135+ Best Golf Quotes and Sayings

Psychology Sayings and Quotes 135+ Best Golf Quotes and Sayings

135+ Best Golf Quotes and Sayings

Golf is the one of the best club and ball sport, in this players target their balls at the particular holes and then it the balls hard with their clubs where then the ball moves into the series of holes.

Golf is one sport that is always a classic and you will always find that the people of all age groups they love to play it. Mentioned below are some golf quotes, especially for those who owe their true loyalty to golf as the sport. 

Golf Quotes and Sayings

  • One should always play an elegant game like golf – Yogi Berra
  • I always find the golf as the most elegant game -Charles Barkley
  • The only sport that seems actually classy and elegant that is just golf – Arnold Palmer
  • Whenever you go for golf I can be your permanent partner – Will Rogers
  • There is nothing else like golf. Make it your consistent one – Ernest Hemingway
  • Golf is an essential part of my life – Sylvia Earle
  • Golf be my every day thing – Will Rogers

_ Dare you say a word against my favorite sport golf and then you will see the bad side of me – Robert Kennedy

_ I would always be the partner of those who love to play golf just like me -Charles Barkley

_ No one can ever love golf like I do – Ernest Hemingway

_ I have my own attitude because I play golf , and you would never understand that because you never play it – Lou Hollz

_Always owe your true loyalty to your favorite sport like I owe it to golf, as golf is my permanent one – Will Rogers

_ The ones who speak bad words or say something against golf they say only because they have never played and enjoyed it in their lives -Charles Barkley

_ Golf remains the loyal one to you always. Be loyal to golf from your end – Yogi Berra

_ I can always be your perfect partner in golf. Make golf the consistent one in your life -Bill Murray

_ Always keep in mind that the most classy and sassy sport that you can ever love is only golf – Andy Rooney

_ Once you play golf you will always play golf. Make golf your every day routine – Arnold Palmer

_ Once a golf player , always a golf player. Golf should be the permanent one in your life – Neil Peart

_ Once a golf fan , always a golf fan – Tiger Woods

_ Golf is a true classic – Will Rogers

_ Golf is the sport that is not only loved by young but also by the older ones -Charles Barkley

_ Once a golf lover, always a golf lover. Make it a permanent part of your life – Sylvia Earle

_ You would never wish to get rid of golf if you just try and play it for once – Arnold Palmer

_ Come and play golf with me, make it a constant one in your life – Tiger Woods

_ Golf is the only sport that always be a classic one – Will Rogers

_ Raise your hands high if you love golf. Make it your every day routine – Yogi Berra

_ Once you play golf by yourself you be the fan of it forever – Robert Kennedy

_ My all time favorite sport is one and only golf -Charles Barkley

_ I don’t care even if others who are there with me may find golf boring but for me it is and will always be the best sport to enjoy – Arnold Palmer

_ My perfect pass time sport is golf. It is my every day thing  -Matt Kuchar

_ You can never get enough of the sport like that of golf. Play golf and make the constant one in your life – Tiger Woods

_ Golf is the only sport that has a tendency to make you its biggest fan forever – Robert Kennedy

_ Be a golf fan, be a sports lover. Adore golf and play seriously. -Charles Barkley

_ Be a true sport fan, be a golf fan. Make golf the permanent one in your life – A.A Milne

_ One can always a true sport fan only when he is the fan of golf, the best sport amongst all other sports – Arnold Palmer

_ The best sport that you can ever love is one and only golf -Matt Kuchar

_ I look for a partner who loves to watch golf just like me -Charles Barkley

_ I want some one in  my life who should be the golf lover just like I am – A.A Milne

_ I wish for a partner who is in love with the golf sport just like me – Yogi Berra

_ Golf is my best recreational sport and golf course is my favorite place in such a case -Charles Barkley

_ The best way of relaxation is all golf for me , the best sport amongst all others – Arnold Palmer

_ The best recreational sport that one could ever love the most is one and only golf , which be amongst one of the best sports round the globe. Make golf the constant one in your life just like me – Larry David

_ All the sports have their own importance and fan following too , but for me golf has a completely different space in my life, as it is the best and the favorite sport of mine. Golf is the only permanent one in my life – Larry David

_ Golf definitely holds some special place in my life and my heart, that I feel could never be replaced or taken away by any one else in life -Charles Barkley

_ If you love me then you will have to love golf too. As golf is the permanent and the best part of my life and my daily routine -Matt Kuchar

_ My Sundays are always best with my golf at the golf course. Golf holds the permanent position my life that no one else could ever replace – Arnold Palmer

_ My most awaited destination for every Sunday is the golf course and my most favorite sport is golf that remains fixed for every Sunday. Golf is my every day thing my constant one – Michael Jordan

_ Things may come and go in my life but my golf always remains constant – Ernest Hemingway

_ Something that remains constant in my life is nothing other than golf , be the one like me and love golf endlessly. Golf is my every day thing, my constant one -Matt Kuchar

_ No one can ever take that place in my life that my favorite golf holds in my life – Yogi Berra

_ Golf is the part of my daily routine. Golf is the permanent for me -Charles Barkley

_ When I spend my time with the golf then I don’t think about any other thing around. Golf is the constant one in my life – Arnold Palmer

_ Me and my golf are the perfect partners for each other, it be the permanent one for me every time – Will Rogers

_ No one could ever replace golf in my life, as it always holds a special position in my life – Ernest Hemingway

_ I will always have that special corner for golf in my heart and also in my life, such that no one could ever replace it -Matt Kuchar

_ No one can ever come between me and my loveliest golf – John Wooden

_ If I was to choose between you and my golf , then I would always go for the latter one rather than going for the former one -Matt Kuchar

_ Golf is the sport that any one can fall in love with such sport every time they play – Ernest Hemingway

_ I always fall in love more and more whenever I play golf – Arnold Palmer

_ I would always prefer that the best location for a date with me is at my favorite golf course – Will Rogers

_ I always wish for a rich husband who could buy me a big golf course. Golf is always the exclusive one  – Yogi Berra

_ I want such a partner in my life who would always play golf with me on weekends -Matt Kuchar

_ The only thing over which I love to spend my savings is one and only golf. Golf is my permanent one  – John Wooden

_ The only place I love to spend my time is at golf course. Make golf your constant one -Charles Barkley

_ The sport like golf always brings that smoothness and calmness in you as it is a very peaceful sport to play. Golf is always exclusive – Arnold Palmer

_ When some one ever asks me of my favorite sport then undoubtedly it has to be none other than golf. Give golf a permanent space in your life -Matt Kuchar

_ The only recreational sport one should always play is always none other than golf. Golf is the only exclusive sport  – Ernest Hemingway

_ The coolest game one could ever play is none other than golf. Golf is exclusive every time – John Wooden

_ Golf always be an exclusive sport meant only for the exclusive people , like me – Yogi Berra

_ Golf remains my top most priority every time , when it comes to recreational activities – Arnold Palmer

_ My one and only exclusive game was and is always golf , because golf is only meant for exclusive people just like me – John Wooden

_ Golf always be the most graceful sport one could ever play. Make golf your permanent one – Ernest Hemingway

_ I always judge those people who say that they don’t like golf -Charles Barkley

_ Be stylish , play golf. Make golf a constant one in your life – Will Rogers

_ Be elegant , be a golf lover – Arnold Palmer

_ Be classy be exclusive , be a golf admirer – Will Rogers

_ I find golf always adorable when ever I watch it -Charles Barkley

_ Golf has always been and will always be the most adorable sport for me – Michael Jordan

_ One should always try golf , because if they try it just for once they will admire it every time they play , make golf your permanent one  – Yogi Berra

_ One will always fall more and more in love with golf the more they play it. Golf remains constant part of daily life – Michael Jordan

_ The more you play golf the more you adore it . Make GOLF your permanent one  -Matt Kuchar

_ The more you spend time with golf the more you admire it every time -Charles Barkley

_ The people who were earlier the haters to golf are now its biggest fan after they tried to play it themselves. Golf should be the permanent one in your life – Ernest Hemingway

_ One should never judge a book by its cover, similarly when you see golf you feel and find it to be the boring sport but when you actually play it once you start taking interest in it by yourself, make golf constant in life -Matt Kuchar

_ I am always easily able to connect to those who like and love golf just like I do  – Arnold Palmer

_ Golf is not only meant to be played but to be loved also, golf is constant in life – Ernest Hemingway

_ Make golf your permanent companion and you need no one else in your life -Charles Barkley

_ One should always make golf as his friend, because when you play it you won’t feel that absence of your friends – Yogi Berra

_ Golf is a multipurpose sport that not only we can play but also use it for your recreation and it can always be the perfect plan for your weekends too – Will Rogers

_ My weekends are always perfect with my golf at my golf course -Matt Kuchar

_ Make your weekends always perfect with your friends and your golf – Arnold Palmer

_ When some one ask me my favorite sport then it is none other than golf, golf remains constant -Matt Kuchar

_ The more you love golf, the more it loves you back every time. Make golf your constant -Charles Barkley

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