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Bow Tie Day: 59+ Greetings, Messages, and Quotes

Every year, 28th of august is marked and celebrated as National Bow Tie Day. Now if we look into the history of this day, it dates back to 17th century. It is believed that the french military forces got inspired by the wearing style of the Croatian mercenaries during the war.

Bow Tie Day greetings:

-Happy greetings to all the gentlemen out their who would walk out with their elegant style, putting on their bow and proudly celebrate this day. A happy bow tie day to everyone.

-After all, a bow is very often regarded as an important part of mens’ wardrobe. Bow tie day holds a huge significance in the life of men who appreciates wearing a bow-tie in their everyday life. 

-Here goes the day that shouldn’t go without celebrating. So, Grab a bow and spread some happiness. Best wishes for you. 

-A bow-tie fashion always hold a higher standard when it comes to fashion for men. It resemble a decent and a formal way of dressing. Happy Bow tie day.

-This adds up a better impression to the way a man can present himself to the outer world. So, Let us all together hold up to the essence of the day by making a bow tie for ourselves and wearing it gracefully. 

-Hopefully, this day would be memorable for you and your friends. Happy celebrating.

-Sending tons of warm wishes on this very special day. This day has been celebrated every year with a hope that the bow tie fashion would never fade away. 

-Look up to your friends and family, have a bow tie party and celebrate it with lots of fun. Today, Let us all feel proud to showcase our bow tie and appreciate others too. On this day may you get yourself the best bow tie ever.

-A bow-tie has always been a symbol of elegance. It not adds style to a person’s outfit, but it also shows class in itself. Happy bow-tie day and all the good wishes.

-Wearing a bow-tie has always been a matter of elegance. We can witness many historic personalities wearing a bow tie. Go on, bring out your bow-ties and unveil the hidden legend in you. Happy Bow Tie Day.

-You might turn out to be the Charlie Chaplin or Frank Sinatra of your generation. Have a nice bow tie day. Cheers.

Bow Tie Day messages:

-The decency of a man is not only checked by his behaviour but also by the way he holds his dressing style. It is every important for anyone to present himself in a way that feels good not only for himself but for others too. Let us all have a good time while celebrating this classy day.  

-You might be at your workplace or might be attending a party, a bow tie would always make you look smart and confident. Therefore this day should also be celebrated with pride, so let all enjoy and let us all try to make bow tie a new fashion trend.

-Straightly, If you want to grab others attention towards yourself, then bow tie would be the seeker for the same. It is just like that cherry on the top of the cake that intensifies its outer look. 

-Bow tie is all your charm. So, do not forget to give your contributions in holding its significance.

-This day is a celebration for all those who love wearing bow ties on formal occasions. Cheers to everyone who believe in classy and elegant looks. Happy bow tie day.

-It has been a tradition to wear a bow tie in a formal occassion. So let’s wear it today and continue the tradition.

-It is a symbol of tradion, so I promise I’ll celebrate it in a traditional way.

-It is a symbol of elegance, and let us continue this elegance and celebrate the day in a fashionale manner.

-So, on this bow tie day, let us all bring out our bow ties and celebrate the day proudly wearing one.

-It is significantly noted that very often, Jazz players and musicians, in the 18th and the 19th centuries wore bow ties to bring a sense of class and elegance in their performance. Let us all celebrate this day by bringing out our classy bow ties and having a nice time together.

-May it be Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley, all the significant musicians and pop icons form the early and mid 19th century have used bow ties to bring a touch of elegance to their look. So let us come together and celebrate it on their name.

Bow Tie Day Quotes:

-“When people know this is a bow tie that the person wearing it has tied, I think it raises the bar from a fashion statement to a personal achievement. “  – DON OWEN

-“A bow tie gets noticed. It says you’re a confident guy who doesn’t worry much about what other people think.”  – Jeffrey Podolsky in “The Bow Tie Is Back”.– Barron’s Penta Daily.

-“When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you. Your posture is a little erect; your shoulders are a little further back; your style is a little more dynamic. It is about the reestablishment of the gentleman”  – Dhani Jones

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