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Telecommunication Day: 71+ Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

On the 17th of May, in 1865, the International Telecommunication Union was founded and to commemorate the founding, the World Telecommunication Day was celebrated every year on the same day. 

In the month of November 2006, in Antalya, Turkey, the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference celebrated the two events together for the first time and since then the seventeenth of May is known as the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

The main purpose of the celebration of this day is to create awareness among people all across the globe about the new technologies and digital advancement of today’s world.

Here are some Best Messages and Quotes on World Telecommunication day to know the Spirit of this Day.

_Telecommunication has revolutionized the world and we are thankful for it.

_This is the digital age and we cannot imagine a day without gadgets, let alone imagining how life would have been without the evolution of Telecommunication.

_Telecommunications and information technology have advanced the whole world much beyond the expectations of the common people.

_The age of handwritten postal letters seems to be long gone because of the rapid evolution of technology.


_We millennials do not miss the old world when there was minimum technology, but the same cannot be said for the baby boomers.

_It is natural for baby boomers to find it hard to get used to the technologies and the rapid advancement in telecommunication but that does not mean they are all opposed to it.

_Telecommunications and information technology have made our lives a hundred times easier, though not necessarily happier.

_I often wonder, in the age of advanced technologies and social media, is any person really happy or is it that they are trapped in a cycle of showing off and pretensions.

_The whole family of engineers of the Telecommunication and information technology.

_Streams wishes everyone a happy World  Telecommunication and Information Society Day.


_We would still have been writing letters to each other if it was not for telecommunication.

_A letter took days to reach the destination back in the day and now thanks to telecommunication and technology we are always connected with everyone across the globe.

_The information society is built on a very efficient network of telecommunication.

_This new age is paralyzed without the internet.

_The internet is the new heart in today’s world and telecommunication networks and the information society are the circulatory and nervous systems.

_We are all trapped in a huge web that the internet has spun and we cannot escape.

_In today’s world we do not have any privacy, everything is out in the open and the internet and the advanced telecommunication network is behind this.

_In today’s world, a day without the internet feels like a day in the stone age.

_We are so addicted to technology and the Internet that we often forget that the real world is outside all of this.

_The world is so dependent on the internet that we cannot imagine a day without it.

_Thanks to the evolution of telecommunication networks and information society systems, we can stay connected with our family members and friends across the oceans all the time.

_All organizations today depend on telecommunication networks and Information Society systems.

_Telecommunication has its major influence on the communication system in various organizations and among various organizations.

_The advancement in technology needs to have a very well developed foundation which is provided by the telecommunication networks.

_Even the security of nations depends on telecommunication networks these days and so we can understand how dependent the world is on The internet.

_Let us all appreciate technology and telecommunication networks and hope that everyone gets access to the benefits of technology and the internet.

_The key to success in today’s world is to make the most of the internet instead of wasting time on it.

_Telecommunications and the information society is the biggest industry right now and in addition to this, it benefits every other industry that exists.

_As we celebrate the world telecommunication and information society day, we must not forget to thank the engineers who work hard in this industry.

_The engineers in the Information Technology sectors and the telecommunication sectors deserve appreciation and today is the day to thank and appreciate them.

_Even about thirty years ago, we could not have imagined a world where we would be able to know what a person sitting in Australia is doing something at that very moment.

_Technology and telecommunication networks have made the world a much smaller place.

_I am glad that I am not a part of the population that was born before the age of smartphones because I do not know how I would have survived.

_I am so addicted to the internet and social media that my mother thinks the world would have been a better place if the telecommunication networks and technology would not have advanced to this extent.

_No matter what advantages telecommunication networks and technology has brought into our lives, we must still agree upon the fact that it has made our lives a lot more chaotic.

_Sometimes I wish I could wake up to the sound of birds chirping on my window sill rather than the chiming of the alarm in my mobile phone.

_As much as helpful telecommunication networks and technology is, I still wish, I could go back to the time where we all led private lives without having to feel the pressure of competing with the lives of my friends on social media.

_Let us all wish everyone a very happy World Telecommunication Day and appreciate the growth and advancement of technology in the world.

_Let us hope that the purpose behind the celebration of this day is fulfilled and that all the people all over the world are enlightened with the advantages and disadvantages of telecommunication networks and the information society.

_Here’s to hoping that the digital divide among the people of the world is bridged up through the awareness created by celebrating this day.

_Telecommunication is the backbone of today’s world, with the internet being the heart and the information society and other digital components being the circulatory, nervous and muscular systems. 

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