47+ Best Zombie Party Invitation Wording Ideas

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Zombie Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Business CommunicationInvitation Wording47+ Best Zombie Party Invitation Wording Ideas

47+ Best Zombie Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Who would have thought that out of all the themes in the world people would be extremely enthusiastic about throwing a Zombie themed party. Believe it or not, Zombie parties have already become a big thing for the present and might stay relevant in the future as well.

Whether it’s a birthday bash or Halloween or even walking dead viewing marathons, both kids and adults are obsessed with the theme of Zombies for their party. The one good thing about it is that you can plan it in whatever way you want it to be.

So the only thing remains are the invitations and as far as the wordings to raise your guest’s excitement for the party is concerned, there is help below.

What to Write on Zombie Party?

  • Mention that the long awaited Zombie Party is finally happening
  • Make sure that everyone is present on D-day.
  • Be clear about the arrangement of Food and beverages planned for the day
  • Use Zombie catchphrases to raise their enthusiasm for the party 
  • Don’t let anyone leave until the food is served

How do you Respond to Zombie Party?

  • Congratulate the host for such a great party
  • Make sure to dress up as per the occasion
  • Tell them you are excited about the party
  • Make sure to compliment them on their Zombie party planning skills before you leave.

Zombie party Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Read me and rejoice as on (date), I have organized a feast where I will let the dead go up and eat the living. In short, there is my zombie party at my place and you are being invited to attend at (time).
  • Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has and its’ just human nature. So let me tell you that a zombie themed party is already happening at my place on (date). Do join us mate.
  • If you ever felt that zombies dancing in choreographed synchronicity are implausible then you should come to my Zombie themed party on (date) at (loc.) and witness the phenomenon beforehand.
  • I love Zombies movies and my twisted way of thinking are to include these fictional creatures into everything. Hence, I am throwing a Zombie party on (date) at (loc.) to which you’re being invited.

_Whenever life has handed me a lemon, I have always used it bust out the tequila and partied with you all. Only this time we’re dressing up as Zombies because you are invited to my Zombie party on (date).

_ Zombies represent all that is dark about human lives. So it is only poetic that we celebrate our darker times which have paved light into our world with a Zombie party at my place on (date). 

_It’s going to be a hell of a showdown between humans and Zombies on (date) at (loc.) because we’ve never had any zombie themed party. You are invited to be a part of our human army so please come.

_ Hello, we would like to invite you for an adventurous evening on (date) at our place. How does JD and brains Sound? Well, it is of course a Zombie party and we hope to see you at the party by (time).

_Behold my friend, as there will be a Zombie apocalypse on (date) at (loc.). Since Zombies eat brains, you will be safe at my Zombie themed party. Jokes aside, I hope to see you at the party buddy.

_While the walking dead scenario being real in the future might seem like a distant dream but what I can do is throw an awesome Zombie themed party for my friends. So see you at my place on (date).

_The exact way to kill Zombies is to damage their brain. Although, this specific information will do you no good at my Zombie party but you can dress up and enjoy the evening with us on (date).

 _Buddy, I know you don’t like to dress up and go to parties but this time you can come to my party in your natural habitat because it’s a Zombie party. Hope to see you for a ‘fleshy’ evening on (date).

_Mundane days are a nature’s way of telling us to have a party. But the party on (date) is no ordinary party because Zombies are invited too. So please come and join us at (loc.) for a wonderful evening.

_If the world wants us to be a robotic Zombie then we shall go full throttle with it. So there is a Zombie party at my place on (date) where you can celebrate and embrace our inner Zombie. 

_ Zombies are only self aware when they are near the ocean. In that case, my Zombie party is held far away from the ocean. So keep that self awareness at home and enjoy your heart out on (date) at (loc.).

_Let your light shine, never look back and live as if today is your last day. A quote from a relevant book is used to invite you to my Zombie party on (date). So please come and enjoy the party like it’s your last.

_Our present lives may have not been exactly thing what we hoped for but we can surely make some changes in it. So you are being cordially invited to our never-done-before Zombie party on (date).

_If the world runs out of Zombophiles then it means I am no more. Oh, A Zombophile is someone who is a Zombie fan and my friend, you are being invited to my Zombie themed party held on (date).

_We all need to live a life in our own way. If we aren’t doing what we please then we are living it wrong. Hence, I have finally gotten through with my Zombie themed party and you’re invited to it on (date).

_Having the smartest person like you at my Zombie party will be a treat for the Zombies as they love a big brain. This Pompous filled sentence was to lure you into my party. So please join us on (date) at (loc.)

_The missus and I have decided to throw a joyful yet scary Zombie party on (date) at our place. You are cordially invited to have fun and fun only. We will await your presence as it would mean a lot to us!

_I have always been curious to know that if this life was a Zombie party then how would you dress for it.  It seems I would have my answers pretty soon because you’re invited to my Zombie party on (date).

_This time the opening moments of my party won’t be the hardest because everyone would be dressed as Zombies. I have waited very long for it so I request your presence at my Zombie party on (date).

_Life should not be a journey to the grave rather it should have moments where you mimic your journey from the grave. Speaking of graves, you are being invited to my Zombie party held at my place on (date).

_You can finally throw away the burden of what to wear at my party because it is not just any party but a Zombie themed party. I am all hoped up to see you coming as a homeless person on (date) at (loc.).

_The love for Zombie movies has enabled me to plan and execute a Zombie themed party at my place. But a party is only as good as the people so dear friend, I would like to invite you to join us on (date).

_Dear (name), you are most cordially invited to be my guest at the Zombie party I have arranged on (date) at my place. Do join us as it would be hilarious to act around like a Zombie with you all.

_Nothing makes a bond stronger than having a great party once in a while with my loved ones and this time we all get to act like the awakened dead people as it is a Zombie party. See you on (date) at (loc.).

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