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29+ Best Bridal Shower Thank You Messages

Your bridal shower is often a time when friends, family, and sometimes acquaintances join together to celebrate your upcoming wedding. It’s exciting, but now that your bridal shower is over, the champagne bubbles have lost their fizz, the confetti has fallen and gifts are lying every which way you turn, the process of deciding what to write in all of the wedding shower thank you cards might seem overwhelming. Thank you notes should be sent out in a timely fashion to show your gratitude for your guests’ act of kindness.

Here are Best Bridal Shower Thank You Messages

  • Thank you so much for coming to my shower! It meant so much to me to be able to spend time with you and catch up. You made my day more special.
  • I really appreciate you taking the time to join us. It was so nice to finally meet you. I have always heard so many great things about you! Your gift was so thoughtful and I don’t have enough words to describe my gratitude.
  • I am so grateful that you could be there with us to celebrate. It was so much fun seeing you and I hope you know how much it meant to us that you could be there. We hope you had a wonderful time and we can’t wait to see you again soon!
  • I’m sending all of my gratitude your way for your presence my bridal shower. You made it a beautiful day that I will never forget and reflect on for the rest of my life.
  • Thank you for coming to my shower. I had a great day celebrating our upcoming wedding with you and the rest of the family. I am so grateful for the love and support that my family has shown to me and my fiance.
  • Thank you for coming to the bridal shower and for your most generous gift. We are going to put it towards our new dinner service. Thanks once again for your generosity.
  • Thank you for not only attending my bridal shower, but for the lovely gift you included as well. You are a great friend. I will think of you every time I use it. Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding.
  • Thank you so much for coming to my bridal shower. It was great to see you and your sweet little daughter. I am so grateful for the gift money you gave us. We will put it to good use as we begin furnishing our new home. We sincerely appreciate your generosity. We are looking forward to seeing you at the wedding.
  • I can’t express how grateful I am for the beautiful bridal shower you planned, organized and hosted. You truly outdid yourself on the brunch you prepared-it was amazing. It was a perfect day, and none of it would have been possible without you.
  • Spending time with you on my special day was the best gift I could ever receive. Your warmth and generosity will be with me always. Days are counting until the wedding day and I cannot wait to have you by my side.

-Thank you so much for being at my bridal shower. It meant a lot to have you there seeing as we’ve been friends since high school. I only hope that you enjoyed yourself as we celebrated my new journey into married life!

-Thanks for being such a huge part in this extraordinary journey. I love you! Thank you so much for your generosity and I can’t wait to see you on the big day!

-Thank you for sending wonderful gifts at my bridal shower. I wish with all my heart that you could have been there to celebrate my special day with me, you were truly missed.

-I am incredibly grateful for the thoughtful gifts you sent. I especially love that you remembered that we are such huge glass collectors, we have fallen in love with our new set. Thanks for everything.

-Thank you so much for your generosity. We’ll have to plan a dinner party soon and put our glasses to use a little early. Looking forward to seeing you wedding day!

-Thank you so much for sharing in my bridal shower. I am thankful for best friends like you to celebrate these special moments with.

-Thank you for making my bridal shower a joyous, memorable occasion with your love, warm presence, and thoughtful gift.

-Your presence was nothing short of incredible for me and I am so grateful for the thoughtful gift you had for me as well. You know that I will keep the memory book close to my heart and look forward to filling it with many more moments.

Bridal shower thank you cards should be sent no later than two weeks after the event. Responding promptly is not only polite, but also allows you to stay on top of your thank you cards. You’ll want to have your shower thank you cards sent out before you have to start thanking everyone for your actual wedding.

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