frustrated. 

-Because when I sleep, the feelings of sadness, anger and loneliness no longer exist. 

-Don’t cry when the sun goes down, because your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars. 

-Everyone will go through stages or something, right? 

-I believe it’s too much! Everything reaches my heart. 

-When memory is the memory you always want to forget, it is terrible. 

-Having suppressed the emotions for so long, have you ever cried? 

-I need to take a break from my thoughts. 

-I’m not good, but it doesn’t matter. 

-I am that forgotten friend. 

-Just because I’m good at handling my problems doesn’t mean I won’t feel overwhelmed. 

-Let tears fill your soul. 

-My only wish now is to fall asleep before breaking up. 

– I never want to give up anyone, but I have to give up when I am sad. 

-No, I don’t want to believe about it anymore. 

-No one cares anyway. 

-No one knows the emotional crisis I experienced when I was alone, everyone only knew the smile and laughter I showed them. 

-Not Broken just messed up everyone and everything I ever knew. 

-Pain is inevitable. In fact, just trying to avoid it is painful. 

-People come, people go. After all, only you. 

-Pretend to be happy, hoping that the motto “Do this until you get it” comes true. 

-Remember, pessimism is not a bad thing, people will disappoint you in time, and you will do the same. 

-Slowly, but surely, people are no longer approaching, and suddenly you are alone. 

-A man sobbed in the room, and then went out casually. 

-This is the cruelty of life! He often tries to destroy our dreams. 

-The only effective broken instrument is the heart. In 

incident, friends leave; in fact, life will not stop for anyone. 

-Whenever joy comes, anger comes with it. Since then, I have been afraid of happiness. 

-Isn’t it good to go back in time? We can erase all sad moments. However, all happy moments will disappear. 

-I miss the time when my smile is real. 

-If you are always lonely at first, you won’t feel lonely.

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