6 Reasons Why Choose Blue Colour in Your Logo

What color you prefer the most? In case you like to give the proper answer, you should choose blue.

Why Use Blue Colour in Your Logo

By far, blue happens to be the favorite color of America as per at least a couple of surveys. A survey was conducted on 1974 individuals by Philip Cohen, a University of Maryland sociologist, and it depicted that blue happens to be the favorite color for men as well as women. In fact, 42% of the men selected blue as their preferred color as compared to 25% for green which came second. Moreover, blue was favored by 29% females as compared to 27% who went for purple.

However, a survey conducted by Joe Hallock, an academic researcher, had more dramatic outcomes despite the fact that just 232 individuals took part. In this particular survey, blue had been the preferred color of 42% of the American respondents.


Important Statistics 

Purple and green got the second position at 14%. Similar to Cohen, it was found by Hallock that men had more affinity for blue as compared to women. In fact, 57% of the men selected blue as compared to 14% that selected green. While 35% of the females went for blue, 23% went for purple. (Interestingly, no men selected purple).

Blue likewise did not receive any vote in the “least favorite color” survey done by Hallock and emerged winners in all the 6 age groups out there. In fact, blue succeeded in winning 5 of the groups convincingly and managed to edge out green among individuals who were 18 years of age and younger.

As per a Forbes magazine article, the outcomes of these 2 above-mentioned surveys correspond with the previous surveys.

According to the article, blue happens to be the most common answer when individuals were asked regarding their favorite color. This might be because of the fact that when our predecessors use to observe blue – like a watering hole or the clear blue sky – it had been a good sign as per Augustin, a color psychology expert.


Why people prefer blue

In case you want to start a new business or own a small business, you might think why individuals like blue. It has been concluded by the social scientists that the behavior of individuals is often influenced by colors and the purchasing decisions of the customers are often influenced by logos.

It is a fact that red, yellow, orange, and green have meanings to many individuals. For example, red indicates love to numerous Americans out there. So, for what reason is blue so popular at present?

  • Blue is related to the ocean and the sky both of which evoke sensations of security and tranquility. 
  • As an integral part of his survey, Hallock inquired individuals which shade best represents reliability, high quality, inexpensive, speed, trust, courage, security, loneliness, disease, fear, high-technology, and fun. While blue received the maximum number of votes for reliability, security, and trust, it finished in the number 2 position for high-technology and high-quality.
  • In one notable magazine article, the Color Emotion Guide corresponds the color blue with dependability, strength, and trust. One more article reports that the color blue is actually perceived as fiscally responsible, dependable, trustworthy, serene, and secure. 
  • And another article from a famous magazine reports that blue is usually related to the coolness of the sky and the sea. It also helps to lower blood pressure and calm our senses. Blue likewise stimulates the sensations of security, trust, cleanliness, and order.


Blue happens to be an immensely popular logo color at present. The blue logos include the following:

  • Dell
  • Lowe’s
  • American Express
  • Ford
  • IBM
  • Facebook
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Skype
  • Oreo
  • Walmart
  • PayPal
  • Oral-B
  • Pepsi

Businesses having a blue logo often make an attempt to express that they have attributes which correspond with individuals’ perceptions of blue which includes trustworthiness and dependability. In fact, Dell, Boeing, General Electric, General Motors, Intel and Ford are being listed as reliable. Many of these businesses are operating for quite some time.

Bank of America, American Express, Visa, Chase Bank, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are using blue in their logos for helping to instill faith in the minds of their customers.

The color blue likewise conveys the feelings of tranquility and serenity, and therefore, the dental practitioners plus dental products often make use of blue logos for calming the nerves of their patients.


Is the color blue for you?

Although blue logos might be quite popular at present, it does not indicate that a blue logo is appropriate for your company.

  • One cannot deny the fact that blue happens to be a “cool” color. Many companies should choose warm shades like red, yellow, and orange since these colors induce individuals to make impulse purchases while the cool colors help to comfort and relax individuals. In case you would like to establish long-term connections with clients which is more contingent on high quality and trust, then you should go for a blue logo.

According to one article published by a notable magazine, the color blue is employed by different companies which are related to finance, software, government, financial institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry. 

It will be imperative for you to go for a blue logo in case you happen to be in the financial services industry. It has been found that 8 of 10 bank logos which perform the task of convincing individuals for entrusting them with their fiscal future have blue logos. In fact, Aflac, Prudential, Bank of America, Liberty Mutual, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Barclay’s, as well as Wachovia probably have information, which depicts that their blue logos do work.

Summing Up

A blue logo might be useful for you in case you happen to be in financial services. In a nutshell, the blue color will be able to create a sense of trust and security in your business.

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