125+ Best Quotes by World famous Chefs

Apart from their culinary skills, celebrated chefs are often known for their one-liners and witty comebacks. The life mantra and success tips of the most famous chefs in the world are often quoted. Here are some of the best sayings by world-famous chefs.

Quotes by World famous Chefs

  • Instead of considering your body as a temple, consider it as an amusement park and enjoy the ride. –Anthony Bourdain
  • The notion that I am wrong or my decision needs revision is always entertained by me. Even though at times it feels good, often it also brings me embarrassment and discontent. –Anthony Bourdain
  • Never consider luck as a business model. –Anthony Bourdain
  • I’m a huge supporter of movement. Move as much as you can. Whether it is across an ocean or just across the river. Walk in the shoes of someone else or eat their food at the least. –Anthony Bourdain
  • Travelling is all about the beautiful feeling of treading in unknown territory. –Anthony Bourdain

_Skills can be learned, unlike character which either you have or you don’t. -Anthony Bourdain

_ To like you or respect you, I do not have to possibly agree with you. -Anthony Bourdain

_As you live your life on Earth you bring certain changes to things. Even though it is small, you still leave your mark. As a reaction, your travels and life leave a mark on you. Mostly, these marks on your mind or body are beautiful. However, often they can hurt. -Anthony Bourdain

_I do not fear to look like an idiot. -Anthony Bourdain

_We will certainly become morbid, repetitive and stagnant if we do not ask questions or experiment with new things. -Anthony Bourdain

_When you share a meal with someone you learn a lot about that person. -Anthony Bourdain

_Realising that the mind has no final resting place where it attains absolute clarity is perhaps enlightenment enough. Understanding how irrelevant and unwise I am and how far I have yet left to go is probably real knowledge. -Anthony Bourdain

_One does not board a train to Mecca. A part of the experience is the journey and it shows how serious a man is about his intentions. -Anthony Bourdain

_You cannot find the perfect travel experience, the perfect meal or the perfect city without agreeing to experience the bad ones. A lot of vacationers miss what happens when a happy accident takes place and I always push them towards this to prevent them from sticking to conventions. -Anthony Bourdain

_I consider cooking to be a craft and think of a good cook as a good craftsman and not as an artist. There is nothing wrong with it as the great churches of Europe were built by craftsmen and designed by artists. To practice the craft expertly is satisfying, noble and honourable.

_For me a life which does not have pork fat, organ meat, veal stock, demi-glace, sausages or stinky cheese is not a life worth living. -Anthony Bourdain

_Do not lie about your mistakes. Admit that you have made one and move on, but never do it again. -Anthony Bourdain

_A lot about your character is revealed by the way you make an omelette. -Anthony Bourdain

_I am not leaving. In this journey of mine, some casualties were taken and some things were broken but I would never have missed this for anything. -Anthony Bourdain

_A mistake by an architect is covered by growing ivy. A mistake by a doctor is covered with soil. A mistake by a cook is covered with a little bit of sauce and the dish is declared a new recipe. -Paul Bocuse

_We must enhance the lives of future generations by sharing our experience and knowledge and teaching them to appreciate a well-done work and to respect nature, which is the source of life. We should encourage young people to tread on unbeaten paths and challenge themselves instead of following a fixed formula and stagnating themselves. -Paul Bocuse

_Our life is too short for diets and fat-free cuisines. A dietic meal is like an opera without the orchestra. -Paul Bocuse

_Critics are similar to eunuchs. They know how to do stuff but they can’t do it. -Paul Bocuse

_Coming to France is useless without butter and eggs.

_Nouvelle cuisine generally refers to little on your plate and a lot on your bill. -Paul Bocuse

_The improvisation of a jazz musician depends on his knowledge of music. He understands how different types of music go together. In the case of a chef, once you have that understanding, the cuisine becomes interesting. -Charlie Trotter

_Chefs have a generous spirit. That is why they say yes to any project, be it a tasting or fundraising. -Charlie Trotter

_One of the most intimate things that we can do for each other is the art of cooking. -Charlie Trotter

_Success is to fight and pursue something with diligence along with a disciplined approach at doing it the correct way. Flaws in this process makes it even more interesting. -Charlie Trotter

_Always stock in huge quantities and put it in the freezer in plastic bags. This way you can simply pull it out of the refrigerator whenever you want to boil vegetables or make soup. -Charlie Trotter

_Miles Davis has never been a perfectionist for me. He has always been considered as an excellence-ist by me. In this case, deviating is kinda cool. -Charlie Trotter

_I love coming up short and faltering because you hardly learn anything from success and so much more from failure. -Charlie Trotter

_College has never been a stepping stone for me to law school or some other career. I joined college because I wanted an education in liberal arts. -Charlie Trotter

_My parents could not have been more liberal. I received an absolute laissez-faire upbringing. -Charlie Trotter

_You must read The Brothers Karamazov if you want to understand the meaning of life, family, philosophy and religion all rolled into one package. -Charlie Trotter

_Preparing an interesting dish with humble ingredients is a challenge. -Charlie Trotter

_I dream of having a restaurant with no written menus where you just ask people what they are in the mood for, meat, fish or white wine. -Charlie Trotter

_I never connected with the party scene or frat groups or the people in the mall protesting about something or the other. I could not relate to anyone. -Charlie Trotter

_Having an in-depth knowledge of food is important to be at the moment. -Charlie Trotter

_The customer is never right and that is why you must always try to take control of the situation and dictate every detail. This will make sure that he has a far better time then he would have ever had if they controlled it himself. -Charlie Trotter

_You must strive for perfection like crazy. An all-out attack on excellence is required to hit a high level of perfection. Excellence has to be made a life plan to accomplish anything significant. -Charlie Trotter

_You must criticize your everyday job and analyse it to push it further and make it better. -Charlie Trotter

_For me making money is the greatest thing because it provides me with money to spend. -Charlie Trotter

_It is important for students to learn to think critically and argue opposing ideas. They need to learn how to think. You can always cook. -Charlie Trotter

_A cuisine is all about Fernand Point’s philosophy: Hugeness of heart and generosity. -Charlie Trotter

_Making the food taste like it should is everything that cooking is about. -Charlie Trotter

_If I relaxed and took my foot off the gas, I would die in all probability. -Gordon James Ramsay

quotes by world famous chefs

_Cussing is industry language. For as long as we will live, it is going to remain that way. To get results, you have to be boisterous. -Gordon James Ramsay

_Restaurants that are out of control are not run by me. I believe in the establishment of tremendous foothold along with talent. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I am not ashamed to admit that I have never been a good dad. You cannot run a restaurant and be home on time to change nappies and have tea at the same time. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I never look back. I am always looking ahead. I do not cry over spilt milk because I am too busy searching for my next cow. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I am a chef who happens to be seen on television, that’s all. -Gordon James Ramsay

_It’s vulgar to talk about money coming where I come from. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I didn’t feel bad. I don’t feel bad. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I love football and think that football is quite similar to cooking. It is more of a passion than a job. When you are good at it, it is a dream come true and you never have to worry about money. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I would swap everything I have achieved as a chef if I could be as successful as a football player. -Gordon James Ramsay

_Los Angeles has a certain level of illness and snoberry to it. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I will not allow people to write whatever they wish about me. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I do not intend to take New York City by storm. What I want to do is just sneak in, keep my head down and cook. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I am Gordon Ramsay for God’s sake. I am famous for being volatile. -Gordon James Ramsay

_I always wanted to make food accessible to everyone. I had to show that mistakes are allowed. I make mistakes all the time and it does not matter. -Jamie Oliver

_Kids these days can tell you everything about drugs but do not know the taste of courgettes or celery. -Jamie Oliver

_I enjoy meeting people with a genuine interest in food and sharing ideas with them the most. According to me, good cuisine is a global phenomenon and there is always something to learn from new people. -Jamie Oliver

_Instead of being a vegan, you should start enjoying whatever you eat. -Jamie Oliver

_Even though the kitchen oven is reliable, it has made us lazy. -Jamie Oliver

_I might be a little romantic but in my opinion, humans miss being in contact with fire. The need it. -Jamie Oliver

_If the menus are designed in such a way that it is essentially fast food or junk, the entire infrastructure supports junk. -Jamie Oliver

_You are allowed to have an opinion in England only as long as it comes out of your mouth. -Jamie Oliver

_The health of more than 5 million kids should not be left to chance or fate. -Jamie Oliver

_In all probability, I must have cooked just about everything. -Jamie Oliver

_I love roasting because you can love it. You can put it in the oven and go out to play with your kids or do anything else that you have to and then after a few hours, you have got a delicious meal. -Jamie Oliver

_I am bizarrely well-timed as usual. -Jamie Oliver

_All that Obama had to do to bring long term radical changes to America’s health was to treble the price of salt and sugar. -Jamie Oliver

_Three generations of people have come out of their school and have undergone their life without ever learning how to cook properly. That is the sole reason why processed food and takeaways are so popular today. -Jamie Oliver

_The extremes and treats are not the problems. The problem is the everyday. -Jamie Oliver

_Cooking is similar to songwriting or painting. Just like the numerous notes or shades of colours, there are many flavours. The combination of these sets each one apart. -Wolfgang Puck

_According to me, cooking expresses your culture and tells a lot about the land from where you belong. -Wolfgang Puck

_Your life can be judged only by you. You must live up to your expectations. -Wolfgang Puck

_You can be as successful as me only when you make as many mistakes as I have.-Wolfgang Puck

_To be a good chef, you have to be a businessman, a manager and a great cook. To be all three of them together is often very difficult. -Wolfgang Puck

_I do not learn as much from the restaurants that succeeded as the one restaurant that didn’t. -Wolfgang Puck

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