101+ Best Sorry Messages For Customers

To build a good rapport with the customers is very important to apologize to the customers whenever a company defaults in terms of the service. Showing empathy to the customers is really required.

By using some apology messages the customer feels more important. Empathy increases the loyalty of the customers to the organization over the years.

It is important to apologize because the actual empathy level increases when the organization applies in front of the customer.

However, the messages should be sound natural rather than sound than flattering. Apologies always help the customer to grow the business while it builds a sweet relationship with the customer

Sorry Messages For Customers

  • We would like to express our deepest regret for the inconvenience caused by this unintentional and rare mistake. We are very sorry that you were not satisfied with our products. We are really sorry!
  • We are very sorry that you are not satisfied with our service and we assure you that your complaint would handle in strict and serious ways   
  • We value you as a customer the most and you truly value your business. We would always like to retain a customer like you. Dear customer, please accept our apologies!
  • Thank you for your understanding in this unfortunate matter, we take full responsibility for the mistake and we assure you that in the future this kind of incident never happen!
  • Dear customer, we apologize for the unintentional error and we guarantee you that in the future, this type of error will not occur. We are really sorry and we apologize for the inconvenience

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  • I would like to apologize for the rude treatment you experienced from one of the employees.  I am happy that you brought this matter to our attention and I hope that you will give us one chance to rectify the errors. 
  • I’m really sorry that you have experienced bad service from our company and I would like to thank you for your understanding and the feedback. Again I apologize for our behavior
  • Dear customer, we would like to apologize for the rude treatment you have faced rude behavior from one of our employees.  I am very grateful that you brought this matter to our attention and I hope that you will give us one chance to rectify the errors. Please understand us!
  • I am really sorry for the delay in today’s service and we apologize if that might have caused you to be late to deliver the final service. You are really sorry!

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  • We totally understand how inconvenient it is not to be able to reach the customers and to have your arrangements messed up. Dear customer we would like to say sorry as we did not serve you within the deadline of the task. We are extremely sorry
  • Dear customer, I extend my apology to you on behalf of my entire organization we cannot serve you properly and the service got corrupted by our side. We really apologize for our customer service.
  • You have registered a complaint in regards to the bad service, as the service provided by the organization is not up to the mark, we take full responsibility for this mistake. Dear customer, we are extremely sorry!
  • Dear customer, we have received your complaint and reviewed it minutely we hope that you will pardon our organization and will continue to be a trusted customer like you have been for many years
  • Trust and transparency are the key elements of any business. We would like to tell you that our heartfelt apology goes to you on behalf of the entire organization as you have experienced the extremely bad service on our end. Please pardon us!
  • It has been brought to my attention that you have registered a complaint against our organization. Dear customer, I would like to say that I feel deeply sorry for your inconvenience. Please cooperate with us!
  • I feel deeply sorry for your inconvenience and I have to admit that the service provided by our not satisfactory. Dear customer, my sincere apology will always be there for you and I am really sorry.
  • Thank you, Mr. /Mrs. / Miss Xyz, for bringing this problem to my attention. I have reviewed the problem and   I hope that very soon I resolve the problem that you have explained. Please pardon us and cooperate with us

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  • I appreciate that you have brought this matter to our attention and we are always to the generous feedback like it. I am really for the bad experience for our organization and I will try to rectify the problem fully. We are really sorry and please be with us!
  • We are really sorry that you have received that promotion to you not acceptable, hence you have contacted us with complain that you are not satisfied. We guarantee you to resolve the issue very soon. Please Pardon us!
  • Let me say my heartily sorry you, dear customer, that we got information that you have registered a complaint on behalf of your organization as the latest product sent to you by our end not up to the standard, we truly value you! We are extremely sorry!
  • I sincerely apologize to you and like to tell you that you have brought the matter under the observance of the management and I hope you will forgive us as you are always a very kind heart person.  Please Pardon and give us one more chance to rectify the errors
  • I feel very shameful as the fault was on our part as we did not confirm that the final product is not good enough.  Your patronage is always important to us and we hope that you will continue to give the full support as earlier. We are really sorry
  • It takes me a great deal of embarrassment that the fault was done on our part and it caused a major loss to you. We are waiting for your mercy dear and I confirm that mistakes will never repeat.
  • The end product is not enough sufficient to serve anybody and I accept the truth. I do apologize for your inconvenience, and I am really sorry as it is disappointing.

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