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51+ Best Religious Birthday Card Sayings

It might be the fact that you want to send birthday wishes to any particular individual, and in that case, sending a religious birthday card saying will be a fantastic way to captivate his or her faith and values. Below, we have taken a look at some fantastic religious birthday cards sayings which can be easily added as an extended message to any existing card out there.

Here are fantastic religious birthday cards sayings

  • A religious birthday wish is a fantastic way to express our greetings to somebody celebrating his or her birthday.
  • Happy birthday! I pray that the wonder and glory of the unfailing love of God may fill this special day and you feel his presence in every sphere of your life henceforth.
  • Each day gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the wonderful works of God. You happen to be one of the most wonderful creations of God and today is the day to remember you, delightful birthday!
  • Wish you a Happy Birthday! You rightly deserve the blessings of God and may He continue to bless you forever!
  • It is my wish that your belief in God becomes stronger on your birthday and the love of God keeps you going. I wish you Happy Birthday!
  • I wish that you feel the adorable presence of the Lord working in your daily life on this particular day! You deserve happiness and enjoy this day to the fullest. Happy birthday!
  • I pray that God goes on warming your heart on this special day and your spirits are lifted and you get serenity and peace on this special occasion.

_Best birthday! May you be blessed by God along with all the magnificent things in life!

_On your birthday, become excited by taking the hand of God since he has planned lots of things for you for the future. I wish you Happy Birthday!

_It is not very easy to take the road of faith. For this reason, we are given a choice by God to go all by ourselves. Consequently, be gratified while celebrating the wonderful choices made by you on your life on your special day. I wish you a great Happy Birthday!

_Enjoy yourself to the fullest and have a fantastic day!

_I wish I will be able to celebrate this special occasion along with you. Please comprehend that you are in the embrace of God and also in my thoughts for eternity. Happy returns!

_It is your birthday, and therefore, smile. You really deserve to be happy and I pray to God to shower you with blessings. Best Bday!

_Presents are not everything for a birthday, however, it is also regarding the presence of God! Delightful Birthday!

_Rejoice, for you were made by God on this very day! I will like to make you know that I feel proud to be an integral part of your fabulous journey in life. I wish you a wonderful birthday with lots of years ahead of you! Happy Birthday!

_Happy Birthday! I wish that the word of God guides you in every single step you take in your life and also the decisions made by you.

_Today happens to be amongst the most special days created by God. For what reason? This is because it is your wonderful birthday!

_Although your faith will help you to remain strong, your birthdays are going to make you old. Therefore, on your birthday this time, it is my prayer that your belief in God becomes even stronger than before, Happy Bday!

_The money in your bank account or the candles on the cake does not make any difference to God. What is more important is the love within your soul. Wonderful Birthday!

_Do not forget that you’re made in the image as well as the likeness of God, therefore make it a point to look presentable to the best of your ability on this birthday, wonderful birthday!

_Wonderful Birthday! It is my prayer that God favors you all through your life and also blesses the work you do.

_I wish the greatest birthday to you! May you be able to maintain your youth as well as handsome looks all the year-round by the grace of God!

_Every single day of your life happens to be a gift of God. Ensure to tear the wrapping paper off and lavish on the things inside it. 

_Enjoy your birthday and I pray that God blesses you with many years ahead of you. Best Bday!

_Wish you a Happy Birthday! I pray that the new discoveries of the goodness and love of God fill the forthcoming years of your life!

_Best Bday! I pray that the blessings of God fill each and every day of your life!

_Wish you Best Birthday! Bear in mind that celebrating your birthday is similar to counting the number of blessings received by you in your life. Therefore, be grateful for you have been blessed by God truly a lot!

_Best Bday! Celebrate life as well as happiness on this special day! May you be blessed by God with a lot of astounding things in your life.

_Bear in mind that God will be walking along with you on your birthday. Apart from this, lots of buddies will be walking with you too. Best Birthday!

_Happy Birthday! May you find peace in your life while adding another year to it, and God fulfills all your desires!

_God will help you in each step. Therefore, be happy that you are celebrating your birthday. Happy birthday!

_While celebrating your birthday always remember to thank God for the lots of wonderful things he has given you in your life.

Religious Birthday Card Sayings and Quotes

_Happy Birthday! May you derive adequate strength form God so as to blow all the candles in the cake! But, I am always there to help you in case you need it. A great Birthday, my love!

_In case I am permitted by the Lord, I am going to blow every single candle on the birthday cake of yours. Best Bday!

_I pray that you are able to celebrate your birthday in a wonderful way and there are many great years ahead of you. Wonderful Birthday!

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