55+ Best Hulk Hogan Sayings and Quotes

Psychology Sayings and Quotes 55+ Best Hulk Hogan Sayings and Quotes

55+ Best Hulk Hogan Sayings and Quotes

Hulk Hogan’s name comes under the world’s most iconic wrestler. He brings a new revolution in the field of wrestling. Except giving outstanding performance in the ring, he was an actor, television personality, entrepreneur and famous musician. In the short span of time, He became inspirations for many people. And shared many motivations quotes during his wrestling career, which we must keep in mind.

Here are some famous sayings by Hulk Hogan

  • Two things are important in life, one ‘Pray’ and the other is, ‘Vitamins’. Trust me, my little Hulkamaniacs, you will never fail.
  • Although, For a few times, I have been kicked out, but how many conclusions I’ve ever had? No idea!
  • I have many gay friends in normal life, entertainment and wrestling business. That’s difficult  and I don’t get a spiteful and hurtful thing. I’d welcome this fact, If it was right that I was the guy. I would tell everyone about it, even, I’d celebrate it.
  • Like my dad, I am an excellent at Math. I dialed the much better number.
  • Someday, I woke up, I admired the beauty of life, people around me, are awesome.
  • I have come across with many good people, some people get excited to see me, some people freak out, but mostly they are nice, I follow only thing when I am with them, I treat them like the way they treat me, Simple!
  • You make mistakes in the wrestling business, they are many, Do you know! How? Tripping over and act like a chump. 

_The 2 things that never be together, and, that is, cynicism and Hulkamania.

_90s John Wayne is a prominent character, I’d like to be him, but not in terms of a macho man, but, for strong and leading personality traits that he has. He makes adventures action comedy. That’s kids can enjoy with their loved ones. My wrestling career is a natural interpretation of it.

_No matter, whatever I did in my career or personal life, It may have many up and downs, but I have people who love me, they stuck with me, like always.

_Am I tangible? That I feel from fans, whenever I talk to them, because, they can talk and know about me.

_Before stepping into the wrestling business, I was a musician. In that session, I used to play bass guitar. There, I was big pals with Lars Ulrich, he asked about my desire to play bass with Metallica. But, it that’s not done.

_True critic of myself, that I am, criticize my own self every time. I will turn to look  68 years  from 58 years, if I’ll bald headed completely.

_While training in the gym with people between the age of 20 and 25 years old, the weird things is, I look much better, the reason is, either they are not trained enough or not serious enough.

_Answers of complicated situations-If you have issues with someone, talk to them, not with their kids. That’s better.

_If you are the owner of good health, then you have everything. This is the life’s biggest lesson which I learnt during my 8 back surgeries.

_You are sweet, too sweet, it is when you are with the nWo and with Hollywood.

_I brought fame to wrestling.

_At my time, there were no trainers or schools to learn wrestling. I watched wrestling for 20 years, then I thought I should move into it.

_I am going to bring in the WWF title that I promised to every Hulkamaniac, when I visited the front.

_Everybody’s out, fighting into a battlefield like a robot.

_I have wrestling, even everything is lost. It’s an amazing experience.

_I know the meaning of O.J..I understand it completely.

_Ah! Brother, Neither man nor beast can frighten me.

_If someone says anything wrong about wrestling, punch them hard. Have you ever used the word show? If yes, then it was a big shame.

_I have a huge fan following in the UK, that crowd became crazy and excited, every time, it happens.

_Don’t try to become a friend of your wife or kids, first be a good father, everything will take place.

_Although, it is a great feeling, but, it will be a difficult decision. You know! It is very hard to leave that thing which we love the most. 

_We are great athletes of this world. There is no doubt in it.

_Whether it is heaven or it is earth, all are created by God. He is a creator of Hulkamaniacs. After that, he made pythons.

_I learnt talking and thinking on my own, nobody teaches me.

_Brother! I will tell you something.

_I am a wrestler. Things are unexpected in the ring. Wrestling is important, but for me, family is more than wrestling. 

_I know, It is not right, but a couple of beers are good sometimes to make things easier.

_Be nWo, then you will be nWo in life.

_Over the past couple of years, my life went through tough times. I lost everything, from my family to finances. My fans know these things and they still love me. They want to me again, back to the ring, because they believe me, because they are loyal fans.

_When you are in the ring, it is completely fun to be a bad guy, but, while talking to the kids who love you, it is not fun to be a bad guy with kids.

_Some prominent female wrestlers, who were great at their time, whenever I have been interacting with them on the phone, the only thing, I ask is, Do they still want to work as a wrestler or want to do something else?

_At home, I have a huge Hulk Hogan pinball machine that is normal in size. People come and play it for hours, that’s the coolest thing. Every time, you play with it, that machine scream at you, It is fun. Isn’t it? 

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