25 Best WordPress Themes That Are Perfect For Your Small Business

Every small business needs a website for plenty of reasons, more than you can think of on top of your mind. 

  • To build an online presence 
  • To sell your products online 
  • Transforming your physical store to an online store 
  • Adapting to multiple selling points 
  • Having a business portfolio online 
  • To share information about your company 
  • For marketing purposes 
  • To create landing pages for advertising and product information 
  • For B2B purposes 
  • To demonstrate your products or services 
  • Selling your services online 
  • To get more funding and opportunities 

And just so much more. A lot of these reasons are inter-dependents and actually a feature of having a website online for your small business. 

Small businesses are expanding their presence online and adapting to the huge shift after the internet. 

You need to sell where the people are, and well, they are all on the internet. 

So it makes sense to adapt internet presence to the prime marketing strategy even of the most offline kind of business you have ever seen. 

And, there are businesses who are starting with the website at the very beginning only. 

best wordpress themes for small business

There was a time when creating a website was a task of expert web designers and has to be something very unknown and inaccessible. 

Now, it’s so easy that an average joe can make a website within a few clicks, surely that’s not how you would want it for your business. 

That’s why various WordPress came into the picture, making the balance of quality web design and the ease of use so obvious for businesses aspiring to create a website. 

With WordPress, themes are the sure-shot way to get the best designs and visual aspects of a website without any knowledge of coding or design. 


Image Source: aThemes

Divi is one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes, a flagship product when it comes to website building and design. 

You can choose Divi for one of its best features as allowing you full control of your website, and you can customize every piece of it even without knowing anything about design or code. 

One of the highlights that make Divi a popular choice amongst small businesses is offering their built-in drag and drop builder, so you can make any website layout according to your business. 

Image Source: Elegant Themes

Divi offers such an extensive range of features and tools to build the website, that whenever you want to grow your businesses, you can also increase the level of your website design as well. 

There are different modules you will get with the Divi builder tool. Each of these modules is to be inserted into your web pages making your website more responsive and functioning. 

These modules can be an action button, testimonials, sliders, image gallery, pricing tables, animated counters and so much more. 

Everything you need to build a professional website is there without spending any money on web designing or coding. 


Full customization 

Robust and functioning visual drag and drop

Website builder

Split testing 

Easy portability 

20 pre-built templates and layouts 

Save custom layouts 


Image Source: RM

TheFox offers you the highest level of flexibility in the design that you can create without any complications of coding. 

It allows you to create almost any kind of website you want to, and that too from scratch. The theme also offers all these pre-built demo configurations to use as a base for your website for further customization. 

Also, this is one of the best themes for the business who want to use WordPress for their content management system. 

They also offer demos that are website friendly with multiple arrays of tools and features to add more customizable changes to it. 

Image Source: ThemeForest

Apart from its demos, it also offers landing page options as well. So this works great for businesses who want to sell their product through paid advertisement. 

These landing pages are great to communicate your messages to your target customers and they can also work as product pages as part of the sales funnel. 

TheFox also has page builder integrated into their theme to make the customization easy and faster without any coding or complicated design wor


Image Source: DWB

X gives such a good competition to Divi when it comes to the wide range of features, tools, and level of flexibility this theme is offering to website owners. 

You get the page builder tool to build your small business page whether you want it to be for an online presence, selling your branded products, merchandise, or even for e-commerce. 

This page builder isn’t some usual web page builder you see around but the cornerstone wordpress page building. 

That means it allows you to create a custom layout for your website, save it and even use it as a template for other web pages or websites too. 

Image Source: aThemes

Easy to preview while you are building your website with all different sets of tools and features available. 

They have their own collection of unique designs that you won’t see with other theme developers. 

One of the best parts about theme X is they keep updating it with some new features and adapting the website design trends, incorporating them into their plugins, tools, and design features. 


Image Source: AWb

Avada, to begin with, is the best-selling WordPress theme of all time that you can find at the ThemeForest marketplace. 

So, it comes with the high credibility to help your business grow with its highly customizable theme options. 

Avada is currently powering thousands of successful business websites helping them to gain customers and sell products. 

The best part about Avada that a lot of people who want to build a small business website feel concerned about, is not matching their website to another just because they are using the same theme. 

Image Source: Avada

But that’s not the case with Avada. 

You can actually see how websites can be so different from one another even if the same Avada theme has been used for both of them. 

It comes with plenty of pre-built demos and a wide range of customization tools such as visual page builder, control panel, and much more. 

They always update their theme over time, so you always find them improving their features, adding more, and upgrading. 

Basically, Avada is like the swiss army knife of wordpress themes with so many themes, layout, features, tools and so much more. 


Image Source: Philip Gledhill

This one is a child theme from the very known Genesis Framework, the Executive theme, one of the quiet professional and elite-looking websites for more corporate-structure businesses. 

Since it is a child theme, your website will appear to be a demo version of Executive after you installed it. 

But that’s what will make it faster and more efficient. You will see the website load quickly more than any other theme. 

So if you are looking forward to something faster, simple, and yet very aligned with your brand, Executive might be the best match here. 

Image Source: WPoutcast

You can definitely choose different colors for the website to select the color scheme of your brand, and with your company logo in it, the theme gets adapted to your brand image. 

It doesn’t bother you much with extreme changes in the pre-built formats or versions available, with some minor customization, the website starts looking like your company website only. 

This can be a great option if you do not want to complicate this process or don’t want to spend much time on it and want it for an online presence. 

However, do remember, the Genesis framework has a plethora of features to bring in whenever you need to redesign and remodel it. 


Image Source: Pn

Brooklyn is a perfect theme for any online seller or business owner who wants to start promoting their products online.

The website offers you a series of high-quality images for presenting your product or services to your potential customers.  

It even can be about an upcoming event, a cause, or a particular product as well. In fact, you can add the infrastructure and workplace photographs on the website. 

Image Source: Topsder

There are 13 pre-built layouts you are getting with this theme where each of them comes with its own different configuration and style variations. 

You can go for the full-width background images, masonry grid layouts or slide shows of the images, whatever works for you. 

It’s really simple yet very powerful and easy for someone who knows less or even nothing at all about online web design or even a website. 


Image source: CSSIgniter

Business3ree focuses primarily to offer a wordpress theme to small business owners with a simplistic yet very striking visually compliant design with a decent set of features. 

If you are looking for an easy-to-customize pre-built wordpress theme for your small business with a bold home page and a great full-screen background image, this is as good as it gets. 

This is quite a sophisticated WordPress theme with the best homepage in terms of accessibility and display of content to your visitors. 

You get this popular long-form home page layout where potential customers or clients can easily get to know about your company in one scroll, from top to the bottom. 

Image Source: CSIgnifier 

The customization options with this theme are limited within the set of features available which is way enough for small businesses to get a great website. 

However, this might not be the right theme for businesses looking forward to get more creative and customized with their website. 

If you don’t like this particular layout, they offer different layout designs, homepage options, different pre-set web pages, just saving you tons of time. 

You do have the drag and drop functionality to make changes on your website and see it in real-time. 


    Image Source: WinningWp

OceanWp is again a credible and well-known theme brand that is incredibly fast, efficient, versatile with its design, and highly customizable. 

It empowers small businesses of the modern-day to brand their small business website in the most creative way without latching into limitations. 

Again, you don’t need to be technical or have great knowledge about website design or WordPress, to create an amazing website with OceanWp’s drag and drop builder tool. 

Image Source: CoralNodes

They also offer their pre-set themes with extreme flexibility of customization. 

OceanWp focuses on creating a website for professionals and businesses without compromising their brand message. 

It comes with features like :  

Fully responsive WordPress Theme 

Unlimited color schemes

High flexibility in customization

Image Sliders

Supports all known page builders

WooCommerce Integration

Custom Widgets 


There are 100 different demo versions or variations you are getting with theme Bridge, the kind of variety this offers will most likely convince you for some demo perfect for your business. 

Image Source: ThemeForest

Even a little customization can do wonders to these extremely well-built demo variations. You are most likely to find a relevant demo for yourself. 

You can easily test and customize these demos and see how it fits with your brand and usability of the website. 

Then, there is also a visual composer where you drag and drop the functions and elements of the website accordingly. 

It also offers various plugins to make your website, even more, facilitate for business purposes, and that too of all kinds. 

Image Source: Colorlib

Do check their commercial Layerslider plugin, a very popular content slider plugin to use for a WordPress website. 

Since these website demos are made to be for businesses, they are also easily compatible with eCommerce plugins of all kinds. 

You can always add product pages or sell your online products on the website with easy business transactions for customers. 

The bridge is also powered to help you create an e-commerce platform with full-fledged features you require to make it run. 

Syndey Pro 

Image Source: aTheme

Syndey Pro is a WordPress theme with tons of features, and a paid version of a popular free theme called Sydney. 

They offer you to build your websites with uncluttered structure, efficient visual designs, and parallax backgrounds. 

Image Source: aThemes 

If you really like your website to be a smooth experience while scrolling down with the menu not getting hidden at the top rather following the scroll at the top, this is to go for.

It is something you have seen and already impressed with many professional websites. This is called a sticky header, meaning the header won’t go away when you scroll down. 

There are just all the customization levels that you can find in their free version. You can control the color scheme of the website making it closer to your brand. 

Image Source: Youtube

There are tools to change the fonts from the Google Fonts and customizers to make visual changes to any aspect of the website. 

Sydney Pro is great for those small businesses who prefer more visual sleekness to their website and yet want to go for something simple and sophisticated. 

Or it can be also great for businesses looking for a more modernistic and urbanized appearance to their website. 

There are custom widgets available for most of the design elements that you can just simply drag and drop to the webpage for its placement. 


Image Source: ThemeForest

Javelin is a highly responsive, sleek, robust, and premium multi-purpose theme for startups and businesses.  

It is a platform for people to establish their online presence  for the business, product launches and other commerce-related activities. 

This website is also ideal for freelance businesses and self-employed people to sell their products or services around the world. 

It also offer shortcords and various widgets to make your website more capable to adapt marketplace features. 

You can add different widgets to increase the elements of your website that serve the purpose you need. 

Image Source: Shufflehound

For Exmaple, if you want to have a form where people can book consultation with you, there is a widget to use. 

The customization with this theme is easy and with some time spent on it, you become very used to the functioning. 

It also offers revolution sliders to create impeccable presentations and provide content in the most presentable way making the website more dynamic. 


Image Source: GetAwpTheme

This is one of the best multi-purpose themes that is predetermined to serve the purpose of small businesses creating their online presence with WordPress. 

Salient has been really popular amongst online business owners due to their regular upgrades and advancement in their tools over time. 

They are just constantly evolving, and that too resolving their prospects’ problem with the theme or any suggestions as well. 

The salient theme helped many businesses to grow the website they want without any hassle. 

When you look at their different range of demo versions, you can see how much flexibility and customization capability it offers to the business owners. 

This is the best WordPress theme you can get for your online business for any purposes or level you’re at. 


Entrepreneur is one of the best options for small businesses that are looking forward to creating a simple yet impactful website for their online booking and scheduling. 

Entrepreneur theme is really great with a plethora of features facilitating business owners to create a fully functional website as easiest as possible. 

The theme is made in mind conserving the business owners such as coaches, personal trainers, consultants, hair stylists, contractors and all other self-employed businesses. 

Image Source: MythemeShop

This can be a stepping stone to escalate your business online or grow if you already prvovind online services. 

You can get multi-purpose formats in their collection tailor-made for different professionals or categories. 

It is already so easy to just choose the particular business type and further customize accordingly saving you a lot of time. 

The features available with this theme are also focused to derive business or sales through your website. 

You get to put an online booking system, contact form, email newsletter, appointment checker and so much more. 

There are a wide range of page layouts to choose with visual building and changing features according to your requirement. 


Well, that’s quite direct with its name, but it is true with its conviction for building business websites. 

The theme Business is created by the MyThemeShop team focussing dedicatedly to grow your website from bottom to top. 

Image Source: WP

This is even perfect for small businesses that are just looking forward to put their business online just now. 

The theme is the best balance of simplicity and functionality, making a website with sections, pages, and tools to acquire customers. 

Making your website professional and branded, gives utmost confidence to your potential customer or client to invest in your or buy your product. 

More than that, the website templates and tools are helpful to design a website that provides the required information. 

You get all the usual options for customization such as changing the color scheme, fonts, menu, page layout, navigation, and much more.  


Image source: WTD

Bodega is unique in its approach with its 30 uniquely designed pre-built demo versions dedicated to suit different kinds of small businesses ranging from a coffee cafe to doctor consultation. 

Straight out of the box, Bodega impresses you with their pre-built versions that already seem to be very creative, suitable, and professional for certain types of businesses. 

Image Source: HooThemes

You can choose from these versions depending upon your business type. These are very attractive, in fact visually striking websites to really get impressed with. 

All you have to do is customize some aspect of it to make it look like your own brand. Changes include such as website name, color scheme, images, content, logo and with some smart web designing decisions, it looks more than the best of what you have imagined. 

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