151+ Words for Women Empowerment

It’s high time women realize their purpose and goals in life! Women do not need others’ voices to demand their rights, all that they need is a bit of empowerment and pomp up to rule the world!

Useful Words For Women Empowerment

-Ladies you are unstoppable!

-You can do wonders if you realize your worth!

-Keep shunning the social norms imposed on you!

-Know what you are good at!

-If you think you can, you can!

-Do not let people decide your worth!

-Rise above the set parameter of success for you!


-Do not sit back and wait for things to fall into the right places!

-Make the move, NOW!

-No prince charming is going to fix things for you, you have to fix it yourself!

-Be the hero you want in your life!

-Shut them up who lets you down!

-It is important to be financially independent!

-If you want to live your life on your terms and condition start earning!

-Be what you want to be!

-Take a small step towards achieving your goals!

-Go and explore yourself and the beautiful world!

-Know what you are best at and make it the source of income!

-Start breaking the derogatory conventions imposed on you!

-You are phenomenal the way you are!

-Start speaking for yourself!

-Do not wait for others to make things right for you!

-Start dreaming!

-Dream big and do everything to make the dream turn into reality!

-Learn and teach new things to yourself and other women!

-Be a fearless woman!

-Do not be scared of the people around you!

-Be a confident and smart lady!

-Do not be dependent on men or others to take care of your wishes and desires!

-Learn to speak and raise your voice against the injustice done against you!

-Do all that it takes to feel proud of who you are!

-Do not be a burden on your father, son, husband, or brother!

-Be a phenomenal woman!

-Take inspiration from brave ladies and work on yourself!

-It is time to outsmart those who thought women are not capable of making their decisions!

-Raise your voice against gender inequality!

-Speak against the norms that are sabotaging your rights and career!

-Participate in rallies that promote gender equality!

-Go to any extent to assert your identity!

-Do not settle for average when you can do a lot more!

-Do not get married just because you are in your 30s!

-Do not underestimate yourself on any grounds!

-Do the undone!

-Prove them wrong through your action those who tried to belittle you!

-Have faith in your credibility!

-Be good to yourself!

-You already have what all is needed to become successful!

-Keep trying and trying till you make it!

-Do not let negativity let your morale down!

-Rise the bar od standards of work!

-Be a lady with power and money!

-You have to take your first step towards empowerment- no matter big or small steps!

-Make your existence count!

-Contribute to national development!

-Be the boss, not a follower!

-Be good and receive good!

-Flourish and excel in every ground you think you are good at!

-Have faith in what you are doing!

-To be treated good you have to be a lady with power!

-No one respects those ladies who do nothing- they are just a burden!

-Stop seeing yourself like you are not worth respect!

-Be an influential lady!

-The time has come when society need to accept women as intellectual capable of making decisions!

-Develop a good perception against yourself!

-People will see you the way you want them to see!

-No one can let you down if you have confidence and self-esteem!

-Be someone who can be a source of inspiration for others!

-Grow and learn from things you are going through and try to be a better person!

-Accept yourself first!

-No, you do not need validation from others!

-Stop seeing yourself as a victim- be a survivor and a worrier!

-Do not set any limits for yourself!

-Channelize your energy in constructive things!

-Do not put restrictions on women!

-Keep fighting for your rights till you attain them!

-You can be a good mother and the CEO of a company at the same time!

-Live life on your terms!

-See yourself as a human capable of doing wonders on earth!

-Make the best you can with your talent and skills!

-If life is giving you opportunities to be a better person- grab the opportunity!

-No one will question you if you start to question them!

-Built your own identity!

-Keep improving and accomplishing!

-Do not let yourself down!

-It’s okay to be a disappointment to anyone but yourself!

-If life is challenging you – make sure the challenge is worth saying a challenge!

-Be a threat to conservativeness!

-Keep progressing!

-Built a life that makes you proud!

-Keep failing but do not quit!

-It is okay to fail but not trying is something that is not okay!

-People will look upon you for your work!

-Society will remember you for your hard work and determination to do!

-Start working and earning money for the bread and butter!

-Life is a chance to explore different things!

-Do not hesitate to present yourself as a lady capable of working!

-Do not let comments and judgment make you feel like you cannot do things!

-Make a home for yourself!

-Help other women who are struggling to assert themselves in society!

-Do not let small inconveniences destroy your strength!

-Be brave and bold, dear ladies!

-Is it not absurd to let someone made of the same dirt and mud rule you? It is!

-Those who do not support women empowerment fear women rising above them!

-Independent women have emerged as a threat to society and manhood!

-It is time to work on yourself instead of crying about your decrepit situation!

-Keep succeeding in life through hard work and determination

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