65+ Best Marriage Anniversary Invitation Wording Ideas

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Marriage Anniversary invitation wording Ideas

Business CommunicationInvitation Wording65+ Best Marriage Anniversary Invitation Wording Ideas

65+ Best Marriage Anniversary Invitation Wording Ideas

Marriage is a life long relationship. Relation of two souls becoming one.  A relation of unconditional love and prosperity for both the partners.

Hence an anniversary is just the recreation of that gorgeous feeling, the recalling of the day when two partners take an oath to stay together forever.

Anniversary celebration fills our hearts with joy as we witness the true example of what it means to be together and hence we celebrate it with the deepest core of our heart so here are some wordings below which may make your anniversary a but more special for you.

Marriage Anniversary Invitation Wording Ideas

  • We invite you to witness the anniversary of (name) and (name) and celebrate  they prosperous day the two became one
  • love has many forms, but marriage  has the purest of it all, so come and celebrate  with ous for it is the 14th anniversary  of (name) and (name)
  • Fill your hearts with joy, and your minds with love, and make the 25th anniversary of (name) and (name) special  by lending us your time and presence
  • A day for two which none can forget, come celebrate  the anniversary of them, we promise you won’t regret
  • The union of two hearts, tied with a golden string, we celebrate the anniversary of (name) and (name) and bless them with everything 

_Just like a food is tasteless without  spices, so is life without love, we’ll be pleased by your presence of the 23rd anniversary of (name) and (name) as you witness  what we call true love

_investing in love gives back love with  interest, we hope you also show your interest  in visiting the 3rd anniversary  of (name) and (name) 

_An ocassion of joy, that is the anniversary of two, we’re  celebrating it as well, so why don’t you too

_A day out of a year, we recall the moment when lovers become  husband- wife 

Come to celebrate, and wish them a prosperous life

_None can match the love of two, together as husband wife, lets come and lend a bit of our time to the grand celebration  of 4th anniversary of (name)& (name)

_ We humans are meant to be loved, and love others as well, see how two life converge into One in 31st  anniversary of (name)&(name)  and we invite you as well

_Not gold nor diamond can outshine this relation of marriage, so lets together remember and celebrate  the 1st anniversary of (name) and (name) 

_people change since its human nature, but if the love is same they’ll have a bright future, just like (name) and (name) lets celebrate their anniversary, so they remember everyday

_for one day lets not visit malls and places, and witness what’s called true love,

That is the anniversary of (name) and (name), we request you to come

_No love, no life, lets celebrate  the love of these husband and wife, and celebrate  their anniversary in such a way, they’ll remember throughout their life

_love cant  be seen nor touched, only can be felt, come feel the aura of love  as we celebrate the 4th anniversary of (name) and (name)

_precious than gold, and never gets old, is a relation of marriage. We invite you to celebrate it as its the anniversary  of (name) and (name) 

_An never ending love  is what we need, to banish all the evil and greed, so witness the anniversary of (name) and (name) and learn about love what we all need

_lets celebrate the partnership of these two, and lets wish them a happy anniversary , and we invite you to celebrate  it too

_Your presence will make better, the best, as we invite you to the 1st  anniversary of (name) and (name) 

_Join the celebration  of the first step out of hundred, as its the 1st anniversary of (name) and (name)

And wish them all our love

_Being part of something happy makes us happier, so thats why we invite  you to the auspicious occasion of anniversary of (name) and (name)

_What’s true love is known by very few. But we can see a  piece of it as we invite you to the auspicious occasion of anniversary of(name) and (name)

_watch how these lovebirds turned to soulmates, come and celebrate  with us the 1st anniversary of (name) and (name)

_love stories  end, but not the  love, as proven by the bond  of these two, be a part of anniversary of (name) and (name) we’ll enjoy  too

_A relation like none, as these two hearts  becoming one, come be a part of the joy as we celebrate the 34th anniversary of (name) and (name). 

_come and watch as how one loves his/her other half, and lets celebrate the 20th anniversary  of (name) and (name) 

_As the sun enlightens  the earth, so does love to life, lets celebrate  the 2nd anniversary of (name) and (name) since this day they turned  husband and wife

_Above all things in this world, love is what we live for, we invite you to celebrate the anniversary of (name) and (name) as they are a true example

_We fall in love by choice and stay in love by will, come  celebrate the 25th anniversary of (name & name) whose  will turned them to husband and wife

_love makes us exchange  sadness for joy, come be a part of the anniversary as we invite you as well to enjoy

_Just like Romeo Juliet, we have a pair as well. Lets celebrate their 5th anniversary you’ll enjoy as well

_One isn’t complete  without its other half, but once its there its eternal. So come and celebrate the anniversary  of such love of (name & name) 

_Give your bit of time to these love birds who had decided to stay together, come to the anniversary of (name and name) and we will celebrate it together

_One can count money but none can count love. Since its priceless, we invite you in the occasion of remembering this princess  less day of the anniversary of (name and name)

_True love can’t  be found easily, and hence it is strong, we invite to the anniversary of ( name and name) since those  prove it right

_Just like nature gave us the trees it gave us the feeling  of love as well, which turned (name and name) to husband wife , lets celebrate their anniversary on this day

_A day so beautiful and bright, the day when the lamp met the light. Celebrating  the 40th anniversary of (name) and (name), so come visit us to make it more special

_On this day this couple turned to husband-wife, we invite you to celebrate  their 5th anniversary

And bless them for their  married life 

_A relation so crystal clear, love so pure and dear, come and be a part of the grand celebration of the 25th anniversary of (name) and (name) and make it more special 

_Come celebrate the moment  when a lifelong journey of two  lovers started, and celebrate the 5th  anniversary of (name) and (name) 

_Be a part  of the auspicious occasion  of two souls becoming life partner for each other  on the 1st anniversary of (name) and (name)

_The joining of two hearts, the union of two souls, the journey  of two lovers as husband and wife for their life, lets wish (name) and (name) their 5th anniversary

marriage anniversary invitation card canva templates

What to write in a Marriage anniversary invitation?

  • Mention how good do you feel about celebrating your day together
  • Mention that you would be glad to be their host 
  • Let them know the theme of the party 
  • Make them feel that you really want their presence in the party 

How to respond to a Marriage anniversary invitation?

  • Congratulate them on completing many years together 
  • Let them know that you are happy to see them together 
  • Mention that you will be present there to bless the couple
  • Thank them for inviting you to the party 

Here is the big list of All Invitation Wording ideas that covers over 501+ of All Parties, Events, and related to Businesses. also, We Crafted Catchy Ready-made Invitation Card Canva Templates for you.

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