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Event Invitation to Boss: 65+Best Messages

In order to have a successful career in the corporate world, one must always learn from successful and influential people in the industry. Taking about successful and influential, your boss is probably the one who belongs to both of the categories. There are many occasions, we welcome our boss like Party, Wedding or any event.

And besides, one can only learn something when they actually try to. So, it is imperative that we all should realize that it can never hurt to get to know your boss more.

Although, they can be a bit strict sometimes an environment of merriment and celebration such as any event may help you to extract the fun personalities of your bosses. So below is a list of invitation wording that you can use to invite your bosses for a friendly and celebratory event-

List of Best Event Invitation to Boss Messages

-Hello Sir, It is with great pleasure, I would like to invite you to our Easter Party held at our home. Please join us and celebrate this lovely occasion merrily.

-Dear Sir/Ma’am, your presence would be greatly felt at my family event held at (location). We will be expecting you and the spouse on (date).

-Sir, to be honest, I was skeptical at first, but now we love our bounce house so much that we are throwing a party on (date). I hope to see you, boss, with your kid for a delightful play day.

-Ma’am, my husband has very dearly organized an intellectual game for our son’s birthday party and he requires a challenging opponent. So please come and enjoy the evening with us.

Party Invitation to Boss Messages

-Hello Sir/Ma’am, I would like to cordially invite you for a fun-filled evening at this year’s Diwali party at our home premises. Your presence would be greatly felt.

-Dear Boss, It is said that the greatest gift of any occasion is the people you chose to celebrate with. So please come along and join us at my housewarming party.

-The success that our company has accomplished wouldn’t have been possible with you. Similarly, my Hanukkah party would be incomplete without you. So do join us, Boss.

-Desserts have always been the climax meal for everyone, but how about some Halloween candies this year. Boss, you are most welcome to try it out at our Halloween Party.

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-Sir, I know you like my wife’s classic glazed ham against my Four-Cheese Scalloped Potatoes. So we would like to invite you for a weekend party. Hope to see you there, Sir.

-Hello Sir/Ma’am, You and the family are invited to attend the celebration of our God’s Divinity that we call Feast Day. Please be our guest for the evening.

-Dearest Sir, we are very generous the way you have been supporting my spouse’s new business. So please let us have you as our esteemed guests for the party.

-Boss, with humility and joy in our hearts I would like to invite you for an evening of celebration with all of our dearest colleagues. May we get to celebrate such feats in the future as well

-Sir, I and my wife are planning to throw a weekend Brunch in the first week of June and your presence at the party is very much requested by my family. We will be expecting you.

-Dear Boss, you have seen my child growing into a person. And today we are having a graduation party for him, hence you are invited to this celebration and share your valuable wisdom.

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-We are throwing one of our colleagues a surprise birthday party. As we all know how much he/she adores you as a boss, so please come and grace your presence at the event.

-Summer is the time when the air feels fresh but we will be making the air feel crisp with our Sunday Barbeque party on (date). Sir, we’d be absolutely thrilled to see you there.

-Sir/Ma’am you were the one who introduced a welcoming party so it is only appropriate that we should invite you to welcome our newest colleague as well.

-Let’s beat this summer together, Dear Boss! So we were hoping that you would visit us at our beach house where we are organizing a little party with cocktails and shrimp.

-Dear Sir/Ma’am, I would like to tell you that I and my wife still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and true love. So join us for a night when we celebrate everything at once.

-Hello Boss, We are going to celebrate our team’s achievement at the cocktail party organized by all of us on (date). Sir, please come as the celebration will be incomplete without your presence.

-My dearest mentor, you and your spouse are cordially invited to attend our party to celebrate the occasion of Eid and its symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.

-As our son is going to be baptized, Dear Boss, we want you by our side to help us and welcome him into the family of Christ. Sir, I hope that you come to the ceremony and bless our baby.

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-I know Sir that you don’t have any idea about gambling but I and my husband can assure you that our casino party is not just limited to that. So do come and enjoy a fun-filled evening.

-Dear Boss, we have organized a little award show for all of our colleagues and we would like to invite your presence to the event. So please be there to collect your “Best Boss” award.

-Christmas is a time to be spent with our family and you sir, are definitely a part of my family. So please allow me and my wife a chance to host you for this year’s Christmas. 

-There will be cocktails and hors d’oeuvres served at the grandest evening on (date) organized by my wife’s company. Dear Boss, I hope you’re there to support us.

Wedding Invitation to Boss Messages

-More than the wedding itself we are excited about how we can put up the grandest bachelor party for our colleagues. Boss, we’ll be waiting for you on that day with some of your most fun ideas.

-Yes Sir, I am finally engaged and am planning to get married next December. I know you are a busy man but please try to make it to our wedding to bless us.

-My dearest boss, you are cordially invited to the ceremony of my wedding on [date]. Do come and let us be blessed with your presence during the holy occasion.

-I do believe in the love of God as he has blessed me with a lovely boss. Hence, I would like to invite you to share my joy on my parents’ 35th marriage anniversary.

Event Invitation Messages For A Boss

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