151+ Annoying Words and Phrases Avoid to Say Step-parents

Business Communication Messages & Wishes 151+ Annoying Words and Phrases Avoid to Say Step-parents

151+ Annoying Words and Phrases Avoid to Say Step-parents

Parents are parents! We must know how to respect this pure relation even if it is your step-parents. It becomes difficult to get along with step-parents especially when you don’t stop annoying them with your words!

Presenting such annoying words and phrases for step-parents that one must not utter:-

-You don’t love me as you do to your children!

-What have you done for me?

-You never treated me as your child!

-Do you know what it is to be a parent?

-You are just my mom’s husband, not my father!

-You can never take my mom’s place, not in this house not in my heart!

-I don’t take you as my father!

-Who are you to give me orders?

-Do not expect anything from me!

-I am not your son/daughter!

-You have no right over me!

-Stop ordering me!

-You don’t care about my happiness!

-You can’t force your decisions on me!

-My life, my rules, not yours!

-Why don’t you teach your son some moral values!

-I don’t need your consent!

-Stop interfering in my personal life!

-You have to hand the business to me, not your daughter!

-I don’t believe you!

-You are not even my parents!

-Did ask you all to do this for me, no!

-Stop pretending as you love me!

-I wish my mom was alive, I don’t have to see this day then!

-You have rights on your husband and your children, not me!

-Who are you to say that?

-Why should I mingle with your family members?

-I don’t like you nor do I respect you!

-I am better alone than with you guys!

-Did ever helped me as a dad?

-Where were you when I was calling for you to help me?

-They are your children, not my siblings!

-My dad would have done wonders for me if he was alive!

-You somehow managed to get into this house but not in my life!

-Stay away from me and my stuff!

-No I won’t call you dad!

-Why are you trying to be my mom?

-You both are selfish creatures alive on earth!

-Everything for your children, what about me?

-I deserved the part of the property that you gave to your son!

-Be thankful you are permitted in this house!

-You are mean!

-Step-parents cannot be my parents!

-There is a difference between step-parents and real parents!

-You have stabbed me with this decision!

-I expected a little care from you, was that too much to ask!

-I feel lonely in this house!

-No one is there for me!

-Go ask help from your son, not me!

-Your son didn’t accept you, is this right?

-Look at you asking for financial help from me when your children are a millionaire! 

-You cannot cook like my mom!

-My mom used to do this for me, why can’t you do it too?

-I don’t want to address you as any mom!

-Share your opinion when asked!

-Did I ask for your help?

-I never thought I will have to witness this day in my life!

-Whatever you do, I cannot love you as my mom!

-Your love seems fake to me!

-I am sorry but I can’t do this for you!

-Don’t ask me to do anything when you did not ask me before marrying my dad!

-Do I have any value in your life?

-I don’t need your care!

-Stop irritating me!

-Do you understand me?

-I need space in my house, so get out!

-She is not my mom!

-Who said he is my dad? My dad is dead!

-If you don’t care about me why should I care about you?

-No you don’t mean anything to me!

-I don’t want to insult you but I have no respect for you and your relationship!

-I am here in this house just for my dad, not you!

-Don’t dare to call me your child, I am not!

-I don’t have time for you all!

-Why should I care if you are okay, did you check on me when I was not okay?

-I am dead for you!

-You don’t exist for me!

-Stay out of my room and my life!

-I miss my real mom!

-You are my stepmom, not a real mom!

-I want to be left alone!

-I don’t need your mercy!

-For God’s sake stop pointing out things against me!

-You never wanted to see me prospering!

-You have got a space in this house, so, limit yourself to that!

-I don’t agree with you and I never will!

-You are wrong!

-I am not accountable to you!

-Who are you to ask me that!

-You guys don’t have to wait for me at dinner!

-Your life and my life are separate!

-I am not guilty of what I said!

-You are not my parent and mean that!

-You just care about yourself, not me!

-I and my brother will figure out things for ourselves, you don’t have to worry about that!

-Did you involve us before taking this decision?

-Nothing can melt my heart!

-There is no reason for me to accept you as a part of the family!

-For me, my family includes my dad, brother, and my sister not you!

-You are a selfish woman!

-No one can be like my mom!

-Limit yourself to your husband!

-You don’t have to do anything for me!

-I can take care of myself!

-You are no one for me!

-What made you think that I care about you? I don’t!

-Stop expecting things from me!

-You are of no use to me!

-I am not your backup or old age plan!

-You gave everything to your son, there is nothing left for me!

-Don’t worry about me, I am good!

-You guys have disappointed me!

-You betrayed us dad by marrying this woman!

-I have no role to play in this house and your life!

-You have no right to scold me!

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