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78+ Best I am thankful Quotes and Sayings

When an individual has a feeling of expressing gratitude and pleasure for having something or someone or if something good happens in their life, that feeling is thankfulness.

It is not hard to complain about the chaos of our lives but sometimes it is hard to express our gratefulness for the blessings of life. Given below is a list of some thankful quotes you can share to appreciate and show your thankfulness.

I am thankful Quotes and Sayings

  • Always be grateful for everything that you have in your life, and struggle for what you wish to be tomorrow.
  • Be grateful to the universe for giving you the good things that you are still unaware of.
  • Start your day with a thankful soul.
  • Always be grateful that you are fortunate enough to have everything, there are some people who don’t have anything.
  • I am grateful for getting the chance to see the night turned into mornings, mates turned into family and imaginations turned into reality.
  • Be thankful to the people who treat you the wrong way, because they are ones who make you strong.

_Always remember those who lend a hand to you when others are trying to give justification.

_It doesn’t matter how much difficulties are there in your life, always be thankful before sleeping.

_Thank you are one of the best gifts you can present someone for their existence in your life.

_Cheerfulness comes in your life when you stop expressing your dissatisfaction with the problem that you have and be grateful for the problems that you don’t have.

_Life is like a seaside, enjoy the tides.

_You will feel happy when you see the positivity in every negativity, never let anyone grab your happiness and be grateful for the things that you have in your life.

_Never forget about the times you asked God for the things you owned now.

_Whenever things are not going right, hold on a moment to be grateful for the things that are not going wrong.

_I am grateful and filled with pride for what I achieved in my life. I hope I will do the same in the future.

_Gratefulness undo the lock of wholeness in life. It turns refusal into approval, what you have in your life into adequate and more, a mess to command, uncertainty into clearness.

_God gave me such a present, it is astonishing that it always amazes me and reminds me to be grateful every day. When you have a spouse and a child, it gives you more motivation. I was not selfless before. But now I think about what example I will be. I just wish to be a better human being.

_The more you will be grateful the more you will get, but if you focusing on what you are not getting, you would never be able to have even adequate.

_Gratefulness is reasonable for our past, brings tranquility for today, and build an image for tomorrow.

_There is a lot of things in my life to be grateful for. I am strong, pleased and adored.

_Never be untrue to yourself. Lend a hand to others, make your every day memorable, read Bible and be grateful for all the blessings you get and pray for help and advice every day.

_Sometimes what you decide hurt, and affect your family and close friends. Considering that there are a lot of things that I regret. But God has pardoned me which I am very grateful for.

_God gave me an amazing family and prosperous career, and successful marriage. I will always be grateful to God for all these blessings.

_I will give you support to get up every day and concentrate on the things you got in your life. Be grateful for every little thing you have, even though you don’t get the things you wanted.

_I am grateful that I am alive. And all the rises and falls in my life that make it meaningful and purposeful.

_Gratefulness is not only the greatest ethicalness but the mother and father of all the others.

_The moment I start collecting my blessings, my entire life reversed.

_I am grateful for every minute of my life.

_The best prayer in the world is your gratefulness. Humbleness, understanding, and appreciation can be expressed by a thank you.

_I am grateful that everyone around me is good individual.

_I am strong because of all the negative things of my life. I am grateful to those negative things because It helped me to be a better individual.

_According to me, no one should ever pray for things in their life. But I think everyone must grateful to God for the blessings he gave us.

_If you are suffering, grateful to God. At least you get the chance to live your life.

_Always thankful for the things you have in your life.and stop expressing dissatisfaction. Because It doesn’t make anything better or do anything good to you or give you any solution to your problems.

_A grateful receivers tolerates an abundant harvest.

_I start my every day with praying and end it with praying. I am just so much grateful for everything, every blessing in my life. And I believe that is the greatest way to spend every day of your life. 

_We should be grateful to mirror because reveals only our appearance to us.

_Gratefulness changes the brief of our memory into a peaceful joy.

_There is no one who gets success without accepting the help of other people.

_Someone who is knowledgeable and positive accepts this help with gratitude.

_Thankfulness is an extremely beautiful form of respectfulness.

_The happiest person is someone who is truly grateful, satisfied and pleased.

_There is no duty that is more important than expressing thankfulness.

_It is unexpected that the more go through with difficulties, the more you learn to appreciate things. And you will understand how easily breakable life is but still there are a lot of things to be grateful for.

_Try hard to find the things to be grateful for. And search for the good in you.

_Take everything with gratitude what life gives you.

_If someone doesn’t have gratefulness, then there is that is missing in her humanity.

_I am thankful to my family for giving me the education I have.

_I am grateful for the skills and blessings that are given by God. But most importantly I am grateful for having such an adoring and supportive family.

_Dear God I am very thankful that I am still adored.

_I am grateful for all the efforts I put and compromises were useful and meaningful enough to do it in the end.

_Be grateful for all the troubles you have. Because if problems were less hard, someone with less capability might have your job.

_I am thankful for all the fondness in my life. I got the person I wanted to spend my life with.

_I am grateful to Lord for giving me my life. Because it doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, you would never be able to buy a life.

_I am thankful for the elegance of life.

_Appreciate every day of your life. Because the more you will have good days, the more you will be pleased and the more you will have bad days, the more you will be experienced. Good days give you the best remembrances and bad days give you the chance to learn.

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