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Disc Jockey Day: 79+ Messages, Quotes and Greetings

National Disc Jockey Day is observed on January 20th every year. A disc jockey or a DJ, in short, is a person who plays recorded music either on the radio or at a club or event.

Disc jockeys are hard-working entertainers who bring energy on the dance floors. The work of DJs playing back to back music and making everyone to dance to the tune is very much appreciated on this day.

Even though the history of DJs is not known, it is said that in 1909 a boy, student of a college, had played recorded music at an event and thus the Disc Jockey has started and spread out throughout the globe these days.

If you enjoy Disc Jockeying or the music played by them, here is an opportunity to appreciate their work with the following beautiful quotes and wishes

Disc Jockey Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-Today is Disc Jockey Day. It is a business in which ‘hit the next button day’ fills you with energy.

-Hang on! Today is Disc Jockey Day. If you’re a DJ, we salute you. We dedicate this day to adore you!

-I may not a Disc Jockey but I can still celebrate Disc Jockey Day because I have wonderful collections of music.

-Happy national disc jockey day to all the radio jocks and DJs out there! Disc Jockey Day.

-Happy Disc Jockey Day! Hope it’s super-duper for you all!

-It’s National Disc Jockey Day! Let’s spin some hot DJ songs and dance to the tune of it.

-Dear DJs, Happy Disc Jockey Day. This is a ‘thing’ will have you both in the greatest of rages.

-Today is National Disc Jockey Day. I salute DJs who sling the hits every day! Rock on.

-Happy Disc Jockey Day to all. Today pick some fantastic music and spread it out in your room to make the feel of the day.

-Today is National Disc Jockey day. Come out of your Televisions and enjoy some live DJ music.

-Today is Disc Jockey Day. Respect DJs and salute them! DJ’s don’t need a day because they party every day.

-Dedicate a song to all the DJs today because it is national disc jockey day.

-Happy disc jockey day to our great supporters. Enjoy on the dance floor!

-Love to hear that today is Disc Jockey Day. Every day should be a DJ day for us because music heals the mind.

-I guess I’ll have to settle for celebrating disc jockey day today. Spin some favorite music and enjoy the day.

-Happy day to all my DJ brothers and sisters! Today is Disc Jockey Day!

-Today January 20th is National DJ Day. Show some love to your favorite club, radio or event DJ!

-Happy DJ day to all DJs there. The magic happens when you stop listening and start experimenting.

-That one tune, that one moment, when your music world changes.Happy Disc Jockeying!

-I would like to thank all the DJs out there who have made our dream possible and help it to keep growing.

-Disc Jockey Day is all about celebrating the hard work of those entertainers who have brought energy onto the dance floors across the globe.

-If you are one of the DJs and made people dance by playing back to back music then today is the day to appreciate your talents.

-Happy Disc Jockey Day. Let us spread the good vibes around DJs this day to hail them for their talent.

-Happy Disc Jockey day to all my fellow hardworking DJ’s out there making it happen! Filling up dance floors and making customers happy.

-National Disc Jockey Day. A disc jockey is a person who plays recorded music especially on radio, club, or at a party.

-Happy National Disc Jockey Day to all the men and women behind the microphone!

-Thank you, friends, you’ve always been a voice there for us and a big Thank you to all of our listeners! National Disc Jockey Day.

-Happy National Disc Jockey Day! Saluting DJs services to all of us music and dance lovers.

-National Disc Jockey Day! Jockeying is an experience and we take pride in what we love to do. Keep rocking.

-Plug your Disc Jockey equipment, get excited and flow the energy on the dance floors. It’s national disc jockey day.

-Sending today love and appreciation to all fellow deejays all over the world, as we celebrate National DJ Day!

-We thank our Disc Jokey’s who perform all year long and Produces amazing music!

-Celebrate disc jockey day by going through your CD collection.

-Today is National Disc Jockey Day! Celebrating by shouting out to all my favorite DJs.

-Whether you’re just starting off in your bedroom or having just spun a music festival in front of a crowd, it’s important not to forget how lucky we are to do what we do.

-Everything is cool today. Turn on the radio, call up and request songs and thank your radio DJ since it’s national disc jockey day.

-Dj just play that song, because I want to be dancing all night long today as it is disc jockey day. Just play my favorite song.

-Happy Disc Jockey day. I look cool when I spin it for my people. I love my job.

-Happy World DJs Day! To all our DJs inspirators and innovators, thank you for being a guiding light of our parties!

-Let us inspire DJs today who always encourage us to be on the dance floors.

-Set up the booth and spotlight and get ready to meet the world! Happy DJ day.

-Music waves about to hit the dance floor, prepare now for the journey. National Disc jockey day.

-Today is national disc jockey day and respect needs to be paid to all DiscJockeys of all levels.

-Respect a DJ because he leaves his family behind to make us enjoy the party on all seasonal occasions.

-Today is national Disc Jockey day so last night we all turned out into DJs!

-Today is Disc Jockey day! Give a hug to the DJ close to you because they deserve it.

-Thank you to all the DJ’s spinning music and continuously supporting us to entertain people.

-Celebrating Disc Jockey Day hailing the talents of our DJs who work very hard to keep us entertained every weekend!

-They’ll make a day for everyone by burning their discs down. Happy DJ day.

-Shout out to all the DJs and colleagues out there putting in work. Keep it up. National DJ day.

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