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60+ Best Engagement Day Toast Sayings

Engagement day is the most memorable day in one’s life when a person enters into a new relationship with the other person and starts completely a new journey in life. On this engagement day all the family and friends should raise a toast for the new couple to cheer their happiness. Mentioned below are some beautiful engagement day toast sayings that you can use.

Engagement Day Toast Sayings

  • Love each other the most as the love is the remedy to every pain.
  • Hoping that you receive all the blessings of the Heavens.
  • May god shower all the blessings over both of you
  • Nothing else matters when you love each other
  • Stay happy and blessed, have a great life ahead
  • May all your life be full of love and happiness, stay blessed

_ Love each other to the fullest and be the perfect companion to each other

_ May you relationship live long

_ Happiness may fill the life of you both with lot of colors and beauty

_ Love makes the life beautiful and the life becomes more beautiful when you find your perfect partner, stay blessed

_ Life is like the journey make it lovely with your perfect one

_ May God fill your life the colors of happiness and love, may you both be blessed with each other

_ Love have its complete meaning in one’s life, after you find a companion who is perfect for you! Have a great journey ahead

_ You both look perfect with each other, stay together for ever and ever! May god bless both of you pretty souls!

_ I pray to God for all your happiness in life

_ God has sent you both together on this earth, so always be together and be beside each other in every moment of happiness and sorrow. May god shower his blessings on both of you!

_ Raise a toast for the togetherness of this beautiful couple!

_ I pray to god that you both make a happiest pair in the world! Stay blessed together

_ I pray to god that you both may get the best in life! Wish you all the luck for your new journey

_ Life is always incomplete with out a perfect partner, with whom one can share all his happiness and joy, with whom one can share all his sorrow and pain. Now when you both are there with each other then never move apart from each other and stay together beside each other always. Stay blessed

_ Life is meant to be shared with the one who is your perfect partner. Now it’s you both, share all your happiness and sadness with each other. Hoping you receive the Heaven’s blessings!

_ Togetherness is always meant to be celebrated. It’s your day so everyone raise a toast for this beautiful couple!

_ Wish you both all the luck in life and May you both achieve what ever you may wish for! Stay blessed with each other!

_ Make each other’s life beautiful with lots of colors and happiness! Hoping you receive the Heaven’s blessings!

_ You two beautiful souls were made for each other for ever and ever! Stay blessed forever!

_ May god bestows on you both all the luck and happiness in your life, and may shower on you all the colors of joy!

_ The perfect souls have come together! Toast must be raised for them! Hoping you receive the Heaven’s blessings! 

_ Always be the support to each other! Stay blessed in life! Raise a toast for this cutest couple in this world!

_ A perfect partner is always a perfect support in life! Be the one for each other and always stay happy!

_ When you find a perfect partner for yourself, you find yourself happy and content, calm and complete, when you both have found a perfect one for yourself then always be behind each other!

_ Love is what one always need in their lives, and now when you have find love of you lives, keep each other smiling! May god bless you with all the luck and joy in your lives!

_ May God gift you a box full of love and luck in your lives! Stay happy and stay blessed!

_ Perfect partner is the source of perfect life! And perfect life is the gift of god! So you both are blessed with god’s gift

_ I raise a toast for your togetherness! Stay blessed with all the luck in life with each other!

_ All the luck may come to you both and make your life happy and colorful!

_ You both were made a pair by god and you are thus bestowed with heavenly luck and fortune! May the divine bless you with the best in your lives!

_ The best couple you both make together and I raise a toast to the engagement and togetherness of this best couple

_ Your togetherness is not completely celebrated till I raise a toast for you both! Cheers to you togetherness!

_ Blessings for you from my heart, that is full of affection and love for you both! Perfect couple should be blessed with everything perfect in their lives; I pray all the luck for you both!

_ May all the fortune be bestowed by god over this beautiful couple! 

_ Be thankful to god who made you both for each other and fills your lives with lots of joy and happiness!

engagement day toast sayings

_ This engagement of my friends is the day of love and is meant to celebrate their togetherness! May god bless them with all fortune in their lives!

_ Engagement day of you both is the day to mark the beginning of your new journey in life together with each other! This day should be celebrated with a raised toast for them!

_ Till now two beautiful souls were moving on different paths but on this engagement day they are brought together and now they have to move together on the same path! I welcome you both in this new journey of your lives on this engagement day!

_ Anyone can share the happiness in one’s life but the perfect partner always stands beside the one’s in the difficult times of life! Always be there with each other in every situation! Receive all the amazing fortunes of Heavens!

_ The essence of love is care and support! Be the caring and supportive one for each other! Stay blessed with all the happiness in life!

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