151+ Useful Words and phrases for Global Peace

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151+ Useful Words and phrases for Global Peace

When the world is going through a lot of changes and where every next country is witnessing political, regional, and communal unrest, it even more necessary to promote peace by all means possible! 

Presenting before you some such useful words and phrases for global peace:

-We are all equal!

-Humanity before anything else!

-One innocent killed is next to killing humanity!

-Why does anyone need to die?

-We are all brothers and sisters!

-I will protect my nation by promoting peace!

-Stop killing innocent people in the name of religion, nationalism, and culture!

-We cannot punish the present generation for the wrong done by their ancestor in history!

-Who said we are not the same- we are the same till we all have red color blood running in our body!

-Tell me which religion says to kill the innocent?

-Every religion preaches to keep humanity before anything else!

-If you can save anyone, kill no one!

-Can your mom see you dying in the name of pseudo regionalism? If no, then how can any mom can?

-See everyone as a human with equal rights!

-Division among people for their skin color is absurd!

-The only thing we need to separate based on color is laundry, not people!

-Every human has a right to feel safe in their motherland!

-Humanity needs to be taught again in the school-this time with more attention!

-Promote brotherhood!

-The world needs peace, not war!

-Everyone is already in a war within themselves, can we at least stop the war among people and nation?

-Make the world your home!

-What if God asks – how was heaven? think what you did to heaven in search of heaven!

-hold each other’s hands, not neck!

-Earth is not a place for war but peace!

-Protect each other!

-Make the world kind again!

-Stop racism!

-Explain to me the usefulness of war!

-Those who romanticize war do not have to be on the battleground!

-Why are blacks inferior to the white race?

-Who did this division?

-Let no one die for religion and color of skin!

-Toxic masculinity is to exploit the weaker section, but masculinity is to protect the weaker section of the society!

-We should promote peace and brotherhood!

-We do not need guns- all we need is a book!

-Laugh at wars, but you will cry too!

-I want a happy place where I can be with anyone I want!

-Capitalism is killing more people than terrorism!

-High time to keep down the guns!

-Why hate each other when we can share a pie with each other!

-Do not let humanity extinct!

-Be a better human!

-Be a good friend, not an enemy!

-People around you need hugs, not guns!

Make the earth heaven!

-You cannot get heaven by killing innocents!

-How can you impress God by killing his own creatures?

-Make humanity the priority!

-Be good to everyone!

-Love and Live!

-Be happy and let others be happy!

-Everyone has the right to live!

-Why should anyone have to pay for living on earth where they are born!

-Make living easy for everyone!

-DO not let anyone suffer because of your ideology! 

-Be a support for people, not a headache!

-Live on earth like a family!

-Be a good human than anything else!

-Do not treat humans like trash!


-Keep humans above your political and religious affinities!

-Do not spread hatred around the people!

-If you cannot promote peace, do not spread hatred as well!

-Let people remember you for your good deeds!

-When life gives you an opportunity- be Schindler, not Hitler!

-Do not forget if Hitler was right then he would not die the way he did!

-Be a person whose death brings sorrow, not happiness!

-Humans need to learn how to co-exist with nature!

-It is a particular person that needs to be blamed for his ideologies, not his religion!

-Be kind and passionate about protecting human rights!

-Do not let negativity overpower positivity!

-Help each other!

-War need not be glorified anymore!

-War brings devastation to mankind!

-War is gory!

-If war was good then soldiers won’t write anti-war poems!

-See each other as the same human!

-Protect each other’s right!

-Unite together to support peace around the world!

-Make the globe a safe place to reside!

-You do not have to kill anyone to live!

-God who created all of us do not need our protection- stop saying I am protecting my religion!

-No religion or race is perfect- let that sink in!

-The thirst for power and money will make the earth a hell!

-Do not see any religion, race, community, a country as inferior to your religion, race, community, and country!

-End hatred- PERIOD!

-I do not want history to repeat!

-Invest in the education system more than in arms and ammunition! 

-Let everyone has the access to good health and life!

-Do not romanticize Hitler- he had to kill himself!

-God wants us to live in peace!

-Accept every community and gender!

-No child deserves to suffer because of your hatred and intolerance!

-If you do not want to be killed, why be in a mission to kill others?

-Be a peace-loving human!

-Let no son or daughter die- do not let any mother cry!

-Bravery is in standing for peace and rights of the people, not in picking the gun!

-Anyone can be a goon- it is easy but to be a protector!

-You are brave to stand for what is right!

-Let no border decide the faith of your relation!

-Do not burn your blood in hatred!

-I want peace!

-I demand a safe and secure place for my black friends- and no they will not migrate!

-I am proud of my ethnicity!

-You are wrong if you think you can gain peace by killing people!

-Enough of hatred!

-Say no to RACISM!

-You cannot decide for others- we have our human rights!

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