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World Poem Day: 85+ Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

The purpose of the celebration of this day is promoting the writing, publishing, teaching, and reading of poetry all around the world. There is a declaration by UNESCO originally that means giving new recognition and enthusiasm to regional, international and national poetry movements.

Here are some Best WOrld Poem Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

_Poetry is an affirmation that we are all common humans by showing us that individuals, almost everywhere across the globe share the same interests, feelings and questions.

_Poetry is the largest and the main form of oral tradition, so generations after generations, people have been communicating their intimate and precious values of different cultures.

_As we celebrate the World Poetry Day on the 21st of March,  UNESCO appreciates the unique ability of poems and poetry to present the imaginative spirit of the minds of humans in the form of words.

_An important objective of this Day is to show support to the vast linguistic diversity that exists through expressions of poetry.

_This day offers all languages, especially the ones in danger of becoming obsolete, the chance to be heard and appreciated outside and also within their respective communities.

_We observe the  World Poetry Day to encourage the old tradition of poetry recitals orally,  to encourage the reading of poetry, and to restore the dialogue between poems and different forms of arts like painting, music, dance, and theatre.

_We observe World poetry day to support new, old, and small publishers and to boost up their sales.

_The celebration of the World poetry day helps to create a rather attractive impression of poetry in the world through the media.

_By celebrating the World poetry day, we make sure that poetry will not be considered some outdated art form.

_Celebrating this day enables our society to appreciate poetry once again.

_Community groups, educators, individuals, and government agencies get busy in hosting, participating or promoting events for the world poetry day.

_World Poetry Day gives an opportunity for kids to be introduced to poems and poetry in their classrooms by their teachers.

_The World Poetry Day is a day when classrooms have lessons that are related to poets and their poetry.

_On the World poetry day, the students can study the poets and get to know about the various kinds of poetry.

_Many events are held where the poets are invited to recite and autograph their poetry to audiences at schools, universities,  bookstores, and cafes.

_On the world poetry day, events are held where Awards are presented to the poets as a form of appreciation and recognition for their work.

_March 21st, which is the World Poetry Day is a day where poetry evenings, cultural programs and exhibitions are held to flaunt the work of different poets around the world.

_The United Nations Educational Scientific and  Cultural Organization recognized the importance of poetry in the traditions, arts, and cultures in all places throughout the globe and so it urges us to celebrate this day.

_Poetry is the language of the heart and soul and by appreciating poetry we are appreciating our very existence.

_Poems speak volumes in only a few words and that is one of its special factors.

_Speak poetry when you find yourself short of words to express your feelings.

_Reading and writing poems is a beautiful hobby for many people and we must encourage these people.

_A mind that cannot appreciate the beauty of poetry, can hardly appreciate anything else.

_It takes attention, concentration, and eagerness to understand the poet from his poetry.

_Poets and poetry are a huge part of our literature and on this day, we tell our poets how much we appreciate them and their work.

_When we attend poetry recitals, we can experience the emotions, the languages, and words that are spoken through the poetry and experience the bonds of emotions with others.  

_World Poetry Day is celebrated every year by organizations, schools, universities,  libraries, publishers, and bookstores all around the world by teaching about various poets and their different styles of poetry.

_Poetry is an expression of our innermost feelings.

_Words and lines can be bluntly put or they can be put beautifully in the form of poetry.

_Poetry increases the beauty of any language it is written in.

_Celebrating the world poetry day is a great way to encourage budding poets among us.

_Reading a poem a day gives me the little escape that I need from my daily routine.

_The beauty of poetry lies in the words, emotions, and the poets’ vision and also on the reader’s perspective.

_UNESCO provides social media kits and many other resources that are helpful to those people who want to read poetry and understand its meaning.

_An excellent way to celebrate the world poetry day is by reading poetry and learning about various poets.

_Rabindranath Tagore, Sylvia Plath, Ezra Pound, John Keats, and William Wordsworth are some of the evergreen giants in the world of poetry and let us celebrate this day by learning more about them.

_The social media is very active and helpful in celebrating this day and people also post articles about their favorite poets and poems.

_I would like to quote a thought that was expressed by the famous Indian Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad which means that it is the deepest sorrow or the highest happiness that creates poetry.

_Let us recommend our favorite poets and pieces of poetry to our friends on this world poetry day.

_Poetry tells you about how the poets perceived the world and at times, their perceptions will blow your mind.

_A good poem has the capacity to put together a broken heart and also has the capability to shatter a perfect one.

_Here’s to wishing all poetry lovers a happy world poetry day!

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