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Epiphany Day: 70+ Best Messages, Greetings and Wishes

Epiphany Day is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. Epiphany Day is also called Baptism of Jesus, three kings day, little Christmas and the theophany, Reyes.

Christians observe Epiphany Day, and this year it’s going to be celebrated on 6 January. Epiphany Day celebrated annually. The traditional date for the feast is 6 January. But in some countries its held on the Sunday after 1 January.

The word epiphany is from koine greek and its derived from the verb phaninein meaning to appear.

Below is a list of Epiphany Day, Messages quotes and wishes

_On this Epiphany Day may the three wise men visit your place and rejuvenate your life with love and happiness.

_Let us be thankful for the arrival of our Lord on this Epiphany Day. 

_Wishing you all a very happy Epiphany Day.

_Keep calm and love Jesus.

_May your home be filled with the glory of Lord on this Epiphany Day.

_On this Epiphany Day, let the divine blessings be showered upon us and fill our life with joy and happiness.

_Let us all celebrate the Three Kings Day to praise our Lord for his great deeds.

_On this Epiphany Day let our Lord guide us to the path of wisdom for a better journey in life.

_Let the three kings show up the path to righteousness and bring joy and prosperity into our lives.

_May the almighty be the king and save us from the evildoers on this holy occasion of Epiphany Day.

_Let us all look at the wonderful star for it is royal and bright to show us the path to our Lord.

_When the Earth sings Alleluah to heaven, remember it is the time for our Lord.

_Let us enjoy the moment, for Lord Jesus was bestowed on the Earth for Heaven on this Day.

_We all must come together to sing and praise on the birth of our Lord.

_Let us all come together and celebrate on the arrival of the greatest power from heaven on Earth.

_All men must come together and cherish the wonderful moment of the birth of our Lord on Earth.

_A great Epiphany always comes once in a lifetime, so celebrate it has the last Day on Earth.

_On this baptism of Jesus, let us celebrate as if it is the last time to praise our Lord.

_On this Epiphany Day, let us wish to lead our lives as if every single Day throughout the year is Epiphany.

_Epiphany is also called Little Christmas for a reason, and let us celebrate it in that way.

_Christmas might be over, but the mood shall not be over as the celebration of the little Christmas is yet to happen.

_On this Epiphany Day let us show our gratitude towards our Lord for his arrival and Epiphany on this holy Day.

_Sometimes dream might never come true, but Epiphany is the dream within reality.

_The center of Epiphany is not the arrival of our Lord, but a way to cleanse our souls from our sins.

_Epiphany Day is something beyond our rational thinking, that is why our Lord is worth praising for.

_If you want to discover yourself, sink into devotion on this Epiphany Day.

_On this Epiphany Day, have a meal together with your family and drink to the arrival of our Lord.

_On this Epiphany Day let us seek homage to our Lord, for Epiphany is nothing without a quest.

_Understanding one’s potential and self-confidence can only be achieved through our Lord, and that is why Epiphany is worth celebrating for.

_Let us all be blessed to have the Epiphany in our life and the protection of our Lord.

_May our Lord showers us with His blessings on this Epiphany Day and always. 

_Let the Lord guide us to the divine light and fill our lives with joy and prosperity on this Epiphany Day.

_Let us all come together in the grand feast of 6 January to celebrate the arrival of our Lord.

_Let our heart be filled with the glory of our Lord and with the teachings of the three wise Kings.

_We must kneel before our Lord who showers us with his holy blessings on this Epiphany Day.

_Enjoy this great Day, have a feast with your family and friends, greetings on this Epiphany Day.

_Wishing you and your family the holy Day for Baptism of Jesus, our only true Lord.

_On this Epiphany Day, let the children know about the great miracles of our Lord.

_May the glory of our Lord fill our home and heart with his eternal blessings on his Epiphany Day.

_On this Epiphany Day, let our Lord hold your hand in whichever path you follow.

_Keep calm and happy Epiphany.

_Wishing you all to be blessed with the gifts of love, happiness, and peace on this Epiphany Day and always forever.

_Let us forget our conflicts and enjoy together on this Epiphany.

_Everyone is the same in the eyes of our Lord, so the least we can do is show our gratitude towards his arrival.

_Let us celebrate on the christening of our Lord Jesus Christ and let go of our past sins and sorrows.

_On this Holy Day, the revelation of God shows us the path towards righteousness.

_The appearance of the Holy Trinity during Christ’s baptism is the holiest thing that could ever happen to us.

_The path towards righteousness and good deeds happens on Epiphany Day, so let us rejoice to that.

_Our Lord is the reason for the world being a better place so let us celebrate and never forget the fact.

_On this Epiphany Day, let every nation on Earth adore the holy presence of God.

_Never side with the wicked king of the region, on this holy occasion of Epiphany Day.

_On this Epiphany Day, let us thank our Father for revealing himself to us in Jesus Christ.

_ Wishing that you blessed with gifts of love, peace and happiness on epiphany and always.

_ I always liked those times of epiphany, when you have the next destination.

_ I never made one of my discoveries by the process of rational thinking.

_ There’s nothing good when something comes and strike you, and you think YES. 

_ Today is a fantastic night to recollect that we are every one of the one major family and the tyke god lives among us.

_ Today is a delightful day to recollect that we are all family and that child Jesus lives inside us. 

_ May the three astute men visit your place and give you heaps of adoration, harmony and satisfaction. May this revelation be a euphoric festival with your precious ones. 

_ love is the revelation of God in our poverty. 

_ Every minute a revelation arrives and cuts the mountain into pieces. 

_ Without the mission, there can be no revelation.

_ Truth, by which the world held together, has sprung from the earth to be carried in a women’s arms.

_ The inspiration can come in such small ways that if you sit there just waiting for the big epiphany, you will sit there for the rest of your life.

_ Tradition states that on the eve of the epiphany, the three kings will visit every good child and bring him gifts.

_ Epiphany we saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.

_ The revelation for me was that I was not an author. What’s more, I needed to accomplish something with these writings. I put them in the boulevards as notices. 

_ Small things start us in better approaches for intuition. 

_ The grin all over when you open your blessings is unique. that is the reason you ought to consistently be a decent young lady, and the three rulers will repay you.

_ Today is a Nice day to remember that we are all family and that baby Jesus lives within us.

_ May the mighty, the lord, as the saviour, save you from all bad things and make this epiphany a happy moreover celebration to you and your family.

_ Becoming is not the opposite of being but the epiphany of being.

_ it is a rare gift to understand that your life is wondrous and that it would not last forever.

_ I never create one of my inventions through the process of rational thinking.

_ I always liked those days of epiphany, when you have the next arrival.

_ Epiphany is a Christian holy anniversary celebrating the magi’s visit to the Christ child.

_ I usually do not talk for three days after a defeat. then you have an epiphany and realise it is just a game.

_ Sometimes the dream that comes true are the dreams that you even never knew that you had them.

_ You can never discover something new based on your rational thinking. you have to think differently than the obvious.

_ the day I saw you, and i realized that you are my epiphany. I am blessed to have you in my life.

_ usually we would favour seven revelations per day and earth, not all that without heavenly attendants.

_ There is nothing better when something comes and hits you, and you think YES.

_ Where the person who has been conceived lord of the jews is? we saw his star when it climbed and have come to adore him.

_ I like characters who are not typically heroic and come to some epiphany about themselves.

_ We hope you enjoy the gifts we have left you but most importantly that you enjoy the time you spend with your family. Happy Three kings’ day

_ May the magnificence of master Christ fill your home with joy and heaps of adoration on revelation and in every case, each day remains favoured. 

_ On the off chance that you look all through humanity’s history the focal revelation of each religious Tradition consistently happens in the wild.

_ I had an epiphany. I was a loser.

_ The camera is my way to disguise those transitory revelations that I was having in my life. 

_ My revelation came in that police cell. I understood I was going to lose everything, and it didn’t trouble me.

_ Cuddling kills depression, relieves anxiety and the immune system.

_ Usually we would only prefer three epiphanies a day and an earth not so devoid of angels.

_ My songs tend to sprint toward some epiphany and then explode.

_ People have snapshots of cognizance and revelations for the duration of their lives however then smother the acknowledgement. 

_ I have no clue how to manage myself and keeping in mind that I sit tight for my revelation. I feel the poisons gathering in my body.

_ My home is in heaven. I am just travelling through this beautiful world.

_ if nothing we do matters, at that point the only important thing is our main thing. 

_ I want an epiphany for seven days and angels around throughout the year.

_ May you guided with the light of insight on your way and your adventure of life. commend this revelation in recognition of the master.

_ Happy Three Kings Day.

_ Truth developed in my mind like growth, and however, I attempted to rest it out, there was no opposing the revelations. 

_ If nothing we do matters, at that point the only thing that is in any way meaningful is the thing that to do. #EpiphanyDay

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