42+ Best Diaper Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Diaper Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Business CommunicationInvitation Wording42+ Best Diaper Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

42+ Best Diaper Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Diaper showers are loosely related to the memorable and special occasion of baby shower. As the name suggests itself, this particular shower is a celebratory way to acquire diapers for one’s second or third baby.

People generally throw a diaper shower for their second-born because all the baby gears, except for the diapers that have been previously gifted to them are still good to use.

What to write in a diaper shower Invitation?

  • Mention how important it is for you to have their blessings
  • Tell them that you would be glad to share your special day with them 
  • Mention how excited you are to be a host for them 
  • Mention that you want them to stay back for dinner/lunch together

How to respond to a diaper Shower invitation?

  • Congratulate the mother to be on her second baby
  • Write that you will be present there to offer your blessings
  • Thank them for including you on their special day 
  • Write how happy you are for them 

A diaper shower can be of two types, one being the manly shower where all the dads and uncles joining the father for a beer and barbeque session.

Second, being the mommy shower which they get to thoroughly planned with their friends that may include diaper themed settings and decorations.One more thing that is essential for both the above types of diaper showers are the invitation wording, so below is a list of wording ideas that one can use-

Diaper Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Since me and Angela are having a boy as our second child, so it is only fitting that we have a diaper shower just for us boys on (date) to which you are invited.
  • Diapers and politicians have a lot in common as both must be changed often. But we need diapers for now hence you are invited to our child’s diaper shower on (date).
  • Our precious little prince/princess is on his/her way and I have used by wisdom and decided to throw a diaper shower party on (date). We hope to see you there.
  • Yeah we will have beers and yeah we will also have a great barbeque and hence I’ll be expecting your presence at our place for the diaper shower on (date).

 _We weren’t lucky enough to have friends who would invite us at their diaper shower. So let me be the bigger friend here and invite you to my diaper shower party on (date).

_I’ll be taking a day off on (date) and you will also take a day off on the same day as well because you are going to be there for my child diaper shower party.

_We are going to be parents again, so to we have decided to have a diaper shower party on (date) to which you and the family are cordially invited.

_It‘s a special feeling to have these days because me and Sheila are pregnant again and she finally let me have my long awaited diaper shower. So see you pal on (date).

_Celebration alert! As our little angel is on her way and she will needing lots of diapers so we would like to invite you to our diaper shower party held on (Date).

_We liked the first one so much that we decided to have a second one. So here we are inviting you and the gang to our diaper shower on (date) held at our place.

  _Do join us for our nice diaper shower on (date) as the day will be full of sugar and spice. Do ignore and the rhyme and come at our place from (time).

_We are having a baby girl this time so everything in her room will be pink except for the diapers we’ll be getting from you at the diaper shower on (date).

_God was kind to us, so we are having our second child in the form of a little prince. Please join us for a diaper shower with the gang on a splendid evening of (date).

_My wife and I have come to an agreement that we are going to throw a gender neutral diaper shower. So join us with diapers and for beers at our place on (date).

_Your old friend is going to be a dad for the second time and I hope to celebrate my joy with my closest friends. So please be there for the diaper shower on (date).

_It is said that we must share our happiness with all our closest pals and here I am inviting you to be there at the diaper shower held at our place on (date).

_We think diapers are the most important thing we will need for our to-be born second child and hence we would like to have you for the diaper shower on (date).

_Firstly we would like to thank you for being there at our first child’s baby shower and this time it’s different as we would like to invite you for a diaper shower on (date).

_As humans we don’t like change except for a baby’s diaper. So it gives me great pleasure to invite you and the family at the diaper shower we are having on (date).

_We don’t know whether it will be a boy or a girl for us but we do know that we would be happy to have you at the diaper shower party held at our place on (date).

_You have to join us for a different type of grand celebration in the form of our baby’s diaper shower, held at our place on the Saturday evening of (date).

 _A second baby is on its way, so we have all the baby gears we need except for the diapers. Hence you are invited to our baby’s diaper shower on (date).

_Me and husband recently came to know that Diaper shower is an actual thing so with absolute no shame I would like invite you to our child’s diaper shower on (date).

_Days like these comes once in a lifetime. So to celebrate our joy, we would like your presence at the diaper shower held in honor our second baby on (date).

_If babies are a blessing then we are going to have our second blessing pretty soon. But before that, do join us at the diaper shower held at our place on (date).

_We would be the happiest if you could spare some time for our baby’s diaper shower that we are having on the evening of (date) at our place.

_The nicest thing have happened to us twice so we would be celebrating it with barbeque, burgers and beers along with your presence at the diaper shower on (date).

_We still have the gifts from the last baby shower we had and it’s only logically throw a diaper shower instead for our second child. So do join us on (Date).

_It was fun while having our first child, so we are going to have another one. You and your wife are cordially invited for our baby’s diaper shower on (date).

_A new guest is about to grace our family and we will need your by our side for the baby’s diaper shower held at our place on the last Friday of (month).

_There is no preference gender for our second child but we only want you gift us diapers at our baby‘s diaper shower held at our place on (Date).

_I finally got the beer permission from my wife. So I would really love to see you at my place for the diaper shower on (date), which is exclusive for men.

_ I am so delighted to invite you to grace your presence at the diaper shower that we are having for our second baby on the Thursday evening of (date).

_We hereby like to cordially invite you to the diaper shower in honor of our second child on (date time and place). Do bless us with diapers and blessings.

_No matter what happens in this world, our second baby is still going to poo for a long time. Hence do join us on the evening of (date) for our baby’s diaper shower.

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