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71+ Funny Motocross Quotes and Sayings

Motocross is a visible shape of off-road motorcycle racing in the United Kingdom which gradually developed from motorcycle trials competition. Motocross is a sport with so many evolutions in which teams run a race over grass, experienced over 10 years of existence.

Here are Funny Motocross Quotes and Sayings

  • A motocross race is an event where a person lives in his way. It is much more than an ordinary race.
  • Chicks dig marks of the wound, pains are not forever, bones heal and glory is for always.
  • Pit it if have any doubt.
  • You are going slow when everything looks perfect and controllable and you are comfortable.
  • Move a gear when you can still feel your fears.
  • Crash doesn’t hurt but the sudden stop does
  • Grip and rip it in the short period of our life.
  • Love, live and ride it.
  • Dirt is something that never harms 

_Always ride slower than your angel who can fly.

_Ride like you are chasing by the devil himself.

_The time you see how far is the right time to look back.

_Throttle it out whenever you are in confusion.

_Every weekend I ride like a speed demon. I have had motorbikes from childhood and my brother, more like my son who is 11 years old, has exactly the same motocross as me.but it is smaller than mine. He always wants to do the things I want to do.

_It’s easy to jump a motorcycle but you will face problems if you want to land it.

_Major racing is completely unsafe and I think it should be safe.

_I’ve found something, with motocross your identity which breaks all the rules that come from passion.

_I asked if I race motorcycle I mentioned the word race because riding on Harley is easier than racing on a motocross bike down the street.

_Out of all the dangerous sports I think boxing is the most dangerous sport after football. Then Motocross is a sport where your neck is always on risk whenever you ride it.

_Maxmimum cornering power is less important than drivability, Balance and to have the power to accelerate while cornering. It is better to optimize the package you have than design it in a different way because you will get something more than this when you will reach up to the professional level in motor racing.

_You will be terrified if a motorcycle comes down from 30feet with 70mph speed.

_In racing, if you start with big fortune it’s the best way you can make small luck.

_A motorcycle is something where no one can control you in any way.

_When I was younger I was faster than today as I am old now.

_The people who pass each other seem they want to be in one line in motocross. and you are trying hard to see those people.

_You can’t go with a point of benefit over anyone into a season. So I think it can never be your defense. You choose a number that is different from others. But again zero started at first by all.

_Its important to have good eyesight when you’re a racing driver, especially it’s very important at night. You need to have the commitment and believe when you’re driving. If you are traveling in 200mph speed all you have to do is to focus on the breaking point which is 110 meters.

_Its better to stay at home if you can’t ride hard.

Motocross Quotes And Sayings

_I’m ridding motorcycle without using my hands look, mama.

_I told him to choose one between me and the motorcycle and he did the longest wheelie up that I never saw before.

_Motorcross can get you high than drugs can ever do.

_Some people depend on fate, Some people depend on luck but when I ride my bike I never give a fudge.

_I don’t have any excuse for what I will do.

_Do Scared of the possibilities.

_Oh I suppose you’re trying to have a camping trip peacefully?

_let me play you the music of people who are ourselves.

_Go faster and wait for a few seconds if you see God. then stop your motorcycle.

_There is no ‘someday’ in a week.

_I’ve never touched those brakes so I don’t know about them.

_When life blows a light for you, relax and blame others.

_She wanted me to whisper something that is sexy in her ear so I make the sound of a motorcycle.

_I choose to be a motocross rider because heroes are needed in the football team too.

_What most people can’t live in their life. You live more than them in 5 minutes in the dirt motorbike.

_Riders who have crashed and rider who will crash are the only motocross rider exists.

_You can either go fast or very fast or extreme.

_Motocross requires more than one ball.

_My crash has to look amazing if I ever die from riding a motorbike.

_ I am ready to take the risk of falling just to experience the flying.

_Racer for a brief period of time is better than to be a spectator for always.

_You can break me physically but never try to break me emotionally.

_It is more than a sport. It is one amazing way, with the help of which I am both living as well as enjoying this life.

_Brave people are not immortal. They are mortal but no cautions exist.

_Live for always, Ride a vehicle that has four-strokes and kill the speed.

_When you drive a motorcycle it feels like flying. All the senses are active. Through the city of California, when I ride in the early morning and the light rain stops raining, the scents which just heavenly wash all over me. Other’s thought is like gravity and houses free from it because houses are flying too.

_When you are riding a motorbike your car will go where your eyes will go. The driver gets out of control if he tears his eyes away from the road. And he will feel the break free tires which will regain the control of his bike.

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