151+ Annoying Words and Phrases avoid to Say Neighbors

Business Communication Messages & Wishes 151+ Annoying Words and Phrases avoid to Say Neighbors

151+ Annoying Words and Phrases avoid to Say Neighbors

Wanting to build a strong alliance with your neighbors and you are gaping how you can do that? Well, try to restrain yourself from saying annoying phrases to them. How can you build a good and cordial relation if you keep taunting them?

Some such annoying words and phrases for neighbors are:-

-We have got such annoying neighbors!

-You suck as a neighbor!

-We are planning to shift to get a good neighbor!

-You never help us as a neighbor!

-You don’t want to see us living in harmony!

-Keep the volume down!

-You are disturbing us!

-You don’t live alone in this apartment!

-We are fed with you all!

-Your family does not know how to conduct with neighbors!

-Your child is the most annoying one!

-We can hear your fights from our room!

-Your husband is really a dork!

-How do you put up with a cruel husband?

-You always need something or the other!

-Make sure nothing crosses the boundary!

-No we are not like a family!

-Stop your children from playing near my orchard!

-Now we have to hire a watchman because of your mannerless children!

-Teach your child how to talk to elders!

-You all don’t have any standards but we do!

-We cannot trust you all with our house’s security!

-Why don’t you buy what you need!

-I am fed up with your borrowing habit!

-You all need to learn some manners of how to behave as a neighbor!

-Your pet dog destroyed our garden!

-We can’t allow you to have a dog, it constantly bugs us!

-Do you fight with your husband every day?

-You have a spoiled brat!

-Your house doesn’t smell good!

-We cannot join you all at your party!

-We don’t want to maintain an alliance with you and your family!

-We are done with your complaints against us!

-If you have issues with us you are free to shift! 

-You are no better than us!

-My child is better than yours!

-Oh, did your son fail again?

-Take care of your husband and your child, they have been wandering around for a while!

-We are skeptical about your intentions!

-We don’t want to associate ourselves with you!

-Why should we guard your house? Are we your watchmen? Are you paying us?

-I am not your caretaker!

-Why don’t you get a maid for yourself?

-Your house is so untidy and jumbled!

-I heard your daughter cannot find a job for herself because of low grades, is that true?

-I know that you and your husband are broke so stop pretending like you are not!

-Late-night drinking and partying needs to be stopped!

-Stop throwing liters on our side of the boundaries!

-We lived peacefully while you were gone!

-I don’t like to go shopping with you!

-Don’t mind you are a selfish woman!

-You never help us when we need it and now you want us to help you?

-I just want you to keep your things within your boundary!

-Next time if your cat spoils my miniature you will have to pay for it!

-You can not park your vehicles on our side!

-You cannot come to our house anytime you want!

-You should respect our privacy!

-Why don’t you maintain your house?

-Because of your house our house looks dull too!

-You all cannot match our lifestyle! 

-No you all are not invited to our party!

-You all quarrel a lot!

-Keep the sound of your music low!

-I am trying to study, stop making noise! 

-Don’t think we are going to help you this time!

-Even if you are the last family on earth, I am not gonna ask for assistance! 

-Keep your nose outside our personal affairs!

-It is our family matter, we don’t want you to get involved in it!

-We got a horrible neighbor!

-Can you lend me some milk?

-Can I stay here for a while?

-Why should I dump your part of the garbage?

-Why should I come to your house when you never come to my house?

-You never invited us to any of your parties! 

-You have damaged our roof!

-Can I get some sugar?

-Pay me this time, I will pay you back later!

-I don’t wanna hang out with you, you are not my friend just my neighbor!

-You are not my type of guy!

-We have done enough for ungrateful creatures like you!

-Stop thumping on the wall, we live here!

-This is not your jungle, behave like civilized neighbors!

-For how many years do we need to tolerate you!

-You too have to compromise with something or the other!

-The volume of the music can’t go down!

-Let us enjoy it!

-It’s our house, we can do whatever we want!

-Who are you to put restrictions on us?

-You don’t have to teach me how I need to educate my child!

-We never complained about the noise you make then why are you complaining?

-You are a sick human!

-I never wanted a neighbor like you!

-Keep your dog and other pets tied up! 

-You should knock before you enter the room!

-Grocery shop is just next to your house, why don’t you get your stuff from there!

-We are not selling free stuff here!

-Stop complaining against my friends to the security manager!

-Of course, I can call my friends anytime I want, it’s my house!

-Why do we have to take permission from you to party at my house?

-All you do is a complaint, complaint, and complaint against me!

-I did not throw garbage in your area you did!

-Say your child not to play with my child!

-Your child is spoiling my children!

-Why don’t you have control over your children?

-It’s your area you should clean it on your own!

-You disgust me!

-You know my husband doesn’t like your children coming to my house, they destroy the stuff kept there!

-You should leave now!

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