Why You Need a Facebook Page for Your Small Business

With minimum cost and better customer relationship management, facebook groups and pages have opened a new door of possibilities and business operations. Here we narrates the benefits of having facebook page including video and Infographic to know more about it.

The need for modern technology and digital amenities in the latest business environment doesn’t require any introduction. Social media and the online broadcasting system has emerged throughout the world and updated the entire business process. Facebook is the biggest social media with billions of active users worldwide. Some features of this very media have introduced a new ground for business promotion and marketing. Facebook page is that kind of feature which has enabled us to make business operations easier and make brand image well.

Here we are going to discuss some key points that will illustrate the need for the Facebook page for your small business.


#High exposure to the audience

For marketing, businesses spend hundreds of dollars behind different tactics and to gain extra publicity. Facebook is such a platform where you already have millions of people available to get the publicity. Having a Facebook page will create a virtual identity and digital marketing will be more feasible than ever.

With the page, a marketer can achieve high attention of the people and that page is customizable also. According to business nature, every Facebook page is customizable from which people can get an initial idea about the business.


#Basic information

As a small business owner, you will always cherish to have known value and extra care from the customers. As many people don’t know about your business, they will not buy your products or services. For this, your Facebook page can play a vital role here. In the description box of pages, you can put small brief of your offerings and products that are available to the people.

Keeping all the product list is also available in the recent update where you can literally set a virtual shop from which customers can order directly. Your office address, order procedure, contact information, mail ID etc. are easily visible to the visitors with the help of page description area.


#Lead generation

Leads are those things that will establish long term relationship with customers and have them attached to the company most of the time. People often are seen to crave for likes in their Facebook pages, but having a huge amount of likes isn’t the proper marketing material. If they don’t interact with the page regularly or they don’t get notified with the offerings there will be no practical benefit of having thousands of likes. So, there should be a backup plan for unwanted situations.

For example, if Facebook removes this type of feature from their service like having mass gatherings in one place it will be disastrous for the marketer. So, you can collect their mail id from them. Collected mail will help you to keep constant communication with them offering them new products and informing them about the latest discounts.


#Business location

As a small business, you don’t have great exposure among the public. So, they don’t have your retail or office address. You can simply add your mailing address and location on the facebook page for the convenience. Besides that, in the latest updates, it is possible to provide a map location in the direction section of the profile area. Which will be helpful for the audiences or customers to visit the store easily.


#Strong customer relationship

The Facebook group will help business to interact more swiftly with the customers in an effective manner. Connection creates reliability and dependency. Constant communication with the facebook page will not only make customers loyal but it will also give them assurance of being cared. Your page design and organized manner will attract them more and they will eventually tell others about your business, which is a great word-of-mouth procedure.

Business marketing in free of cost. They will bring more customers to your business and your business will see a long way of the journey. Say, any person buys a product from your company and post it with an image sharing a photo of the product. Friends of that person will see that post in the timeline which will be a free marketing and effective at the same time.


#Showcase your business

Facebook is not only a medium of communication but you can even share your product lineup in the page. Take some good shots of your product and add some text around it accordingly specifying the product benefit and uniqueness. People will get to see the product you are offering with images and sometimes with videos. It is a great way to uphold our beloved business and its products.

For reference, you can simply visit any running business to take a look at the promotional strategies of them. You can learn how to post images and give the idea of the product by showing images.


#Marketing cost at lowest

Big organizations spend millions of dollars from the marketing department only to get high exposure in the market. Both offline and online marketing tools are used by them. But as a small company, you have to be a bit careful at the time of spending. Facebook page promotion and marketing is considered one of the least cost method for promotion.

In the page bost segment, you will get different choice according to your need. You can boost your posts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. And that pricing is not very expensive comparing to offline marketing. You can boost your page entirely on different packages or you can boost your posts individually. These features are well balanced for small businesses and cost effective also.



In offline or other social media, it is not possible to get on the screen of audiences easily. You can make banners and graphics written “sign-up” or “Register now” which will enable them to connect with your organization. Swiftly than ever. They will provide their mail address and their product of interest, which will give you leads for promoting your products as well business.

Call-to-action also implies the ability to provide company or business related information to the audiences. If they follow the procedure written in the banner they will get the perfect information they need regarding the business.


#Facebook ads

In recent times, Facebook has become a vital platform for small business owners to showcase and promote their activities to the mass people. Through Facebook ads, it is possible to promote your business on others timeline. With less spending, you will be able to showcase your product in mass peoples timeline and in messengers also.

Facebook page promotion is also al part of this thing. You can simply identify the region where you want to promote and other demographic information necessary. With the help of Facebook ads, your page post will get more reach which will eventually increase the number of traditional likes and comments number.


#Get to know your condition

Facebook has enabled stats based on daily or even on monthly basis. In the status report of the page, you will get to know the reach of individual posts and even of the whole page itself. Through which, it will be possible for you to get the idea of your current business position and compare it to the place you want to reach.

Attaining goals are now more easy with the stat report and make long term plans. After analyzing current and previous condition you can make both short and long term strategies about how your business is going to look in near future.


#Cultivate loyalty

Loyalty, goodwill etc. are some of the examples of organizational assets that take a long time to create and have a profound impact on the overall business operation. Active participation in the group conversation and regular interaction with the people attached to your business will definitely cultivate brand loyalty among them. Appointing a person on this job of interaction will not harm you and bring more potential customers towards your business.


To conclude, we can say that there are hundreds of possibilities that are driven towards to us only with help of digitalization and modern technologies. Facebook is a sign of modern technology and it opens broad space for innovation in marketing activities also. With minimum cost and better customer relationship management, facebook groups and pages have opened a new door of possibilities and business operations. It depends on us how we utilize these facilities of modern technology and bring greater success in our personal and professional life.


Social media is booming. So Having a page on Facebook is a great way to connect with Customers. here is the useful Infographic which gives you ideas about how to viral the Content. Read Below

viral your facebook business page

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