25+ Best Alan Walker Quotes and Sayings

25+ Best Alan Walker Quotes and Sayings

Alan Walker is a familiar name to most of us, He is one of the most promising musicians in the world at the moment and is loved by billions. Apart from the lyrics of his songs, his words are quite engaging and are bound to inspire his fans across the globe.

Alan Walker Quotes and Sayings

  • We wanted to release ‘Fade’ again as ‘Faded’ with Iselin Solheim’s voice and a completely new mix. He was the first who sang the demo vocals for the song and it turned out to be fantastic. 
  • I love to listen to the soundtracks from movies and I’m a big fan of everything that has a melody to it. That is why my favourite producers and artists are Hans Zimmer, KSHMR, Jablonski, K 391, Ahrix and many others. 
  • I still pursue graphic design as a hobby which I started way back in the year 2010 -2011. I was able to design my logo on my own and carry out the designing job of my other stuff because of my knack for graphic designing. 
  • The creation of ‘Fade’ which became ‘Faded’ later on was greatly inspired by tracks like ‘Nova’. ‘Nova’ has a wonderful tune and its progression throughout the entire track is mind-blowing. 
  • Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’ is extremely melodic and has a very unique progression throughout the entire track. That is why I choose it. Also, I am a big piano melody fan and ‘Time’ is just the best for me. 

_Being unrecognisable is something that I want to enjoy while it lasts. But my mask stands for unity. I want to portray in front of the world that anyone can be Alan Walker. 

_Haters will always be there. 

_Initially, I did not have any interest in music. I cannot describe how beautiful music is in words. You can create everything in it from sad songs to joyous melodies to just about anything. 

_I started my journey with learning how to make music on YouTube. Now people have started explaining to me how I was supposed to do it. 

_Lensko is a very talented friend of mine. He has a very unique way of progressing his tracks. He puts together everything in such a unique manner that it is completely different from what is usually heard in the EDM world nowadays. 

_I admire the Indian artist ‘Lost Stories’ who made a remix of my track ‘Faded’. It represents the music of the Indian subcontinent which makes it cool and pleasing to the ears. I love this song because it is so unique. 

_I wear a mask during my concerts because I find it to be a cool concept and it gives me a nice look. It has become a part of me as an artist. It is inspired by my hobby of playing video games, especially ‘Watchdog’, which is my favourite. 

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