151+ Annoying Words and phrases Avoid to Say Children

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151+ Annoying Words and phrases Avoid to Say Children

Adults really need to make sure that they pass no annoying comments on children because they can have a bad impact on their minds. It is an easy peasy process, all you got to do is not say certain annoying words and phrases.

some such annoying words and phrases avoid to day Children are: –

-You have to study for the entire day today!

-See your friend’s result, how come he got more marks than you?

-You have no discipline!

-You are a careless child!

-Did your mom and dad not educate you on good behaviors?

-You are going out of control day by day!

-I am going to complain to your parents about you today! 

-Why can’t you focus on what I say!

-You are not like your brother; he was more disciplined than you!

-You are not a smart kid!

-You will not be able to achieve any big in your life with this approach!

-You don’t show respect to your teachers!

-You are a disobedient child!

-Go and do your homework!

-No, you can’t go out now!

-You can’t play video games anymore!

-I am fed up with you!

-Clean your rack and room!

-You never do homework on time!

-Shut up and go to your room!

-You will be punished for bringing such low marks on the test paper!

-Your pocket money will be given to you only if you show us where you spend them!

-No, we did not get anything for you from the mall!

-There are enough snacks kept in the fridge, you don’t need to eat out!

-You are an annoying child!

-Why don’t you talk with us?

-You are a naughty kid!

-You have to bring more marks than your friend!

-You have to be responsible now!

-Stop watching TV all day!

-You will have to clean the mess all by yourself!

-You will not be provided your dinner unless you complete your homework!

-Your sister never demands anything!

-We also went to school and we know how the school operates, don’t try to fool us!

-You cannot outsmart us; we are your parents!

-I will slap you now if you don’t stop talking!

-You are a fool!

-I am done with your nonsense!

-I will prepare you today on how to respect your elders today!

-You cannot talk to me in this manner, I am elder than you!

-You need to know the distinction between freedom and improper freedom!

-You cannot play with that kid; his parents are not good to us!

-You are a spoiled brat!

-Once said no means no!

-Go and tell your Dad, I can’t help you with this!

-You don’t have good friends, do you?

-How many times do I need to tell you how to behave in front of the guests?

-You do not pay interest to what I tell you to do and that is why you get punished!

 -I will not assist you because you don’t obey me!

-You are not entitled to do whatever you like!

-Why did you not get permission from us before doing this?

-Be a little mature, you are not a child anymore!

-Stay low, you are still a kid!

-I want you to apologize to your aunt for putting up such bad behavior!

-We are so embarrassed because of you!

-I am ashamed to be your mom!

-You have to stay with your aunt for a week, she will teach you how to behave!

-How could you be se irresponsible!

-I should have not believed you with this!

-You have degraded my kid!

-From today, you will not meet each other!

-You cannot get away with things so easily!

-You need to compensate for the harm done!

-All your friends are mannerless kids!

-Focus on your studies, these video games won’t take you anywhere!

-I have no interest in helping your friends!

-I cannot believe you did this all by yourself, I am sure your friends did it, not you!

-Do not be like your father!

-I want you to study with the same interest as you play games!

-I want to get rid of you!

-I don’t like you!

-You need to be afraid of us; we are your parents!

-All I have to hear is complaints against you from your teachers!

-Why can’t you be a good kid!

-First, learn how to behave then come to me!

-You behave like you know more than me!

-Behave like a kid is supposed to behave!

-Come down! No one asked for your suggestion!

-I can’t concentrate on my task because of you!

-Don’t moan for stupid things like toys!

-I can’t furnish you with everything that you crave, for sure!

-Promise me you will bring good marks for the next paper!

-Stop doing what your parents say all the time!

-I hope this time you don’t misbehave!

-Don’t speak when not asked!

-Get serious about your studies!

-I can’t believe you just said that!

-How dare you say all that!

-Say that you did not mean what you said!

-I don’t think you can do this!

-Bully! why would anyone bully you?

-I don’t believe whatever you just said!

-Where did you spend all your money!

-No pocket money for this month!

-We never asked for pocket money from our parents!

-You are not our kid!

-You don’t understand your parent’s situation, do you?

-We never complained about anything to our parents!

-You are not grateful to us for giving you life and such comfort!

-Kids nowadays do not understand how they should conduct!

-We never demanded anything from our parents and look at today’s kids, their wishlist is an endless list!

-You don’t have anything to do and yet you cannot score good marks!

-Make us proud of you!

-We have never been proud of you!

-As a teacher, I am very disappointed with your marks!

-You will be penalized for this, let your dad come!

-I am not here to resolve your issues!

-I cannot help you with your homework, I am too busy!

-We cannot go out this weekend!

-We have to cancel our trip!

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