55+ Perfect Thank You Messages to Mentor

Mentor are one such being who often get on the nerves but it is to be understood that they too have their soft corners of heart which they seldom put on display. At times, you can display your gratitude to the boss and it will make them feel good.

It also helps you to get into the good books of the boss and can also help you get timely increments for sure! While there can be numerous ways to show your gratitude, sending a thank you note can be the most effective as well as affordable one.

Here are some of the perfect thank you messages for the Mentor

  • I would like to thank you from the depth of my heart as you considered my request for a pay rise. Now I would work even harder and try to come up with the best of me for the organisation.
  • It is so kind of you that you gave me a pay rise and I wait to get more such raise with more time that I spend with the company. Thank you Mentor.
  • I’m glad that you take a note of my performance in the company and have rewarded me with a promotion! Thanks a lot Mentor.
  • A Mentor like you has been my guiding star and I wish to work with you for longer and keep learning in the meanwhile.
  • Mentors are generally ones that get on the nerves but you aren’t one of those! Rather, you are someone who has constantly motivated me and helped me achieve goals in the company! Thank you boss.
  • Your experience and valuable advice has helped me grow as a professional. Thank you for the constant enlightenment Mentor.
  • Dear Mentor, you have helped me identify my skills and strengths. I cannot thank you enough for the way you have held me high when I failed at certain work. You are a mentor to me Sir.
  • Being a fresher, I had done numerous mistakes from the day I joined the organisation. Thanks for bearing them all with patience and rectifying my mistakes with such love. It’s a pleasure working with you Mentor.
  • I consider myself to be lucky to have a Mentor like you who guides me when I’m out of ideas and also recently popped a surprise at me with a generous pay rise! Thank you so much Mentor.

– After joining this company, I had been through some of the toughest phase in my personal life and I cannot thank you enough for the way you have been there for me each of the time. I don’t have words….. Thank you Sir.

– It is a privilege to be working with a person who is so fun loving and at the same time holds a huge experience in the industry. I have kept learning ever since I was in your team. Thanks Mentor.

– Dear Mentor, I cannot thank you enough for all the constructive feedback that you have showered on me throughout my time in the organization. I wish to get the same in future and learn.

– This bonus that you extend to me is a display of the faith that you have on my abilities and skills. It greatly motivates me to be even better with my work. Thank you Mentor.

– With the kind of trust you put in my skills, I work hard every day to make sure that I can be a value addition to the company! Thanks for all the motivation and trust Sir, it’s an honour.

– With a Mentor like you, we know that you will take care of the hardships and keep our employment safe! Thank you for being a constant support boss.

– You are a personality that makes me proud. I’m glad to be in your team Mentor.

– You are the best Mentor in the world and have made me mature in the industry. With your guidance I want to keep growing Sir. Thank you Mentor

– You may at times lose temper, but I know the soft heart that you have within. We love you Mentor! Thank you for being such a good leader.

– I would have been nothing if you didn’t endow me with the opportunities in the organization. Each of the projects I have done with you has been a learning lesson for me. Thank you Mentor!

– When I achieve my targets, they are not in numbers rather in the form of praises that I get from the Mentor. Thank you for constantly motivating me Boss.

– You know what? I feel like an outcast when I’m with my friends as they say bad things about their Mentor. I cannot say anything because you are such gem of person Mentor. Thank you for this boss.

– It is all because of you that the entire office is more like a community. You are the force of unity Sir. Thank you!

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