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45+ Best Wedding Announcement Wording Examples

There is nothing better than the sheer joy of letting everyone else know that you are finally getting married to your sweetheart. It is a moment that people love to cherish forever and they want to ensure that they have the best time announcing it to people. This announcement shows a lot of emotions which is why people take every possible measure to present it in the best manner to the people.

A wedding announcement is different from a Wedding Invitation because it is more of a piece of information that says that the couple is about to get hitched and plan to live a happy life hereafter.

If you have such good news to say, we have got some of the most interesting wedding announcements for your reference! Read on to know

Wedding Announcement Wording

– It is no less than an ecstatic feeling to finally announce the wedding of a college life couple (name and name) on (date). It represents the victory of love and patience over everything else!

-It has been always a relationship that could make it till the end and here we are announcing our wedding in the year (year). Our new life awaits us now!

-Words run out of place when it comes the time to finally announce the wedding of (name and name) because theirs is a story that shocked us always! Happy for them

-Weddings are amazing and married life is great! This is more of a reason why we are planning to give it our shot in the month of (name of month) and live happily ever after. 

-We have been in love for ages it feels now and hence this is the best time to step up and get married! We are finally getting hitched to one another in the (year)! 

-Trust me there is no better feeling than this when I am having butterflies in my stomach and writing this out to all (name) and I am getting married next month!! Invitations will roll out soon! 

– When years of love turn into an endless commitment, it is the success of the relationship which why we are more than proud of this achievement. We are getting married next year! 

– Cannot keep calm, we are getting married next summer! 

-It takes time for everyone to take their next big decision and we are finally glad to have taken it! We are getting married in the fall summer next year and we are too excited to begin our planning! 

-Love finally meets its destination once the couple in the relationship makes it to the wedding stage. We are just six months away from our wedding day, yes you are getting married shortly! 

-It is no less than sheer joy to finally make this announcement of our wedding which has been due for a long time now. Friends and family, you can start preparing your best dresses! 

-The time is not far when you have to be dressed in your best suit company to the wedding stage. Yes, we have finally decided to get married this year ourselves, expect invitations to arrive any time now!

-Fulfilment and joy come together on the day of the wedding. Mark the date when I and my childhood sweetheart finally come together for the rest of our lives! Wedding bells ringing.

-Marriage is a responsibility and we think that we are now ready to take it up! Our wedding date will be finalized soon and here’s our first wedding announcement ever! Bless us for the days ahead. 

– Bringing all speculations to a stop and finally declaring to the world that yes we are getting married and that too in this year itself! Weddings jitters are on the way for us!

– The final destination for every love relationship has to be the wedding venue and we are finally here declaring to the world! Let’s enjoy this moment of wedding announcement together at our venue on (date). 

-It is never too late than ever before and this is the right time for our wedding! We are getting married next year and you will be asked to attend for sure. 

-Smooth life begins after you get married. We followed these wise words from a man and now we are finally getting married! Can it be any better!! 

-We are finally married and the reception party is on (date and time). We request your valuable presence on the same day and make the most of the event. 

– Mr and Mrs (name) would be highly obliged to have you attend their post-wedding brunch. Please be present at (venue) along with your entire family. 

– This is truly a moment of relief for us as we are finally done with the proceedings of our wedding. Come and meet us at (venue) as we hold our reception party. 

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-On (date), Mr and Mrs (surname) would like to have the honor of your presence and have a great time with the entire family. Great food and wine await you on the day. We need your wishes for a happy married life ahead 

– Never had it been better than today and it won’t be better ever again than it is today. It is my wedding day and we are more than happy to let the world know about this magical day of ours. 

-Unless we have you at our reception party on (date), we will never be happy! Please reach the venue on time and make us happiest with your joyful presence. 

-We are so glad to inform you all about our wedding goths this was held on (date). It has been a pleasure and thank you all for blessing us for a happy married life ahead.

-We have made it to our married life now. It is all possible due to your constant love and support to our relationship and it’s very thick and thin. Lots of love to you guys out there. 

-For every couple out there, we have shown you that it is possible to get married even after all the hardships in life your relationship goes through. Stick together. Hey, we got married on (date), wish us luck!

-(name and name) would like you to attend the reception party of their children. Please be on time and add joy to the celebrations as they are newlywed now.

-Nothing is possible if you have the courage to stay with each other and live together till the end of time. I proudly announce that I (name) and (name) are married on (date). Thank you all! 

-The reception party for the wedding of (name and name) is on (date) at (venue). Please do reach on time and enjoy to your fullest. 

-The wedding day is the happiest day ever for a couple. We just had it on (date) and proudly announce our coming together to the world out there. 

-After months of planning, we have finally made it and got married on (date). Thank you all for the lovely support on the same. 

– We are the happiest because we are married and we are madly in love with each other!! 

– Love knows no bounds and happiness sees no end when finally two people in love come together to get married! We got married on (date). Glad to announce. 

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