End Violence against Women Day(V-Day): Messages, Quotes

The goal of creating social media messages is not only to reach your audience but also to achieve an intended effect. More than many forms of communication, social media messages need to motivate the audience to engage with the content. Here we Collected Best Messages, Quotes, and Greeting which you can use on a End violence against Women and Girls V-Day.

Business Communication Social Media Greetings End Violence against Women Day(V-Day): Messages, Quotes

End Violence against Women Day(V-Day): Messages, Quotes

V-Day is a global movement that aims to protest against violence carried out on women in all forms. It is observed on 14th February every year. The movement is not only restricted to women but also extends to include girls and transgenders. It was started in 1998 by Eve Ensler who was an author, playwright, and activist. A play known as  The Vagina Monologues that was directed by Ensler gave birth to this movement and since then it has become popular throughout the world in raising campaigns against oppression on women.

Here are a few inspirational quotes on End violence against Women and Girls V-Day.

_On the occasion of V-Day, we should take the pledge of ending all forms of violence against women.

_On V-Day, we must remember the fact that the advancement of any nation depends on the advancement of their women.

_Violence and oppression against women is a vice for the society that should be dealt with strictly and V-Day is a wonderful initiative in this regard.

_Women who are enduring all kinds of pain and torcher for years due to domestic violence, V-Day is the ideal occasion for them to rise up and protest against such violence.     

_We should never tolerate and compromise with the perpetrators of violence against women. V-Day helps in spreading this kind of consciousness in society at different levels.

_For most of the people, the significance of February 14 lies in celebrating Valentine’s Day but rarely do we think about another important occasion on the same day known as V-Day. As violence against women gets widespread throughout the world, it is high time that we unite and punish the culprits.

_We should not let violence against women become a norm in the society, it is time to condemn such violence in all the ways possible on V-Day.

_Let us conduct campaigns on V-Day that will make more people conscious about the subject of violence against women so that they stop turning a blind eye to it.

_On V-Day, we should inspire people to join all kinds of movements that aim to stop violence against women.

_Women should stop submitting themselves to violence and oppression that are carried out by their male counterparts and fight for their rights on V-Day.

_On V-Day, we must make it a point to reach out to those women who have been raped or physically torture and strive to give them justice.

_On V-Day, we should try to spread awareness about women empowerment throughout the world because if women are empowered then they will learn to live with self-respect and dignity without being dependent on anyone else.

_Let us stand beside all the women who are trying to speak out and act against the violence that is being perpetrated on them.

_The path towards the liberation of women from all kinds of exploitation and violence is not that easy but we need to stay determined to overcome the challenges and hardships that come in our way.

_On V-Day, we should realize the fact that women are subjected to violence irrespective of their caste, class, and religion and it is our duty to prevent such violence from spreading in the society.

_Violence against women is emerging as one of the biggest threats to our societies and V-Day gives us an opportunity to speak out on this issue and work for the upliftment of the women whose voice has been suppressed for years.

_On V-Day, we should stop all forms of discrimination that exists between men and women.

_V-Day reminds us of the significant role that women play in our lives from giving birth to taking care and nurturing. This makes it more important for us to adopt a strict attitude against all kinds of oppression or domination of women in society.

_V-Day is the occasion on which all the women of this world should take the pledge of not accepting any form of injustice and challenge the existing norms in the society that forces them to be subservient to the domination of men.

_Violence against women is a criminal activity that should not be encouraged in any society.

_Women empowerment is an important aspect of human rights that should be promoted throughout the world on V-Day.

_On V-Day, women must realize the fact that if someone denies to give them their legitimate rights then they should know how to seize it.

_Let us learn to respect the rights of the transgenders on V-Day and prevent them from being harassed and hit in public.

_Domestic violence and marital rape are manifestations of patriarchal arrogance that is prevalent in our societies and must be stopped immediately.

_On V-Day, let us try to pressurize the governments of different nations to strengthen all the laws that deal with violence against women.

_All the talks about gender equality will prove to be a farce if we fail to act against the menace of domestic violence against women immediately.

_On V-Day, let us put an end to the patriarchal hierarchy that justifies violence against women through rape, sexual slavery, child trafficking, genital mutilation, etc.

_Today is V-Day, the day on which we should push ourselves out of the comfort zone and talk to women who have been victims of patriarchal violence. It is also our responsibility to act bravely and ensure that the culprits are punished by law.

_On V-Day, let us try to break all the stigmas that are related to violence against women and train them to be self-reliant.

_Rarely do we take notice of the atrocities that are committed against women and even if we do so, we fail to act. But V-Day provides an opportunity for us to change our stereotypical mindset and fight for the empowerment of women.

_On V-Day, let us remain vigilant about any form of violence against women.

_On V-Day, you must learn to respect the consent of a woman and never force her to act on your terms under any circumstances.

_Women should not be treated as personal property as they have their own choices that need to be respected.

_On V-Day, we must be creative in finding out different ways of raising awareness about the issue of violence against women.

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