151+ Annoying Words and phrases avoid to Say Husband

Business Communication Messages & Wishes 151+ Annoying Words and phrases avoid to Say Husband

151+ Annoying Words and phrases avoid to Say Husband

Husbands too need respect along with love and care from his wife. There are a few annoying words and phrases said by wives to their husbands that piss them off, you can do that by not saying certain words and phrases.    

some such annoying words and phrases for Husband to avoid are:-

-You don’t care about me!

-All you care about is you and nothing else!

-You don’t earn enough!  

-I should have never married you!

-You do nothing all day!

-Why should I take care of your family when you don’t take care of my family!

-I have not seen a lazy guy like you!

-Taking care of children is not just my responsibility!

-You have made my life miserable!

-You are a jerk!

-What a clumsy man you are!

-I am not here to fix your stuff!

-I am fed up with you!

-Go and arrange your cupboard, NOW!

-I should have married anyone but you!

-What an irresponsible man you are!

-Grow up!

-You are no more than a teenager who used to hang out with his buddies all the time!

-Shut up!

-I don’t need you!

-I don’t want to get involved in your family matter!

-I am not dependent on you!

-I don’t need your money!

-Who asked for your suggestions!

-Stop putting restrictions on me!

-You don’t love me anymore, do you?

-You are responsible for all that is happening in this house!

-You just create confusion and nothing more!

-Who are you to say that, my master?

-I am done with your crap!

-I don’t miss you!

-You irritate me!

-Your suggestions are whack!

-I don’t need your help!

-You got lucky after marrying me!

-Do you realize you have a wife waiting at home!

-I don’t want your friends at my home!

-Next time if you invite any of your colleagues at home, I am not gonna attend them!

-I hate being address as your wife!

-I can’t take your mom’s tantrums!

-I am not a housekeeper!

-I can’t live with you any longer!

-I will go crazy if I stay with you!

-Why don’t you cook yourself!

-I don’t want to hear about what all you did in the office!

-Keep your office work at the office, do not bring it at home!

– For others, you can manage tine but not for me!

-I don’t have time for you!

-I am busy!

-I have a life too!

-Your family has destroyed my life!

-I will not help this time!

-I trust you no more!

-You really think I am gonna believe you?

-You are a fool!

-I don’t think you can do it!

-You can’t do anything properly!

-I can’t always be there for you!

-That guy used to like me!

-You are annoying me!

-You can’t even take care of my needs!

-You are a shameless creature!

-You just pretend to be busy!

-I am busy!

-I can’t make a plan with you I already have plans with my friends!

-I don’t have time for your family!

-I am not going to your family to get together- they are really boring!

-What kind of guy you are?

-Your talks make no sense to me, to be honest!

-I don’t love you anymore!

-You are a selfish giant!

-You are self-obsessed!

-Stop checking my phone without my permission!

-God knows what you would do without me!

-I am not here to just solve your problems!

-You are of no use to me!

-What good do you to me?

-You are just filling space!

-I am good without you!

-I can do everything without you!

-Your existence does not matter to me!

-You are not a good husband!

-I could do better than you!

-I should have not settled for you!

-I have been managing all things on my own!

-You are never there for me!

-Stay out of my business!

-You are an arrogant man!

-When will you realize your responsibilities?

-You are not comfortable around me!

-Why don’t you introduce me to your friends?

-How can you be so careless!

-You never listen to what I say and then you regret later!

-You don’t understand me!

-I am better than you!

-You can’t stand to my expectations!

-You can’t wash your hands from your responsibilities!

-Accept your defeat!

-I am always right!

-I am more hardworking than you!

-I earn more than you!

-I am not happy with you!

-You can’t force me to do what I don’t want to!

-You are being over-possessive!

-I need space!

-You are not letting me grow!

-Stop forcing your decisions on me!

-I can’t live with you!

-Take care of your children!

-I am not a puppet on your hands!

-I am your wife, not your maid!

-Do your work on your own!

-You have a very narrow mind!

-You need some thinking work!

-I don’t have time for you!

-I am busy, I can’t talk now!

-Get out of my life!

-I lose my control when I am around you!

-I have lots of other work to do not just to manage your work!

-Do your laundry by yourself!

-I don’t want to see your files lying on the bed!

-Do not use my credit card!

-You are not as clever as me!

-Your friend is more good looking than you!

-I think we should take a break from each other!

-I can do much better without you!

-Why can’t you stay fit!

-Stop eating so much!

-Don’t come drunk at home!

-Stop wasting money on useless things!

-Stop playing games!

-Clean your closet!

-You never help me in the household work!

-At least check on your children’s studies!

-Stop bothering me!

-Let me do my work if you are not doing yours!

-This is my house!

-You have no role in my life!

-Why should I do that for you?

-Stop acting like you are a boss!

-Knock before you enter my room!

-I too work, not just you!

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