Women Entrepreneurs in USA? Are they Exist?

Every business has always been a vital part of our country’s economy. The More business means more growth, Increase in Employment etc. but the matter of Discussion is the Contribution of Women in Business. How many businesses are managed and Founded by the women? Should be Identify.

In Many ways, Women have been proved their themselves in everything.Women are constantly achieving their dreams of owning and running their own corporations. This infographic celebrates the successes of female entrepreneurs.

As per some statistical data, There are estimated that 9 million companies are owned by females. These businesses account for nearly 30% of companies world-wide. You might be aware of the Journey of Indira Nooyi, The CEO pepsico, and now appointed as an independent First director of ICC. Women’s are flying and proving their knowledge in every corner of Business. As per Survey, Over last 15 years, There is spark growth in Woman Owned Business not in America but almost every Developing Countries.

Females are breaking through in the entrepreneurial world with great ideas and thriving businesses. As per Another survey, they found that almost 15.5 Percent Start up have woman Founder in the list.There are many companies out there who are run by female CEOs. One of the most popular companies run by one of these females is Forever 21.

let’s see the Statistics of Women Entrepreneurs

women entrepreneurs statistics

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