43+ Best House Warming Party Sayings

A housewarming party is a party traditionally kept after shifting to a new house. It is an occasion for a host to invite all the guests at the new home, give them some good food offerings and in return, family and friends give gifts to furnish the new home. Housewarming parties are usually not planned. The only thing that is common during all the housewarming parties is to have a tour round the rooms.Housewarming party is a nice way to break the ice and set up good relations with your neighbors.

Here are great housewarming party sayings.

  • “Hello. We are fortunate enough to have our first house. We are planning to settle down and have our perfect house. Please join us to celebrate with housewarming.”
  • “Our house has a big pool. We are throwing a housewarming party with a pool party. So you can dive and be cool. We would be pleased if you can join us for the party.”
  • “The tables are set and house is open for a party. We invite you to join us on this occasion of housewarming.”
  • “We are up with a new house to settle down. We would definitely like to see you there.”
  • “It will be a great chance for us to socialize and improve our relations. Please join us for the housewarming party.”
  • “Please come to our housewarming party. Since, we won’t be able to give you one more in the next twenty thirty years.”
  • “The drywall is hung and we have wired the lights. Come and gather on our occasion of housewarming.”
  • “So now we are constructing a housewarming party. Please come and be a part of this ceremony.”

“_The scenery has changed. The address has changed. But we aren’t. Our doors are always open for you. Our heart always welcome you.”

“_Our new doors are open for you and your family. Please stop by and give us a chance to give you a small tour of our new house.”

“_The home is where the heart is. The home is where our loved ones are. And you being a part of, please stop by and give us a chance to celebrate the housewarming with you and your family.”

“_All the boxes of articles are packed. All the boxes of clothes are packed. Now help us transfer the boxes of love and prosperity to our new place. Join us for the housewarming celebration.”

“_We are in our new house now. We are accessible now on a phone or with a click of a mouse.”

“_We have moved again but not that far. We are inviting you for the celebration to make you realize where we have shifted and why.”

“_We have packed our bags, beds and lamps. We are moving to our new house. Do come to celebrate with us at the housewarming.”

“_We are moving to our new house. Do bring your smiles and wishes at the housewarming party.”

“_We went a step up and now we are homeowners. Join us for the Ping Pong housewarming party.”

“_We are finally here and want to celebrate the occasion with you and your beloved family members. Be a part of our celebrations.”

“_We have shifted to our new dream home. We would love to share the evening with you. Please come and join in our housewarming party.”

“_We are heading to a new direction in our life. We want you to a part of the celebration that we are keeping on behalf of that.”

“_We are having a housewarming party. See you there.”

“_We are throwing a housewarming party. We would like you to share an evening with us at our new home.”

“_We have bought a new house and the best part is we are throwing a housewarming party. We would like you to share some good moments with us.”

“_We have bought a new house. But to turn a house to home, we need the support of good friends like you. Come down at our new house to spend some lovely time with us. We will wait for you.”

“_Warmth of our friendship will fill our home and heart with happiness. So please be a part of celebration we are doing on the eve of starting our new house.”

“_We have packed a lot of boxes, beds & bags. Now we want to pack some love and prosperity to take it to our new house. Please do the needful.”

“_Lots of beds and bags have entered in our new house. We are now looking for some love and happiness which we might get on your arrival. It is our honour to invite you for the housewarming party we are throwing at our new house. Please come down with your beloved family.”

“_Our first home and our first housewarming party. We would like to share the time of joy and happiness with you. We would like you to come down at our new home with your beloved family to be a part of joyous occasion.”

“_House or home. Everything is not so great without friends like you. We invite you to our new house for the housewarming party that we have organized for all our friends.”

“_A house becomes home once it is filled with laughter and happiness that you bring on our face. We personally invite you to be a part of this joyous occasion.”

 House Warming Party Sayings and Quotes

“_Our invitation for the housewarming party is non-editable and it is personally designed for you. We are sending our heart in the form of an invitation card. Please accept it.”

“_The best part of buying a new house is to keep a housewarming party. It helps us to get in touch with lovely friends like you.”

“_Some close friends like you help in turning a house into a home. We have purchased a new house. Please come down for a short celebration we have kept at our new house.”

“_Make our moving more exciting with your presence at the housewarming party we have kept for all the loving friends like you.”

“_We are pleased and excited to invite you at our new house for the housewarming party. Make us happy with your presence.”

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