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151+ Happy Raining WhatsApp Statuses

Rain is the season of romance, the season of love and expressing yourself. WhatsApp Status is the best way to express your love for rain and loved ones. Hence, we have come along with a perfect rainy mood status collection for you to share on WhatsApp. We hope you like them! 

Romantic Rainy Day Status for Whatsapp

Listen to the rain. You can hear my voice through the drops. 

Rainy days are the best with a cup of tea, reading a book with a warm cozy blanket.

Heavy rains + Cozy blanket + Misty night + Coldness and You + Me = Perfect!

When it rains outside, trust me, I can feel you!

Oh! This rain. It makes me feel more and more miss your presence.

With the gentle sound of rain, I love falling asleep with peace, no pain. 

Allow me to kiss you with intense in the streaming rain.

If you want happiness with a touch of pain, believe me, friend, you cannot have a magical rainbow without a little rain. 

I dream. I dream that I could sit peacefully in the rain and let the stream wash away my worries and pain. 

I find it paradise when it rains over me. 

I am not sure of everyone but the rainy season is perfect for two, You and me!

Life is like rainy seasons. The devastating storm may come for a while, but to not stay forever. 

Amongst all seasons, I find the rainy season to be most romantic. 

If there were no rain, maybe there would not be any poet or poem. 

Some may just get wet, but others like me can feel the rain. 

Don’t just get wet; instead, feel what was said by the poets. 

Let the mist splash down and flood till it swamps all my sorrows.

On the outside, when it rains, you are the first thing that comes into my mind, mixes with my veins. 

Rain Drops are the most miraculous and courageous things created by the Lord as it falls on both, weak and the strong.

My mind and heart go crazy when it rains outside heavily. 

My life is like a thunderstorm blast. You are welcome if you can withstand the destroying blow and dance in the rain. 

People say summer is lazy, but trust me, the rainy season comes with lazy days as I feel like doing absolutely nothing. 

Love is like something that cannot be explained, like the rose looks, the rain smells, and the essence of being forever. 

Rainy days feel boring with a cup of hot tea, a book, packets of snacks, and a warm blanket. 

Lyrical Rainy Status for Whatsapp

Let the rain…wash away….all the pain of yesterday!

The rhythm of a fall of rain comes and saturates with my veins. 

Beneath the mist and below the sun, I indeed desire you to be here, my love.

In the drizzling weather, I find you, my love, in a fall of rain. 

Rain days just make me feel about you!

Rain, rain go away, come again another day!

To experience an enchanting rainbow after a heavy rain, one has to go through a lot of pain. 

If any day I want you to be here by my side, guess it is raining outside. 

When I see rain is pouring, social media seems to be boring. 

Like to catch the rainbow, you have to walk through the rain. Similarly, to get love in life, you have to come across the pain.

Rainfall Status for Whatsapp

I find an exceptional internal peace while strolling in the rain. 

Only the rain can make someone’s heart go passionate. 

Hey love, only you can make my heart go sunny from a thunderclap. 

You appear in my life like a rainbow after a crushing rainy night. 

On a rainy day, I want to cuddle with you, watch a movie and make you mine. 

I have fallen for the rain just like I had fallen for you. 

Image that feeling when the rainfall starts just after washing your car? How awkward!

With the package of difficulties that rain brings, it appears a magical rainbow when you unpack. 

A life without troubles seems like a year without a rainy season. 

We may not like problems, but we have loads to learn from the lessons like, we may not like the rain, but it is vital for grains. 

Falling in love seems like rain. You cannot predict it, yet there are ample signs before it drops. 

Worrying in life feels like wandering around with an umbrella and expecting it to rain. 

I shaped my life not to wait for the storm to go but to dance in the rain and thunderstorm. 

During the monsoon, all I want my cup of tea and chill alone in the rain. 

People who think Sunshine is real happiness have never danced in the rain. 

I want you to hold and kiss me when it is raining hard outside so that all we can see is just ourselves and feel the rain shower. 

Rain is the season to sit at home and relax. I want to make broad use out of this period, indeed. 

When he kissed me, I started wondering how I am flaming alive even in the heavy rainstorm. 

Rainy Day Vibes Status for Whatsapp

Love is like walking in mild rainfall, whereas marriage is like standing alone in a thunderstorm. 

I feel my tears just like the rain, loosening up the soil, allowing me to grow and gain. 

Clouds appear bobbing into my life, not with storm or rain this time but hues to color to my sunset sky.

Dear Sun, stop always hiding behind the clouds and let’s go, have some sun fun. 

I more enjoy the rain with a taste of coffee on my favorite cup. 

Whenever rain falls, I feel like having you in my arms. 

Happy monsoon season to all my real mates – not those who hide behind mystic clouds. 

Without rains, there would not be any life to survive. 

Light the fire of your compassion, let it snug my soul as the rain came and showered me its cold. 

When it rains outside, I miss you hard and wish you are here so that I could kiss you denser. 

Only the rain has the capacity to make everyone expressive. 

I prefer it raining. I can walk in the rainfall so that nobody can see that how hard I am crying. 

Life is a compact rainy season. Either you walk with an umbrella to guard yourself against wet or learn to dance in the rain.

I prefer bathing in the rain shower because it refreshes and rejuvenates the body, spirit, and soul. 

If people were rain, I would become drizzle, and she would become the killing hurricane. 

I save a boyfriend for the storm and extra in case it does not pour. 

When the rain starts to shower, the cold breeze touching the plants drizzle my soul and mizzle my spirit. 

I find the storm season to be best to show my love for you!

Since rain can give you delight, darkness seldom can also be bright.

I welcome the rainfall and wash my all negative vibes away from yesterday. 

Do not complain; like the agony in life, rain is also part of life’s plan. 

The greatest thing about stormy nights is they come but do not last eternally. 

With time, our heartaches also fade away the way clouds run out of light rains. 

Now that the storm is over – get your vessel ready to sail again. 

Instead of asking the rain to be lighter, carry an umbrella and pray for guarding you better. 

If it a crime to always think of you and want to walk in the rain with you; then, I am the most wanted criminal. 

Now I wish to feel the warmth of your love and embrace because the rain has wrapped me with its cold winds. 

It is drizzling outdoor; please don’t go. Be with me and make me feel hot! 

The flames of my compassion for you are like blazing hale eternally; even the fall of rain cannot quench it.

When it is mist outside, I feel like crying through all my veins. 

Like drops of rain are ever fresh, my love for you also is refreshed. 

I dunno how, but I easily fall asleep under the sound of rain than other seasons. 

My love for you like the ocean; it’s never-ending. I show my love to you like rain, carefree. 

Though I may seem like rain, sad, alone and cloudy, I can also act as Sun and be someone’s Sunshine. 

Dear God, Please let it rain again. I don’t feel like doing anything today!

I don’t mind sharing my umbrella with you in little mizzle rain if you agree to be my Sunshine in heavy rain. 

Whatsapp Status for Your Cloudbursting Days

Sometimes we win, yes, sometimes we lose also, and sometimes, it just rains. 

When it cloudburst, I can only think of my bed…

I always miss you, but I miss you even more during the downfall! Happy Monsoon!

When I was a kid, I used to think rain falls because angels cry.

After every downpour, there must Sunshine arrives. 

When it is cloud storming, only mentally mature and strong people smile. 

I told my boo to cuddle and watch a movie on this rainy day. He said, let’s solely pray… Not fair!

I wish this rain stops now and starts again when I go outside & grab my coffee and come back. 

Who says that the sky and earth can never meet with each other? They meet through the rains. 

It is down pouring, and I think I should lie down on ben and snoring. 

In the rainstorm, I won’t bump my head but bed snoring so that I can get up in the morning! 

The award-winning romantic couple during monsoon is – The rain and A cup of tea. (Not coffee!)

I find it heavenly when it rains and peacock dance carelessly!

There always something better that comes after a stormy night. 

The rain season brings romantic weather for two but pregnancy for one! Not fair!

I find a fall of rain super fun to create out-of-the-world moments. Don’t you agree?

The shower of rain feels like God’s own blessings from heaven. 

I always feel motivated during cloudburst – Motivated to unconditionally nothing! 

The rainfall comes to teach us a lesson – either you carry an umbrella or dance in the fall of rain. 

Wooh! See, who is here- it’s RAIN! I guess my dance spell worked! Though some call it stumbling around…. I call it a magic spell to call the rain!

Don’t know how, but I solely love rains. Thunder nights, dark cloudy sky, the earthy smell – all make me happy and loved!

Hey boo, let’s cuddle on this stormy night, watch an old movie and make out!

Dunno about anybody else, but the Scotch mist on rainy days water my spirit and shower my soul. 

It’s raining after a hardcore summer hot; come, let’s make some love!

Be it rain or my love for you, both I cannot hold but fall. 

Classic Rainy Day Status for Whatsapp

I love classic movies and how the leading actors make love during stormy nights. 

Mizzle seasons bring the golden opportunity to express your love and compassion. 

I found the love of my life on a drizzling evening with a shadowed sky – which is you!

Rainy days are classic among all – the best period to eat yummy foods, watch series and do nothing!

Let the rain drown over me all day long…

My first love is like every drop of rain, always new, always fresh, and always touches my heart with deep-rooted!

When it’s raining, enjoy the time rather than making the Facebook timeline annoying!

Rain is like romance. It keeps fueling our heart like the rain fuel the earth. 

Our lives are all about waiting for the thunderstorm to pass and learn to enjoy every drop of rain & dance. 

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