68+ Great Cookie Monster Sayings

My fourth is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! While we’re celebrating with chocolate chip cookie fun certainties and incidental data, we’d feel neglectful on the off chance that we left our companion Cookie Monster out of the merriments. The Cookie Monster is one of the longest-running Muppets on the dearest TV program, Sesame Street. The Cookie Monster was made by Jim Henson and showed up in 1966.

  • C is for a cookie that is sufficient for me. 
  • Home is the place heart is. The heart where cookie is. Math clear: the home is a cookie. 
  • Some of the time I think, what is a companion? And after that me state: a companion is somebody to impart last cookie to. 
  • I’d give you a cookie, however, I ate it. 
  • Me Love to Eat Cookies. Now and again eat entire, here and there me bite it. 
  • Resist the urge to panic and Eat Cookies 
  • Chocolate chip essential to me… It mean entire part to me… Om nom. 
  • Companion an option that is superior to anything chocolate dessert… Maybe companion someone you surrender last cookie for. 
  • Organic product… or Cookie… Fruit… Cookie… Me Cookie Monster! This No-Brainer! 

_I’d give you a cookie, however I ate it. 

_Me cookie monster. It’s just as simple as that. Me want to eat cookie. Here and there eat entire, now and then me bite it. 

_Me adore verse… and cookies! 

_Me need cookie! 

_I wasn’t brought into the world with name Cookie Monster. It simply moniker dat stuck. Me don’t recall me genuine name… Maybe it was Sidney? 

_Onion rings are simply vegetable doughnuts. 

_Now and again me think, what is companion? And after that me state a companion is somebody to impart last cookie to. 

_Today me will live at the time, except if it’s disagreeable in which case me will eat a cookie. 

_Who care in the event that me eat carrot or collard greens. Me additionally like broccoli and lettuce and lima beans. Me still cookie monster. That not a hoax. 

_The contracting monster: I’d do anything for a cookie. 

_Losing our cookies: Me lost me cookie at the disco. 

_Shhhhh! We’re at the library! No get furious, alright? Try not to get energized. Me not particular — simply give me box of cookies. 

_Calling Carly Rae Jepsen: Me just met you and this is insane, however, you got cookie, so share it possibly? 

_Cookie Monster and the stone: It’s great to be alive. 

_Les Mousserables: My Tummy in Despair. 

_Twofold Stuffed Seven figures out how to focus: No doubt, that no work. Me just got hit by falling chicken. 

_Cookie-door: Cookie Monster takes on Robert MacNeil. That what’s up with the media today. The sum total of what they have is questions, questions, questions. They never have cookies. 

_Quick and moderate: How to deceive Ernie out of his cookies. Pinkie, up! 

_Cookie monster does math: You can quit subtracting now. 

_This blue shirt I have is for all intents and purposes a similar shading as my pants, and looking all-blue is something just cookie monster can draw off. 

_I do my best to avoid dairy, particularly frozen yogurt. I’ve turned into a cookie monster at whatever point I need to mess around and eat something modest. 

_By and by, I adore the cookie monster snorts. I like how they estrange audience members. We sound the manner in which we sound. We’re people. We don’t all like a similar music. Everyone contributes their own persuasions, style, and history. 

_I was truly gone crazy when I heard that Cookie Monster would have been changed to Veggie Monster, yet that ended up being an untruth. 

_We can’t, obviously, invalidate God, similarly as we can’t discredit Thor, pixies, leprechauns and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 

_They’re ridiculing Cookie Monster. I get that. Be that as it may, in an unusual way, it feels like they’re ridiculing me. 

_At times me think, ‘What is companion?’ Then me state, ‘Companion is somebody to share the last cookie with.

_I just took a DNA test turns out 100% cookies… 

_Long weekend! Dat mean more days for cooooooooookies! 

_Possibly you hear talk that me starting a better eating routine. False. Me simply eating well sustenances AND cookies. What’s going on with that? 

_Stunning working with the breathtaking Cookie Monster and Gonger. Complete professionals these two! 

_One cookie never enough 

_April Fool’s jokes make me one focused on the monster. I need cookie. 

_Me going to have a cookie when I completed the process of tweeting. So… I wrapped up! 

_Last call for cooooooookies! I don’t need you to pass up opportunity to eat cookies with me on Sesame Street! 

_Dis year me concentrating on my self-care. When I need little love, me going to give meself cookie. 

_Keeping myself up late this evening, each cookie in turn…. 

_In the event that you need assistance eating all dem cookies, I know a person! 

_Me sparing pie for tomorrow. Today about COOKIES! 

Cookie Monster Sayings and Quotes

_IT DA BEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!!!!! Cheerful #NATIONALCOOKIEDAY TO ALL ME FRIENDS… be that as it may, above all, TO ME!! OM NOM! 

_Three things me grateful for: cookies, cookies and more cookies. My monster of basic tastes. 

_Me: Eats a cookie. 

_Me mind: Try not to say it , Try not to say it , Try not to say it , Try not to say it , Try not to say it , Me: OM NOM! 

_It’s my birthday today! Me going to celebrate with 2 cookie cakes! One cookie-molded cake, one cake-formed cookie. Consider every contingency. 

_A year ago Telly spruced up as cookie for Halloween. I pursued him 6 squares till I understood it was simply ensemble! 

_I spare me the most loved cookie audit for last… a cookie in the current style! Dis cookie is warm with melty chocolate chippies, however cold with a yummy dessert. Alright, now me slobbering. 

_Me assessing all my cookies from me monster pound video! Dis phantom cookie simply likes apparition… it vanishes when I eat it! Om nom. 

_My most loved shape is a circle, since I most loved sustenances are circles: pizzas, pies, and, obviously, cookies!

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