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World Wetland Day: 75+ Messages, Quotes and Greetings

World Wetland Day is celebrated on the 2nd of February every year to commemorate the day on which the Convention on Wetlands was adopted in the year 1971.

The primary reason to celebrate this day is to raise awareness about the importance of the wetlands and remind everyone of the many ways it benefits this Earth.

The wetlands act as a buffer protecting the coast from flooding and the storms, the wetlands also provide an ecosystem that is biologically diverse and is home to a variety of species of animals and insects.

The wetlands also purify and filter the water naturally by breaking down the harmful pollutants.

Great Messages, Quotes and Greetings on World Wetland day.

_Save the wetlands and then we can think about saving the entire earth.

_The wetlands help to sustain life on this planet and so it is of utmost importance that we save the wetlands.

_The Wetlands are the homes to many creatures and they would be homeless if the wetlands were to vanish. 

_The wetlands fix the balance of the earth and so it is imperative that the wetlands are kept protected.

_Healthy wetlands are imperative for a healthy Earth.

_Save the wetlands as the future of the Earth depends on it.

_The wetlands are responsible for a very diverse ecosystem and the ecosystem will be spoiled if the wetlands ceased to exist.

_The wetlands are a beautiful part of our ecosystem and we should take care of the wetlands. 

_A large number of birds and fish and other small creatures live in harmony in the wetlands and so these wetlands are very important to us.

_Wetlands are the natural habitats for a lot of animals and to protect these animals we must protect the wetlands.

_In this age, when soil is eroded because of a thousand reasons, the wetlands are a gift of nature that help protect soil erosion.

_Wetlands can be described as an important bridge between the lands and the water and hence is important to both life terrestrial life and aquatic life.

_Save wetlands because wetlands help control floods.

_Wetlands provide a living hood to so many people because they are the perfect breeding place for fish.

_Wetlands are nature’s gift to humanity and we must realize its importance before it’s too late 

_Wetlands are beautiful areas that are a storehouse of fish and the natural habitat of many other creatures.

_Wetlands are homes to many species of plants and animals which are not found anywhere else so with the wetlands gone, these special species would cease to exist as well 

_If the wetlands were to vanish, a lot of different species of plants and animals would get extinct.

_If the wetlands dry up or get filled with land for housing and buildings, the balance in the ecosystem will get shaken.

_Save the Earth before it is too late and one way to do that is by protecting the wetlands.

_Snakes, insects, beavers, fish, and birds all share the planet with us and thus have a  connection with Earth and so if the wetlands were destroyed, the lives of many of these creatures would be in danger and consequently, the planet would be in danger.

_Let us celebrate this day by spreading knowledge about the wetlands and its importance.

_Marshes and swamps may not be homes to people but they are the homes to a lot of different animals.

_You will only realize the importance of marshlands and wetlands once you stop being ignorant about the planet.

_On the occasion of the World Wetlands Day, let us spread the knowledge about wetlands to our friends and neighbors.

_It is fortunate for us that we have a day that celebrates the wetlands because that way the awareness about wetlands is spread in a more efficient manner.

_The main purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the various ways the wetlands are useful to us.

_Wetlands are a part of nature and the Earth would not be the same without the wetlands.

_It is important to learn about the various ways the wetlands benefit us and so let us increase our knowledge on this world wetlands day.

_Absorbing pollutants is one of the various ways in which wetlands help our planet.

_Wetlands are truly a natural marvel for our planet.

_The wetlands control water levels by taking in the water when the water levels are high and by releasing the water when the water levels are low.

_Its funny how nature has it all sorted for us and yet we cannot take care of our planet Earth.

_The spongy wetlands are a fine example of how Earth has it all sorted for us but it is up to us now to take care of them.

_Wetlands are like a small version of Earth themselves because they are the homes to so many different types of plants and animals.

_Wetlands provide habitat to different fish and also provide food for them.

_Schools teach the students the importance of wetlands but I think adults need to learn about it more than children.

_As an adult, it is our duty to learn the various ways we can help in preserving the wetlands so that we can help in healing the Earth.

_Wetlands are not appreciated enough and today is the chance to thank the wetlands for existing.

_The more knowledge you gain about wetlands, the better you will realize how important a role they play in our lives.

_Wetlands are to the Earth what kidneys are to the human body.

_The Wetlands clean our Earth and so many environmentalists compare the wetlands to our kidneys and it makes perfect sense.

_The water flow and water retention in our bodies are controlled by the kidneys and the water flow and water retention is controlled by the wetlands too and hence the wetlands are often called the kidneys of the Earth.

_All countries in the world are trying their best to protect their wetlands and that is why the second of February is such an important day to be celebrated.

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