congratulations on buying a house: 101+ Best Messages

Buying a new home is a big transformation in someone’s life. Home is the place where we feel more secure. So, if your friend, relative, colleague, or other is moving into or just bought a new home, don’t be hesitated to wish them your warm congratulatory messages.

Either you can wish them by sending greetings cards or just put a message on their Facebook wall. These congratulation sayings surely will bring smiles to their face:

Congratulation Messages On Buying A House

  • Congratulations on your new home. Wishing you prosperity and abundance.
  • May the blessings of happiness and good health be filled in your new home. Congratulations!
  • May your life be fruitful when you step into the new home. Congratulations that you have a new abode!
  • Congratulations on the new home. May you collect a lot of good memories in your new home. Don’t hesitate to make one call if you need any help to settle things down.
  • Hey! I just saw the picture of your new home. It looks beautiful. May it proves the foundation of many happy memories.
  • Wishing you a very congratulation on buying the new home. I hope, you will get good neighbors.
  • All the best for turning your house into a beautiful home. Heartfelt regards!
  • Finally! You bought a house that you always wished for. Congratulations!
  • Hurrah! You’re officially the owner of that beautiful house. I shall visit you soon. Be ready with my treat.
  • Congrats buddy on entering into new home. Stay Blessed!
  • May this home will open the new chapter of happiness in your life. Congratulations and all the best.
  • Congratulations on your new home. I can’t wait to come there. See you soon in your dreamy home.
  • The new bricks is much better than the old house. Now, It’s your responsibility to turn into sweet home. Congratulations!
  • Yay! You made it. Congratulations on buying a new home. May god enlighten this home with his grace and abundance.
  • Warm wishes to you on shifting into new place. Can I get a little space there? Well! It’s ravishing. Congratulations.
  • Oh my god! You bought the new home and didn’t tell before that you’re planning to buy it. Well! I am happy for you. This secret surprise is shocking and beautiful. Congratulations!
  • I know! It’s a great achievement to you for buying a new home and you finally made it without taking any help. Congratulations to you and your family.
  • Best wishes to you for shifting into new home. Let me know when the party is.
  • Well done for spending huge amount. I hope the EMI wouldn’t be burden upon you. Congratulations on new home. Let me know if you need any help in moving things inside.

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  • Congratulations dear! And, one more thing is, I wouldn’t help you in packing or settling things inside but yes, I will visit soon for food and drink.
  • Welcome to the new home my friend. Hope the walls of that place creates the vibes of joy and positivity. The Best wishes and lots of love.
  • A very good luck for moving into new house. Don’t wait to annoy your neighbours. Congratulations!
  • It’s a great achievement that you got a dreamy home. Please keep it clean and fragmented which you don’t do. Congratulations!
  • I know your new home taken up all your savings but I want to tell you that you took the best decision. A home is a lifetime investment and you did it-Congratulations!
  • I am very excited to see your new home. Best wishes to you. Keep it well.
  • It’s difficult to find a ridiculously expensive place to live and you found it in just few days. Well done and many congratulations.
  • Congratulations on your beautiful house. May you experience the new and happy things in life as a homeowner.
  • We’re delighted to know that you’ve finally shifted to new home. Wish you the peaceful new beginning. Congratulations.
  • Leave all thoughts of pain, sorrow and obstacles at your old house and welcome happiness and blessings into your new home. Congratulations!
  • Make this new home a place of many happy moments. Warm wishes to you on buying a new home.
  • May the new home helps you to build countless happy memories. Best of luck for packing.
  • Words are not enough to describe the beauty of your new home. Receive my blessings and wishes on this big achievement. Good luck!
  • May your new home gives you an abundant life free of pains and negativity. Congratulations and be ready to give treat.
  • The abundance of blessings waiting for you as you step inside your new home. Heart-warming wishes and regards.
  • Home is sweet place to spend time with your loved ones and finally, you bought a dream house. Stay happy under its shelter and make lots of memories. Congratulations.
  • You got a beautiful house. Do fresh start of life. Many congratulations.
  • Cheers to your new home. I’m proud of you. I knew! You would buy it. Enjoy your dream home. Congratulations.

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  • Moving into new house is difficult but you should celebrate the moment which always wanted to live. Congratulations on the new home.
  • I just heard the news of your new home. May you will get years of happiness and peace at this place. Happy Moving!
  • The interior of your new home is perfect. You should think about your marriage now. A house filled with family members is blessing. Congratulations.
  • Your new home looks superb. You’ve a good choice. Congratulations.
  • You dream to buy a big house is fulfilled now. Don’t you think, You should fill it up with kids. Hope you would like my suggestion. Warm wishes!
  • You’re the owner of your house. It means you’re an adult now. Congratulations and a lot of love to you.
congratulation messages on buying new home

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